The 4 Turkish crew of the ship that sank near Tunisia has no news.

The tanker ship ‘Jello’, which also had a Turkish crew on board, sank on 15 April near the Tunisian port of Gabes for an unspecified reason. Tunisian rescue teams rescued 7 crew members, including 4 Turks, 2 Azerbaijanis and a Georgian, at the last minute. The Tunisian state kept the questioned crew in a hotel. The crew, who stayed at the hotel for 4 days, were then taken to a house allotted by the Tunisian state. However, the 7 arrested crew members were later arrested and sent to jail.

What was the load of the ship?

The cargo of the equatorial Guinea-flagged XELO belonging to Azerbaijan-based company Star Energy Inc. has not yet been determined. Allegedly, the ship was carrying a large quantity of diesel from Egypt to Malta. However, relatives of the four Turkish crew members arrested and sent to prison claimed that there was no fuel on board.

Relatives of the crew, who received information from Attorney Mabruk Madouri, detained by Tunisia’s Star Energy Inc., said they had learned that the Tunisian diving team had produced a report dated April 22, 2022. According to what they learned from the Tunisian lawyer during the phone conversation, the crew’s relatives said that there was no sign of fuel on the ship and that it was understood that the fuel had not been transported for a long time due to rust. Relatives of the tank crew further said in the report that it was emphasized that no illegal cargo could be identified for the shipwreck, but there was information that the ship’s GPS system (ES) and the ship’s control system were intentionally broken.

Allegedly, the company has not submitted the required documents till date.

According to the information given to the relatives of the Turkish crew, the operator of the Turkish Azerbaijani company ‘Star Energy Inc.’ Elbek Teraziev, Tunisia for 7 crew Mabruk Maddauri Has hired a lawyer. The lawyer asked the company to process the lawsuit and allow him to operate the ship’s fuel tanker, purchase and sell fuel, and allow employees to act as insurers until May 5. However, the firm has not yet provided the documents cited by lawyer Mabrouk Maddouri. Allegedly, the firm ‘Star Energy Inc.’ did not pay the lawyer Mabruk Maddouri’s fee.

Anxiety continues to wait

The Tunisian government arrested him and sent him to prison Ali Aktas, Hasan Bayar, Adam Tunal And Ata Barbarossa Özsöğüt Relatives of the four Turkish crew members continue to wait anxiously.

After the Tunisian government rescued them, the son of the Turkish crew chief, Karki Hassan Bayar, sent them pictures while they were waiting at the hotel where they were being held by their families. Mehmet can buyer And Adam Tunal, the ship’s chef’s brother Erdem tunnelSpoke.

Mehmet Kan Bayar, son of Hasan Bayar, says:

‘We Rarely Saved Our Lives’

My father Hassan Bayar is the chief engineer of the ship. He was taken away from home by taxi at around 12 pm on April 5. Departed from the airport for Tunisia. He joined the ship on the sixth and seventh day of the month. Then they started the journey. We could not communicate without coming to the port at that time. However, on the 18th of the month, news came that the ship had sunk. My father called my mother to tell her that the ship had sunk. He said they barely saved their lives.

“The Tunisian government came to the rescue 5 hours later,” he said.

There is even a detail. ‘We have called for help. “Five hours later, Tunisia came to our aid,” he said. At the same time, the Tunisian government did not allow the two ships to try to help. We learned about this. Then there was the process of hosting the hotel. In that process, we were able to communicate for about 4 days. I think they were rushed from where they were on April 21st. They were taken to the town of Gabesk. It was about 350 kilometers away. Then the detention process started. He was detained for 48 hours. We could not communicate at this time. He was detained for another 48 hours. They were also arrested on April 26. My dad and the Turkish crew are very short term staff there. There are also nine-day workers. We can’t communicate in any way. If we only hear from our embassy, ​​we are trying to get it.

‘Owner did not pay lawyer’

Apparently, the ship’s owner is not helping at all. He said he had helped, and in my conversation with our ambassador he was told that the company had no help. It is said that the firm did not even pay the lawyer detained in Tunisia. So we know they are innocent there.

We know that even if there is diesel, there is no webil

At first the captain said there was diesel on the ship. It was said that 750 tons of diesel was carried on board. Then, after the divers entered, Diesel had no information. In fact, there was a rumor recently that there is diesel again. The Captain receives or distributes materials. The captain announces that there is, but the diving team enters and says there is no diesel in their report. Then yesterday, we heard a rumor that there is diesel again, to be honest, from lawyers and translators there. But I don’t know if it’s true now. Of course I don’t want to say anything wrong. But we know that even if there is diesel, there is no delivery note. It’s not coming from here.

We only get information from the ambassador

We can only get information from the embassy. Their knowledge is also limited in the absence of important situations. We are communicating with the lawyer, but we cannot communicate too much because the lawyer’s work is too busy and his English is bad because he speaks French. This is how we are. So obviously we can’t reach anyone.

The owners of the company do not make any statement

The owners of the company did not make any statement. When we call, we are told, ‘We have sent money, we have hired a lawyer, we are interested, don’t worry, don’t lose your mind’. However, after talking to our ambassador, we were told that no money had been sent, that the lawyer had not been paid, and that the agent had not been paid.

I haven’t heard from my dad in 15-16 days.

Believe me, I don’t know where my father is. 15 days and 16 days, I could not get any news or communication.

