The 4th National Sports and Women’s Summit was held in Sanliurfa

AA Sports News editorial director Ersin Sihan, TRT sports commentator Fatih Dogan, Turkish women’s national team coach Nekla Gungor Kiragasi, racing team coordinator Elif Tanka, Paralympic national sailor Mire Ulas and national taekwondo player Homa Shema.

Oscar director Prof. Dr. In her opening remarks, Fatma Ayanoglu said she was delighted to host the 4th Summit in Sanliurfa and said, “We are delighted because we have brought our champions from the West to the East and combined the culture of the West and the East, as well as for our champions and athletes here. Create an element of inspiration ৷ Our goal is in sports ৷ We wanted to draw attention to the region at this summit with the theme ‘Women Entrepreneurs in Sports’, which we organized on the 4th. ” Says

Sunliurfa Deputy Governor Yassin Akgul thanked everyone who contributed to the preparation of the project.

Adviser to the Minister of State for Youth and Sports, Professor. Dr. On the other hand, Nihat Gultekin said that she was happy to see women making a name for themselves in various fields in recent years and spoke of the significant achievements of women in sports.

“Turkish youth inclined towards success”

AA Sports News Editor-in-Chief Ersin Sihan also said he was happy to attend the event and stay in Sanliurfa.

Noting that many achievements that have not been achieved in the history of the Republic of Turkey coincide with the week of May 19, Youth and Sports Day, in memory of Atatর্rk, Sihanouk said:

“We have won the World and European Championships, a time we have never seen or accustomed to in Turkish sports. There is a serious effort and contribution. Especially the great support given by our President to sports and athletes. Mehmet Muharrem Casapolu, the Minister of Youth and Sports, who is now from the Sports Association, joins young people from all over Turkey day and night. They come together with athletes. They strive to make them successful. These are important contributions, these important touches. We go all over Turkey, we see Turkish youth in the organizations we participate in. Nor do they contribute, support and create the right environment for them. “

Sihan noted that Turkey has made great strides in women’s sports in recent years, and said that these have been achieved through perseverance, discipline, and the support of public and private sectors and clubs.

Turkey’s women’s national team coach Nekla Gungar Kiragasi said there was a girl who wanted to play football and there was no girls’ soccer team at the time.

Explaining the development of women’s football, Kiragasi said, “We are going through a process that develops with the sports policy of our state. With the help of the Football Federation we have entered a very valuable process. Now we are very fortunate that football has grown a lot Where big clubs like women’s football take part ৷ “I am very proud of that Women’s football will feel its lucky period because the negative environment in men’s football, perhaps together with the positive environment in women’s football, will attract fans, media and sponsors, “she said.

Elif Tankao, coordinator of the racing team, explained that she was one of the limited number of women who run motor sports and said, “I was honored to be invited to the summit. It’s important to focus on sports, women and sports. Given a chance to say. If it helps, I’ll be happy too. ” Says

National Taekwondo player Shema Nur Talu, on the other hand, told the story of how she started her sport and the problems they faced and said that she worked with all her strength in training and never gave up fighting.

Sharing his experience at the Championships with athletes, Talu said, “I competed in the European Championships, I started playing matches with people with one arm. Playing with people with one hand is like playing with ordinary people. Or pushing, I can’t push or he can’t push. “I can’t defend myself with blocks. Nevertheless, I came 2nd in Europe I lost the World Championship by 1 point to my teammate. I congratulate my teammates. “

Paralympic national sailor and triathlete Mire Ulas also expressed his pleasure at taking part in the event, adding that he first started playing basketball and then swam at the age of 15. Explaining that he swims and sails at the same time for a while, Ulas advises the participants to keep walking towards their goal without giving up the difficulties they face.

TRT sports commentator Fatih Dogan says his love for the sport has grown since the day he started his career and says he has followed the European Taekwondo Championships in England and is proud to have won the medal.

Providing information about TRT’s sports channel, Dogan said, “We have a channel called TRT Spor Yıldız. The purpose of establishing this channel was a joint venture between the TRT administration and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The purpose here is to include these success stories.” It was to give a breath of fresh air to our champion athletes who could not hear. TRT has undertaken a very important mission in this regard, with the Anadolu Agency, in the field of public broadcasting. “

After answering the students’ questions, the participants were given testimonials and certificates.

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