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The name of success Burak Ergun in Kuta. In fact, you all know Kute indirectly. If I just say Antalya and accommodation, I’m sure you’ll say “oh okay”.

As the manager was not written on his forehead, his father could not recognize the person he saw on the stairs of the lodging. The incident has become so big, personalized and ugly that it has reached out to children who were not guilty of sin.

In the dogA young man who won Bilbasar College with 100% scholarship and Doga College with 85% scholarship, and who was displaced from his home during the exams because of his relentless hatred towards those who are more arrogant. When I say house to house, I don’t mean it metaphorically. They did not say ‘Blessed Ramadan’; And they are out of their house. Let no one fall from his seat. Cosco’s interior minister has issued a directive (which cannot be done) “do what is necessary, do not hunt”. From the governor to the provincial police chief, attempts were made to say that “the child has only 2 months of education left until the summer break,” and they supported the propaganda.

On 6 April, the family vacated the lodge and went to Nevşehir to visit Şükran Ergün’s family. Kute had to say goodbye to his friends, loved ones and colleges with 100% to 85% scholarship opportunities. Why do you ask? The answer is 3 letters. Easy

Knowledge and intellect are not like rank. It can be a thing they can’t take away from you.

Kute shows his success in Antalya, where he entered while continuing his studies at Nevsehir Bahsehir College. He continued the AGIS 14 numerical test and became the first in Turkey. We are proud, those who should be ashamed can be ashamed if they have faces.

Good luck, Kute, despite the thorns in your path at the beginning of your life.

I mention everyone who does not reach this young man, cannot reach and cannot speak to Allah. You will not be able to use the acquired adjectives such as position, authority, rank in the biggest test that you will take. Only your humanity, conscience and compassion will be questioned there. There will be tears, broken hearts and hope waiting for you in that interrogation.

I can’t help but mention EGM, the only organization that deserves credit for failure.

Not only the police, but also our watchmen, who are acclaimed as the Night Eagle, are very restless and can’t find a conversation. When there is no address, the square is left to the chiefs. Psychological stress, which is essential for EGM, is also making the Knight Eagles tired.

Examples always signal reality to the brain. Here is an example for you.

If it is inhumane to call a person who will stay up all night on duty for a health check-up that requires anesthesia (narcosis), is that appropriate for the chief?

For example, what is the name of increasing the unrest in the darkness of the night by checking the ego satisfaction every two hours without even giving a chance to sit and rest in the police guard post?

What prevents you from exercising their legal rights?

With what adjective can you form the sentence “If you don’t like, go do something else”?

Maybe we are not strong enough, but one day, you will be held accountable to the highest interrogator for these spirits that have bothered you, let alone their psychology, body chemistry and family discipline.

Speaking of accounts, the second song came to my mind. Take the policeman who has been away for a few months away from your home, then brag as if he has done something, he will say enough is enough because their tired heart cannot bear so much torture. May the souls of those who passed away before the 2nd and died of a heart attack rest on their shoulders.

Thus, like this, is it possible to calculate the share of wear? The police don’t work like you. Police work in tougher situations than many professions, but wear and tear can’t even keep up with those professions. Understand what kind of justice it is, I think you should be prepared for the answer.

I think I never read the issue of retirement by repaying military debt. Until 1999, they could not explain why the practice of “smile and give” changed after 1999, but I know they would blame thousands of victims for it.

What is the goal of the police, who have taken away the possibility of military service and the right to early retirement, and raise the retirement age to 55, especially over 20 years, which was assigned before 2008? Will not be able to reach the age?

During interrogation, we play games for 3600 extra indicators, we give, we give, we do.

Every item in the query sequence that I couldn’t write here is an indication of your failure. At the request of Müge Anlı, each finalized file contains a portion of the police officers, not yours. Therefore, do not mistake it for your own success and do not rejoice in vain.

Coming to the end of a long article, I would like to send an underlying message to a few. The reason the posts are so long is not me, Mr. Anonymous, they are all the problems you are causing. That’s why I can’t ignore the issue of seeking the rights of my police members, who are tortured for not being able to cry, who don’t even have the courage to write their names and titles.

I am always open to constructive criticism. If what I have written is false or wrong, let those who have the courage prove the opposite. But Colorful I can’t ignore all of these issues and write half-heartedly because you don’t like to read, you don’t realize the long writing you’ve read. As your favorite editors say, “If you don’t like it”, you stop following it, if you don’t read the articles, it’s gone.

I don’t remember anyone with the respect they lost by keeping the promise I made to my beloved father 3 years after my loss. How to remember it is in your own hands. May Allah bless everyone to remember with good prayers. (Don’t forget that the Supreme Court has adopted the phrase “God damn you” as a prayer.)

I remember my elders, my martyrs, my father, my beloved Burak with love, respect and gratitude.

Behan Kozanoglu Bikin / [email protected]

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