Those who are returning to their families … ‘I can’t afford this rent …’

Rent increases continue to be on the agenda. Rent for a 2 + 1 flat in a central district of Istanbul starts at an average of 5,000 lira. Even if wage increases continue, wages may not be able to meet these rents, because wage increases may not keep pace with rent increases. When family expenses and arrears come, those who live alone in their home find a solution to close their house and return to their family home.

‘If you don’t stay out …’

Buse K. is a company social media expert. Buse K., who lives in Kadıköy, has been living alone in the same house for 5 years. Bus K., who said his contract would expire in November and he had paid about 2,000 lira rent, said the landlord had sent him a notice that he would increase the rent 2.5 times, otherwise he would have to leave the house.

Who is Bush? “CIf I don’t, my landlord says he will sue for rent and force me to pay all costs.“He says. Bus K. is thinking of returning to his family in Antalya.” “I can’t go home alone. The rent in Antalya is terrible because of the Russians and Ukrainians,” he says.

Qadir Guni, an electronic technologist, has been living in Istanbul Cartel for 9 years. He said, “The rent was 2,250 lira, then they increased it to 3,000 lira and 6,000 lira a year later. I could not pay this. Not only the rent, the cost of the house also increased. A lot. . ”

Some people who have been away from their families for a long time in adulthood may experience problems under the same roof after a while. “I haven’t had any problems with my family so far,” Guni said.

‘If my company calls the office, I have to resign’

Tuge Ke, a customer representative for a company, returned to his family home in his hometown of Muse when the epidemic broke out. Tuge, who was working from home, planned to return to Istanbul once the epidemic was over and go home alone. However, he said he could not come to Istanbul because of the fare increase.

Tugce K.If my company calls me to the office, I have to resign because I can’t find a house in Istanbul that fits my budget.“I am 26 years old, but I still want to live in my own home,” he said. After all, there are some rules in this house that I have to follow, “he says.

OE, a private sector employee living in a 1 + 1 flat in a residence in Maltepe, had a rent of 1,500 TL as of July last year. He also paid 600 TL arrears. However, due to the exorbitant increase in rent as of September, OE moved in with his family. OE says:

“My landlord says, ‘The rent of the house you live in is 4,500 TL, let’s do 3,500 TL, you are a former tenant.’ As a 30-year-old who has been working for 11 years, it has weighed heavily on me. “

‘My family has left me’

Kıvılcım Berktan lives in Istanbul. Burkatan says his mother, who works as a freelance translator, left their home in Burkatan and moved to Milas.

“However, my mother lived in a rented house in Milan,” said Barkatan. The landlord took my mother out on the pretext of selling the house. My mother used to pay 750 lira, but now the worst house in the Milas Center starts at 3000 lira. Summer sites about 10-20 thousand lira for 3 months. My mother had to return, but she moved in with my grandmother. ” Kıvılcım added that there were occasional problems between his mother and grandmother.

‘The Lifestyle Lifestyle’

Expert psychologist and family counselor Özge Öztaşçı says there may be some problems for people returning to their family home who have been living alone for years. Oztasci, “When young people move away from a new lifestyle and return to family life, it can be devastating for both parents and family.He says that especially when children come to study in big cities they gain their economic independence and become individuals who can stand on their own two feet and their parents have established a new life without their children.

Öztaşçı says, “When the person who last lived with his family returned to the family home, the parents behaved as if they were teenagers. She still expects loyalty from her child. But he is a person. “Families need to respect their children who are living under the same roof,” she says.

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