Allegedly, the ship sank while taking diesel from Egypt to Tunisia.

Please be informed, according to the information received yesterday. According to information obtained from the embassy by a member of the Turkish crew’s family and a Tunisian lawyer, the court calculated that the ship was an old ship, and did not meet the six-day period when traveling to Egypt. In other words, this ship could not go to Egypt. As long as we communicated with my father, I did not hear the word Egypt. I often hear the expression ‘we are going to Malta or Lebanon’. Egypt is not mentioned. I think it’s the captain’s statement, ‘I went to Egypt, I bought the goods’, but I don’t think such a situation is questionable.

We have heard the Tunisian government question

There are allegations of fuel smuggling. Because the webil has not yet arrived from the ship owner. Therefore, these products are considered smuggled. At the same time, I was wondering if we could take things a little further… the Tunisian government was questioning whether the Turkish government was involved in this business, and we learned that. I guess we didn’t do well after the change of government in Tunisia, let me tell you, our foreign relations are like that. The Tunisian government was interrogating him. The question is whether the Turkish government is involved. So far these allegations.

The crew did not know what the ship was carrying

None of the Turkish crew is captain. The crew does not know what the ship is carrying, what it is carrying, what it is doing. My father is a ship mechanic, chief engineer, the only engineer. There are already 7 employees and they are only 9 days old. In other words, the business came from here at midnight through the middlemen. They were planning to leave in the morning. Then he called again and said, come at night, we are sending a taxi to your house. That’s how we said goodbye to Dad.

My father talked about sinking the ship

My father said, ‘The ship is getting water, the engine room is getting water, my pump is not enough’. He said, ‘All my pumps were working, but did not catch, I got off the ship with difficulty.’ He said other crew members had difficulty getting off the ship. He said, ‘The captain has vacated. There was no explosion. The ship was flooded, as far as I know, after the ship made this voyage, it will enter the shipyard and be repaired. I think some parts are damaged. So, it sank before this repair could be done. I guess he probably got water there too. “

The cook’s brother also spoke

The chef Adam Tunal’s brother Erdem Tunal, who started working on the ship for the first time, said the following.

‘My brother went abroad for the first time in his life’

My brother went abroad for the first time in his life. He received these papers, 3-4 months old documents. Here they have just risen to the board. He has no experience, no knowledge, no ship life. They set it up like this, something went wrong? We don’t know what he did. We had a very good meeting with Adam for the first 3-4 days, but he always told me something, in the evening he would say, ‘We will go to the deposition in the morning. You can’t reach us before eight o’clock at night. ‘ They stayed at the hotel for about 4 days. At the end of the fourth day they were taken home. The raid was carried out the next day after being taken home, my idea was impressive. They hurriedly took them all into custody. He was detained for four or five days. At the end of the fifth day, their pre-trial proceedings began.

‘My brother spoke on the phone about the sinking of the ship’

My brother informed me on the phone about the sinking of the ship. My brother said: ‘The ship started sinking around one o’clock. The ship starts to get in trouble. We didn’t get any call till two in the afternoon. Two hours later, our call was answered. The two ships on the side wanted to help us. The Tunisian government has also said it will not be involved. And the two ships that wanted to help stopped. ‘ They rescued four of the seven crew from the Tunisian coast, which I know. So this is what I found out, what I talked to my brother.

‘The company did not even have its own ship’

But after the fourth day I could not talk to my brother anymore. It seems to me that the company does not even have its own ship. We are meeting with the Tunisian Consulate, but if you ask my opinion, the Tunisian Consulate is also lacking. Because for the first 3-4 days the consulate staff told me this. ‘We could not reach these people. At the end of the fourth day, a staff member from the two consulates in Tunisia arrived. He started staying with us at the hotel for one or two nights. After that, they settled in the house. They raided the house around 2.30 pm the next day. He hurriedly took everyone to jail. Their statements were taken for 4 days and they finally appeared in court. As far as I know, they have been kept in pre-trial jail.

‘Nobody listens to us’

There was diesel, 750 tons of diesel sank, there is no invoice for it. The Tunisian government is pushing for that. In other words, there is no invoice for this diesel, which is the reason. We have no knowledge, no experience. My brother also has no experience. So it is stuck somewhere in the middle, no one is helping us in any way. We are victims here, we can’t show it to anyone and no one can hear our voices.

‘Once, these people talk to their parents’

My mother is bad, my father is bad. What I have repeatedly told the Tunisian consulate is to let these people see their parents once. But they certainly did not agree. And their reason is that they have told us that the Tunisian government has gone through the process and that they cannot do it with us.

‘Company officials are not there’

Company officials are absent. They never said anything. There is no way they are looking for it, here ‘we are with them, we have hired their lawyers. Here we meet all their needs. There is no one who says, ‘We are not victims there. I only learn these from the Tunisian consulate. As far as I know, the company does not even pay for the lawyer who is hired there. When he was not paid, he wanted to leave a lawyer, and the Tunisian consulate said, ‘Don’t leave the case, we will pay you.’

‘There is nothing more absurd than a cook sinking a ship’

What will the chef know? The guy is cooking downstairs, there are 7 crew upstairs, they are all sitting and eating and that’s it. I mean, there’s no such thing as a shipwreck. I guess then, it took too much material and this ship sank. There is no other explanation.

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