The 3rd International Children’s Library Symposium on “Children’s Libraries in Local Government” has started.

Shahin: If we prepare our children for the future, then we have nothing to fear

Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Shaheen emphasized that the main thing that unites people is the love of books and conversations and said:

“Coming to the symposium for children’s libraries from all over the country today shows where the country has come from. We used to be cities of art and gastronomy, but now we are on the path to being child-friendly, youth-friendly, women-friendly, family-friendly, eco-city.” However, for this, education, science, The game We continue on our way with the goal of being a friendly city. This is a teamwork, local development, Gaziantep model. We are working to make it a safe haven against war in this geography. On the one hand, we strive to achieve the Republic’s second-century goals for the future. We need justice, wisdom, our civilization code, our values, to feed our hearts, to broaden our consciences, and to soften hard hearts. If we prepare these children for the future in this way, we have nothing to fear. That’s why our civilization code says ‘read’. “

We will build a generation that will read books about the children of Gaziantep

Fatma Shaheen mentioned that education of children starts from mother’s womb and the biggest secret of success as a metropolitan municipality is talent. :

“The guidance of my civilization is to give jobs to those who deserve it. Gazi Mustafa Kemal gave two instructions during his visit to Atatুrk. The inauguration of Gaziantep High School and the planning of the city. Write second-century epics. “These children are very important. If we can assimilate justice, wisdom, wisdom and all values ​​towards these children, we will achieve it. Now we are establishing a children’s library. Our new project is the Children’s Library. We will set this as an example. We should get our children accustomed to sports and reading books and make them like it. We will introduce the Gaziantep model. The world. “We will continue until we make models. We’ve always heard other people’s stories. We’ve seen book habits in Japan and Europe. More importantly, they should create and apply the knowledge they receive internally. The earth is a paradise together. Let’s do it. “

Governor Gul: The contributions offered by the Symposium will be an important resource for both city and ministry policy.

Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul said that Gaziantep does what is appropriate for each event and said, “There is plenty of space in the library. The contribution of this space will undoubtedly be an important resource for both city and ministry policy.” What we really want to do is, our teachers meet with parents, parents read books with their children for a certain amount of time every day. The child needs to see his teacher, friends and their reading. No problem. We have a lot of books within walking distance of each neighborhood. “We need to be able to buy more. They need to be expanded and used more. ”

Aldemir: Libraries are constantly renewing themselves

Ahmet Aldemir, Head of the Library Department, Library and Publications Department, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Mehmet Nouri, Minister of Culture and Tourism, greeted the audience and used the following expressions:

“Our first step in changing the paradigm” Children Library Workshop. Gaziantep is a city famous for its Zeugma and Baklava, but it has also become famous for its library. As a ministry, we said in the Vision of the 2023 Culture Council that we would create an independent children’s library in every city. Gaziantep doesn’t need it because Fatma Honey has a team. The library is a public institution that starts with the child and continues until the prisoner. We don’t just learn from books. We learn by experience, touch, travel, find and design. The library has been changed for this. Libraries are constantly renewing themselves. It reveals the meaning of renewing our spaces in terms of the future development, change and transformation of children. Changes in schools and municipal libraries are very important today. We see that our future will be brighter if we can take professional visionary work into the future. “

YILDIZ: Gaziantep Metropolitan has become a pioneer with its numerous children’s libraries and its appeal.

Symposium coordinator Marmara University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Professor of Information and Record Management. Dr. Asiye Kakirman Yলldজz emphasized the importance of the dedicated work of the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in conducting research and said:

“The main theme and focus of this symposium is children. With the awareness that we cannot do child-centered work in the library alone, it is a very beautiful field that includes all social sciences like educational structure, pre-school and even sociology. And for child access. Public relations. One of the best representatives of the children’s library. “We are developing this symposium organized by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of them. Our theme for this year is Children’s Libraries in Local Governments. This is important because local governments make decisions very quickly. Gaziantep Metropolitan has been at the forefront of the number of children’s libraries and their applications. “

The symposium will feature national and international academics and professional experts

Professor Dr. Organized by Asiya Kakarman Yildiz, the symposium will be attended by national and international academics, children’s writers, child development experts and professional experts. The symposium will present current studies, discuss quality improvement issues, and visit children’s libraries hosted by Gaziantep Metropolitan.

Local administration libraries will be considered with all contracts

The symposium will focus on the use of information technology in local government libraries, space features, pre-school period, skills of librarians, quality service delivery, creation of a competent collection, information literacy study. Will be studied by experts.

The International Children’s Library Symposium, organized and organized by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, will run from May 27-29, pioneering its exemplary children’s library practice in local governments.

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