The appellate court removed the waiver and increased the sentence for sexual harassment suspects

The appellate court overturned a local court’s decision to sentence Hassan Ali Sekin, 28, to 7.5 years in prison for sexually assaulting DA, 23, in Denizli, in the apartment where he was staying. Considering the social and cautionary motives of the entry punishment, the court quashed the reduction and sentenced the accused to 12 years imprisonment. That decision has been upheld by the Supreme Court.

The incident took place on 28 July 2020 in the Merkezefendi district of Denizli. DA, who was out of work, took a minibus from Bayrameri to go home. After DA, Hassan Ali Sekin got into the same car. Sekin landed in the same place as AD and followed him to the apartment where his house is located. Hassan Ali Sekin first verbally abused AD, which he followed. Sekin then threatens AD with a knife and physically assaults him with his hand. Sekin escapes when DA’s family opens the door. On the family’s notice, Sekin was caught with police work. Sekin, who was identified by DA from his hand tattoo, was arrested.

A case was filed against Hassan Ali Sekin in the second criminal court in the first instance on charges of ‘simple sexual harassment’. Sekin denies the allegations and is sentenced to nine years in prison. The court reduced the sentence to 7.5 years by appealing to the court to reduce the good behavior due to the attitude and behavior of the accused.

“I left thinking they were plotting against me.”

DA Attorney Melike Ilkgul Yurturk Defendants’ lawyers argued that the sentence handed down by the local court was too low and appealed. The case is being re-heard in the 6th Penal Chamber of the Antalya Regional Court.

Sekin, who republished, “I didn’t know DAK before, we exchanged glances at the minibus. I was fascinated by his gaze. I followed him from the minibus to offer him friendship. He entered the apartment before I could catch him. I took him. The elevator with him. I I said I liked her. I asked her her phone number, she said we could meet at the store where she works. When she said she was engaged during the day, I asked her to show me a picture of her fianc. He showed me the picture, but I tried to look down because it didn’t hold me right. DA was annoyed. When he got off the elevator, he said he had a panic attack and started shouting. When his father left the house, I thought they were mine. Conspiracy against him, so I left. I did not tear DA’s shirt. I did not take any action against him. I heard that he had allegations against some people. Before this instruction. “I am.” Says

“I wanted to travel but it didn’t work”

The DA said in a statement that it did not understand that the accused was following him. “I entered the apartment and got into the elevator. When I got off, the accused started kissing me. He tried to touch my body. He covered my face with his hand so that I would not scream. He grabbed me by the throat. I couldn’t scream.” When my brother heard the noise, he opened the door of the house, shouted at me and called my father. Meanwhile, the accused tried to run away quickly. It worked. . “ Used phrases.

Sentenced to 12 years in prison

As a result of the trial, the 6th Criminal Chamber overturned the decision of the local court for the accused. It decided that the accused Hassan Ali Sekin would be sentenced to a total of 12 years imprisonment, considering the social and precautionary nature of the punishment and the continuity of his detention.

In conclusionIn his defense, the defendant stated that he wanted the victim’s phone number in the elevator, he will not give the victim’s phone number, but he is working in the store, that he will be employed in 3 days, and that he showed a picture of his fiance, and if he is with the victim. If he had not spoken, it would not have been possible for him to know these things, but a fianc could not have told someone he did not know, and it was accepted that the photographs were not consistent with the normal course of life, concluding that the accused could easily Following and identifying the information available from his social media account. Considering the severity of the accused’s criminal intent, the social and cautionary purpose of the punishment and its social significance, opposition to the action was removed from the lower limit, and punishment was determined, and it was concluded. Section 62 of the TCK did not apply in his favor, considering that the accused did it, acted with a knife.‘It was said.

“Ideal decision made”

The DA’s lawyer, Melike Ilkgul Yartark, said the decision was “exemplary”.The accused was sentenced by the local court to 9 years imprisonment and in this decision, his good behavior was reduced to 7 years and 6 months imprisonment. The regional court of appeals gave the best answer. Discount canceled. There was no reduction and the sentence was increased to 12 years. The Supreme Court has upheld that sentence. Written as a justification, the punishment given to the accused has been increased for social and cautionary reasons due to the social significance of this crime. It has been revealed that the social importance of punishment as well as their resistance should be taken into consideration and these issues should be considered by the court in the case of hearing on this issue.“He said. (DHA)

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