The era of smart sports at home – News

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Especially during epidemics, playing sports at home has become more popular. People started practicing them at home because of restrictions and because they did not want to risk their health. Although the epidemic has begun to disappear, there are still many people who cannot go to the gym for sports. For most of these people, playing sports at home is not easy. Although the environment is conducive, it can be difficult for many people to be motivated to play sports and most importantly to perform sports properly. This is exactly why we now have so many technological solutions in our lives.

Recently, devices that we might call “smart sports screens” have begun to emerge. Ready solutions to this can turn your home into an interactive gym whenever you want. Special exercise content given the focus of a growing number of smart sports screens. These products include live broadcasts as well as many recorded exercise trainings. That way, people can easily access “properly prepared” programs by professionals. Since these devices can be connected to the Internet, content can be easily updated and expanded over time with new branches.

Like a personal tutor

Newer versions of these systems, which we move to as smart sports screens, also have cameras. Special algorithms and artificial intelligence systems work behind these cameras. The purpose of the cameras in the products is not to record you while you are playing. These systems monitor your movements and respond like personal trainers.

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For example, the system may make small but important recommendations such as “You’re doing this step too fast”, “You’re raising your hand too fast” or “You’re too slow”. In this way, organizations that aim to play sports properly without harming themselves can record the quality of human health in real time with special accessories. For example, heart rate values ​​during exercise are measured with a given heart rate sensor or attached smart watch / smart bracelet models and the intensity or rest time of the exercise can be changed accordingly.

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Some high-end models with smart sports screens have some physical exercise equipment such as weights or springs. Thanks to the equipment with these special sensors, even the smallest movement can be recorded. There are special programs built on the tools presented here. That way, people don’t need too much space to play.

Smart watch and online support

In order to play better at home, new generation smart watch models can also come in handy. Many special applications made for smart watches can guide people to play sports properly. There are also specialized online services to make home sports regular, accurate and inspiring.

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These services offer exercise videos created by professionals These videos can be easily viewed on phone, television or computer. Technology giant Apple is also working to make it easier to exercise at home. In fact, the company has a service called Fitness +, which unfortunately is not yet available in Turkey. Apple Fitness + intelligently combines measurements from Apple Watch smartwatches and visualizes them directly on the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV screen, thus providing a personalized learning experience.

The interactive system provides training flexibility wherever you want and its content is constantly expanding. This service requires a monthly subscription like many others Lastly, let’s say there are some smartphone apps that help you to play sports properly and check the accuracy of movement through the camera.

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