Who is Yonca Evcimik? How old is she, where did she come from, what is her profession, is she married, what is her music? Saturday, May 26 Who is Yonka Ivesimik, the guest of the song Tell Us?

Saturday, May 28 Who is Yonka Ivesimik, the guest of the song 2022 Tell us? How old is Yonca Evcimik, where did he come from, what is his profession, what is his music? Yonca Evcimik married? What are the names of all Yonca Evcimik movies and TV shows? Is Yonca Evcimik married, who is his wife?

Who is Yonka Ivisimik?

Fatma Yonka Ivsemik (born 16 September 1963, Istanbul); She is a Turkish singer, dancer, actor, producer and presenter.

His life and career

First year

He was born on September 16, 1963 in Istanbul. She began her artistic career in 1977 with Children’s Theater. He graduated from the State Conservatory High Ballet Department at Mima Sinan University. She worked as a dancer and singer in musical instruments from 1978-1990. He has acted in many theaters at the same time.

He entered the Voice Theater in 1979. Until 1984, he participated in many plays and music, such as Hormuz with Seven Husbands, Hessely Wonders Company, Sen Sajan Nightingale, Nukhet Duru and ten years later, Azda Pekkan Superstar, Hababam Class, Carmen. During this time, she also starred in the film Hababam Classroom Bye Bye and Girls Class. Between 1985-1988, he performed at the Devkusu Cabaret Theater in plays Bains, Ask for Love, Nights, Advertising, and Delilar. She worked as a presenter and show girl at Gulhan Events from 1989-1990.

Music is life

He released his debut album “Subscriber” in 1991. The album, which did not sell for the first 2.5 months, exploded with the dancers’ participation in a program called Yarim Elma aired on TRT with Ivsimik. According to statistics released in 2009, the album sold 2 million 800 thousand. After the program, clips were shot for Evsimik songs called “Subscriber” and “Şok” and there were many songs from his album, which were very popular. Aisel Gurel wrote the song “Aboon”, which gave the album its name, and Garo Mafian composed it.

In late 1992, he released his second album, Get Yourself. The album was the first to be produced as an advertising campaign in Turkey. The clipboard, the billboard photos and the first clip were designed to complement each other. Body rhythm is also used for the first time in this album. Since there was no special instrument in Turkey at that time to record the sounds produced by body rhythm, Yonka Ivsemik and 11 dancers used body choreographed dance choreography in their music with the help of microphones in the studio. The first clip of the album has the distinction of being the first professionally shot Turkish clip.

After Turkey’s first single “Dom Dom Kursunu”, published by Errol Temizel in 1993, Yonka Ivsemik created Turkey’s second single in 1994 called “8.15 Ferry”. Evsimik has released its new album with a single song and 3 remixes. The music video for the song is on Kadıköy; Izel Erkan was filmed with Satsi and Seden Gurel. This single has sold nearly 400,000 copies.

Evcimik released his album “Yonca Evcimik ’94” in July 1994. Trying a different style, the singer has proved that he has not lost anything from his popularity and success with this album, where Jamaican rap sound was used for the first time in Turkey. The album became the second best-selling album of Evisimic after subscribers.

She released her album “I’m Hot for You” in December 1995. The album was originally released as a 3-track single by a Dutch production company. The album was released on September 30, 1995 at the Amsterdam Chemistry Club, one of the most important clubs in Europe, and Radio 2019 launched the launch live on the radio. On September 29, 1995, the music video for the song was shown on the MTV Party Zone. The fact that the campaign is focused solely on Europe and its single format will only be published in Europe makes this initiative even more important. The track was released in the Netherlands in 12-inch (promo) and CD format, and sold in Europe on October 1, 1995, with a dub mix of “I’m Hot for You” and a three-track maxi single. Let’s Stop and Dance “. The clip of the piece was shot by a group from overseas after working for three days. Turkey releases 5 Turkish and 3 English songs and 4 remixes. The song “Sallan Uverlane”, with lyrics and music by Nazan Onsel, is Turkey’s first rock’n roll song.

Her solo work “Long Live Evil” was released in 1997. The song was composed by Garo Mafian, and the video clip was directed by Erhan Sihan.

He released the album “Invitation to Temptation” in 1998. On this album, Evcimik was accompanied by vocalists such as Cেনzanne Aksu, Şebnem Ferah and Fatih Erkoç. In the years that the album was on the agenda, Cেনzanne Aksu said, “If the opportunities given to Madonna had been in Yonka’s hands, today Yonka would have been ahead of Ivsemic Madonna.” Found in the statement. Along with the song “Tatlı Kaçık” from the album, Evsimik was also considered eligible for the 1998 “Pop Female Best Female Artist” award at the 5th Crawl TV Video Music Awards.

Yonca Evcimik, who took a break from her music studies for three years, returned to the music market in 2001 with her 6th studio album, Herkes Baksın Wave. Ivesimik also sang a song called “One More Chance” on the album.

