“We have captivated the whole world by celebrating the Trabjanspar Championship”

AdStation, which began an active journey with the Meteor Group in 2006, when sports and entertainment had just begun to merge in Turkey, is not only leading the country in this field, but also sports and entertainment events and celebrations that have taken place on the green field in the last 10 years. Done.

Founded by Muhitin Palazolu in his early twenties in 2006, AdStation has expanded its organizational skills over the past 16 years from green fields to parquets, from courts to trails, and has managed to present its event portfolio with a comprehensive infrastructure from performing arts to concerts. Technical shows and outdoor events.

In celebration of the 2021-2022 football season champions Trabjanspar’s championship, this experience reached its peak and was the crown of success in every sense. This success of AdStation, which has garnered widespread acclaim from biased and neutral people, is by no means a coincidence. Thanks to its experienced staff, strong management and unconditional trust of the clubs, AdStation alone has performed 5 of the last 8 championship celebrations, from concept to editing, from implementation to PR work.

The Trabzonspor Championship Celebrations for AdStation, which has successfully signed on to many events at home and abroad in the field of rats in recent years, has also become a sensation as an organization where epidemic signs are being removed.

Trabjanspar Championship Celebration High Bar

Celebrating 2014 champion Fenerbahçe, 2015 and 2019 champion Galatasaray, 2020 Başakşehir and now the latest champion Trabzonspor, AdStation has now proven that it is unrivaled in this regard. AdStation, which signed off last weekend at the Trabzon Şenol Güneş Sports Complex, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious banquets, attended by 45,000 people, has already begun work for the company, which will be remembered by Record AdSense General Co-ordinator Hakan Dogan. The concept, editing and design phase took 2 months, adding that the real challenge was the work that was revealed through the race against time after the championship final.

We shipped exactly 70 trailer equipment from Istanbul to Trabzon

Stating that only technical equipment could be transported with 70 trucks for the May 14 festival in Trabzon, Hakan Dogan said the stadium took seven days to install and that more than 500 ad-hoc staff sweated a total of 24 hours. All celebrations around the world have been carefully scrutinized so far, and noting that Trabzonspor has hosted a night for the championship aspired to and with 16 years of experience at AdSte, Dogan said the 500 m2 area is a platform specifically designed for cup events. The world’s largest established.

Congratulations, not just from Turkey

Noting that they have received numerous congratulations for celebrating the Trabzonspar Championship, Hakan Dogan said that these congratulations came not only from the country but also from abroad. Revealing that they are already known and acclaimed in Turkish sports organizations, Hakan Dogan added that they were contacted and received some important invitations and meeting offers as the Trabzonspour celebrations also appeared frequently in the foreign media. Noting that Turkey’s event prowess has long been praised by international organizations, Dogan further stressed that there will be more Turkish signatures at events around the world in the coming years.

Special thanks to Adstation with video for a wonderful celebration from TRABZONSPOR …

Following the championship celebrations, Trabzonspor posted a video content on its social media account and sent a message of thanks to AdStation and its founder Muhitin Palazolu. Since it is not very common for clubs to share this kind of collaboration at this level, success results in more money.

About Adstation

AdStation is an “integrated marketing communications” organization, founded by Muhittin Palazoglu in 2006 and has been active for 16 years. He communicates with brands he works with from different branches, both on the project and on all his own communication projects. On the one hand, the company communicates directly with consumers through its sports, industry and field communication projects and on the other hand, it touches on its corporate marketing communication activities with professionals in the organization and sector.

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