The University of Health Sciences will hire contract staff

From the Rector of the University of Health Sciences:

4 / B (Contract Person) Purchase Announcement

For recruitment in the Istanbul Hamidiye Complex and Ankara Gulhan Complex and units in the Medical Faculty of Kayseri, in accordance with paragraph (b) of the 4th article of the Civil Servants Act No. 657, it is attached to the decree dated 06.06.1978 and 7/15754. Based on the KPSS (B) Group Score Order, the Official Gazette dated 28.06.2007 and the number 26566, a total of 21 (twenty one) Contract Employees, as per paragraph (b) of Appendix 2 of the Policy on Amendment of Contract Staff Recruitment Policy published in Will be

General and necessary conditions

A) Candidates who will apply must meet the general conditions and the conditions required below in Section 48 of Act No. 657.

1. Becoming a citizen of the Republic of Turkey,

2. To meet the requirements of education in Article 41 of this Act,

3. Not to be deprived of the rights of the people,

4. Even if the time limit mentioned in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code has passed; Offenses against the security of the state, even a pardon for an offense committed intentionally or imprisonment for one year or more, an offense against a constitutional order and its effectiveness, embezzlement, embezzlement, bribery, theft, forgery, fraud, breach of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, bid fraud, Don’t be found guilty of laundering property value arising from performance fraud, crime or smuggling.

5. Military service conditions for male candidates; Not related to military service, not having military age, military service if military age, or suspension of military service.

6. Not anticipating the provisions of Section 53 of Act 657, not having any disability related to mental illness or physical disability which may prevent him from continuing to perform his duties,

7. Safety investigations and / or archive research must be positive.

8. Not to be dismissed from public office by various decree laws.

9. Pursuant to Section 6 of the Contract Employees Recruitment Policy, the service contract is unilaterally revoked by the organization if “later it is realized that he does not have any qualification required for the job, he loses any qualification required for subsequent employment …”

10. Must not be below 30 (thirty) years of age as per application period, in other words, must be less than 31 (thirty one) years of age.

11. Requirements for candidates who will apply for the position of Safety and Security Officer;

11.1. To meet the requirements of Section 10 of the Private Security Service No. 5188 Act.

11.2. There are no restrictions on working hours and working on weekends.

11.3. There should be no obstacle in performing the duty.

11.4. Certifying with the Health Board report that the Health Board report does not contain any health issues, including psychological tests and opinions, that prevent him or her from continuing to be responsible for safety.

11.5. Candidates should not be barred from working in shifts on a 24-hour basis and working indoors / outdoors.

11.6. Not less than 165 centimeters.

12. Requirements for candidates who will apply for Support Personnel (Cleaning) staff;

12.1. Lack of any disease or similar obstruction which may prevent him from continuously carrying out his cleaning duties,

B) Pursuant to Section 4 / B of the Civil Servants Act No. 657, those who are employed on contract basis, if their organization terminates their contract due to breach of their service contract or if they unilaterally terminate the contract, except for the exceptions prescribed by Cabinet decision. With, they will not be able to be employed as contract employees of the organization until the year has elapsed.

C) Not receiving retirement or old age pension from any social security institution.

D) For applicants, 2020 KPSS P94 for secondary education graduates and 2020 KPSS P3 scores for undergraduates will be taken as a basis.

E) “Examination regulations for first-time public servants” are applied to applications.

F) Our university reserves the right to cancel and / or change the declaration at each stage of the need.

G) Other explanations and important matters

G. 1. A service agreement will be entered into with the candidates, and the agreement will be terminated for the candidates who do not fulfill the conditions mentioned in the agreement.

G.2. The administration has the right to give in-house assignments to different units of the province in which education is imparted depending on the need.

G.3. Candidates must have the documents and certificates mentioned on the condition of expiration, lack of misleading information in them and have them before the date of publication in the official gazette.

Application, space and time

Candidates willing to apply; You can fill out the application form at http: // in the computer environment, and print it out with the required documents until the end of the working day (17:00) on the 15th. The day after the announcement in the official gazette. Head of Department (Hamidiye Kulliye, Tibbie Cad. No. 38 Selimiye, Uskudar, Istanbul) or the Personnel Department Branch Office of the University of Health Sciences (Ankara Gulhane Kulliasi Emrah Mah. / Ankara) in person.

1- Candidates will apply for only one title by mentioning the declaration number. If an application is made with multiple declaration numbers, all applications will be considered void.

2- Those who have given false statements during the application and process or those who do not meet the requirements of the post applied and those who do not submit the required documents, their application will be considered invalid and their appointment will be rejected even if they have been made.

3- In the applications made by the candidates, the accuracy of the application form is entirely the responsibility of the candidate, necessary documents, signatures etc. Our university is not responsible for any errors.

Necessary documents

1. Application request form will be received from the address (

2. Document of 2020 KPSS exam results.

3. A copy of the identity card, provided that the original is presented at the time of application.

4. Certificate of Residence (Documents with QR code obtained through e-government will be accepted).

5. Original or Notarized Certificate of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate (documents with data matrix obtained through e-government will be accepted). (If photocopy of diploma is required, original or notarized diploma must be submitted.)

6. Judicial Registry Record (Documents with data matrix obtained through e-government will be accepted).

7. Military Service Certificate (for male candidates) (Documents with QR code obtained through e-government will be accepted.)

8. Documents and Certificates (Original or documents with data matrix obtained through e-government will be accepted.)

9. Documents of foreign language test results.

10. A copy of a valid Personal Security Officer ID card for security and safety personnel, provided that the original is presented at the time of application.

11. Health Board reports will be obtained from full-fledged state hospitals for safety and security personnel to verify that the Health Board report does not contain any health problems that prevent them from discharging their responsibilities on a regular basis including a psychiatric examination. (It will not be required at the time of application, but will be requested from eligible candidates for recruitment.)

12. The Health Declaration states that any mental illness, physical disability, strabismus, blindness, disability, hearing loss, limb loss, stuttering and similar disabilities may prevent safety and security personnel from discharging their duties continuously. (For announcement form https: //www.sbu. (Available at

13. Health declaration for cleaning staff, stating that they do not have any disease or similar obstruction which may prevent them from continuously performing their cleaning duties. (Declaration can be found at

14. Candidates applying for positions including Office Staff, Support Staff (Cleaning), Dietitian must obtain a health report from a full state hospital. (It will not be required at the time of application, but will be requested from eligible candidates for recruitment.)

15. Experience Certificate of work experience obtained from official or private organization within the date of application for the required position (This will be attached to the application form with a wet signature. Data matrix documents obtained from e-government will be accepted in SGK service statement.)

16. Passport photo taken in last 6 months (2 pieces).

Application evaluation and announcement of results

1. The list of eligible candidates for recruitment will be announced on our university website (, which is double that of the main and alternative candidates.

2. The position will be determined keeping in view the success score of the alternate candidates for the post, which is not applicable to any subsequent applicant, does not meet the required conditions or is given a discount.

3. A high score on KPSS will not qualify you for the position of contract in the announcement and candidates who do not meet the general and required conditions for the position will not be evaluated.

4. Applications of candidates who make incomplete or incorrect statements and cannot record their statements will be considered invalid. Legal action will be taken against those who provide false documents or make statements and if they are appointed, their appointment will be canceled.

5. Since this announcement will be of the nature of notification, no separate notification will be given.

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