In the summer of 2002, he released the compilation album “The Best of Eunicemix – Remix”, which he prepared with remixes of 12 songs released on his album between 1991-1994, made by the most famous DJs in Turkey. Evsimik also sought the views of members of the Official Fan Club on the selection of songs for the album, and included collage work by members of the Fan Club on the album’s poster. The first video clips from the album were shot for the megamix version of the song “Subscriber”, “8.15 Ferry” and “Bandira Bandira”.

In 2004, he released the EP “Aska Ready” with the DMC label. On this album, video clips of the songs “Shake the World” and “My Love” were shot. In 2005, he released his single “Oldu Gözüm Doldu”, which he wrote and composed himself.

On October 21, 2008, after a break of 3 years, he released his album “Fame – Ebret Story”. She included on her album the girl group Popcorn and dancer Ugur Ildaran (U.UR), who wrote their lyrics. Bora Öztoprak and Yonca Evcimik wrote the song “Şöhret”, which named the album, and composed the music for Bora Oztoprak. A clip was shot for the song “Capkin Girl” on the album.

Evcimik released the single “Tweetine Bandım” in 2010. The song is adapted to the music of the folk song “Tiridine Bandım” using words from the social networking site. Uğur Yıldıran (U.UR) shot the music video for the song, with lyrics by Merve Gürcan and music by Emre Gürcan. Evcimik “This single doesn’t show that I’ve changed my music career. It’s just a song we made to have fun, laugh and have fun.” Made a statement.

Yonca Evcimik signed the single “I Still Love You” with various artists in 2011 for the social responsibility project “It’s Right to Exist”, which he started for animal rights.

In September 2012, he created a single called “Yalah Darling”, written by Barlas Erinch, protected by Tolib Kuliyev and arranged by Alexander Pedas. In June 2014, “15.” Has released his album.

Among the awards Yonka Ivsemik received in her music career, which began with “Subscriber”, “Best Selling Album Award”, “Promising Artist Award”, “Pop Female Best Female Artist” in the organization organized by the most important and influential video music channel. Of the Turkish period. Award “and” Pop Pop Artist of the Year Award “at a ceremony held at TRNC and” Environmentalist of the Year Award “from the Nature and Environment Association for its emphasis on nature and the environment.

Other work

He has participated in many TV projects throughout his career. Ivsimik, who produced and presented the 1993 show Cormbel Show, played the lead role in the 1996 Çılgın Bediş series as “Bedis”. Will you dance with me for the first time in 2006? He sat on the jury seat in the dance competition. Yonka Ivesimik, who competed in four seasons of the competition, presented the children’s show “Yonsimik Wonderland”, which premiered on Saturday morning in 2007. He also competed as a jury in the “Eixler” contest, published in the summer of 2008.

He also took part in the production work of Ivesimik. In addition to her own clips, she directed several video clips for the Çıtır Girls and Few Good Men group, for which she created their solo and album, and in 2007 the music video for Yelli’s song “Yalan”.

Evcimik, who in the early years of the singer’s entry into the music world, aimed to make him nicknamed “Yoncimik” by the press and his fans, to become a licensed brand in Turkey. 1 – Holiday “and” Yoncimik’s Adventures 2 – Birth “. Evcimik offers to sell” Yoncimik Dolls “as part of the Yoncimik project, the first and second issue of the series. Youth Magazine Project” Yoncimix ” Directed in, began publishing in August 2006. It also launched the Yoncimik brand bag in 2008.

Yonka Ivesimic launched a web television channel called Yonka Ivesimik TV, which bears its own name and broadcasts on the Internet, in February 2013. Channel; Names like Yellies, Sigdam Toon, and Senk Erdem created the program.

Yonka Ivesimik was a guest on the program “Sons Use Solar” aired on Canal D on Saturday, May 28, 2022.



  • 1991 – Customer
  • 1992 – Come to yourself
  • 1994 – Yonca Evcimik ’94
  • 1995 – I’m hot for you
  • 1998 – Invitation to temptation
  • 2001 – Everyone looks at the waves
  • 2008 – Fame – Example story
  • 2014-15.

Single, EP

  • 1994 – 8.15 ferry
  • 1995 – I’m hot for you
  • 1997 – Long Live Evil
  • 2004 – Ready for Love (EP)
  • 2005 – It happened, my eyes filled
  • 2008 – Fame (EP, PopKorn and Uğur Yıldıran U.UR)
  • 2010 – My tape for tweeting
  • 2011 – I still love you
  • 2012 – Yaallah my dearest
  • 2016 – Aha!
  • 2017 – Come to yourself (Fit. İrem Derici & Gökçe)
  • 2017 – Mixed Out (EP)
  • 2020 – Shameful thing

Remix album

  • 2002 – Best of EonSimix – Remix
  • 2016 – Aha! – Remix

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