Will Peppy’s sister become a billion dollar ‘Edu Tech’ entrepreneur?

For children who cannot go to kindergarten in Turkey PepeThrough design and implementation ‘Can’t be a native cartoon’ It shows how it will happen very soon (in 2007) who said Aye shule biljikNow with his team, he has created an ‘operating system’, a bundle of applications, to offer content that will cater to all the interests and needs of children in mobiles, tablets and computers. Dusky Premium The initiative, called the second phase of investment tour, Ali Coke With Ali Sabanchi ‘At the same time, it is able to receive investment from before the end of the year The United States, Mexico, Germany, and Indonesia.The product, which has emerged with plans to expand into the Turkish market, includes TV channels, games, music and e-books that have gone through educational and psychological filters. YouTube ‘dan filters the most suitable video for children with the same care. Pepee’s Ayse sister If nothing goes wrong, it is on its way to becoming Turkey’s first unicorn (a technology company worth more than 1 1 billion) in a few years. Everything ‘It’s about finding the meaning of life’ Speaking through speaking Aaye Sule Biljik, He emphasizes that the search is usually related to the profession where you will spend the most time and will continue: “I have always been in the communications sector; I have done journalism, I have done advertisements, I have done public relations. I worked for the biggest advertising agency of the time, Canal D, CNN Turk, Hurriyat, Serial. I started working at Marmara University Faculty of Communication from my second year and I realized that every company, every institution is actually someone’s dream. If you are in someone’s dream, it is not easy to make a big impact on that dream. Me too ‘Come on, if you’re after so much money, it’s a dream come true from scratch.’ I said he ‘I’m going to make a cartoon’ I left saying. The financial statement says I should never do that ‘I’ll do it’ I said. Then, when I directed my reading towards psychology, it made a lot of sense to focus on the kids. Because if we want the world to be a better place, we need to focus on children. I’m talking about 2007. The children were then in front of the TV. What are these kids watching? He watches most of the cartoons. I can put so many beautiful ‘visions’ into the cartoon that it can be very useful. There are children who do not have the opportunity to go to kindergarten, and they need to have more knowledge than the kindergarten curriculum. I started by working with educational-behavioral scientists, psychologists and children, getting information from everyone and writing down their situation. “

I sold my 12 motorcycles until I got the money

Aye Shule Bilgik explained that when she started making the first episodes of Pepi, everyone gave her mind to discourage her, “Because All the cartoons were produced abroad and were available at very low prices per episode.. “The cost of creating a division in Turkey was incredibly high,” he said. Bilgic continued:I had 12 motorcycles which I bought with the money I earned from motorcycle journalism. I sold everything one by one And Pepe We kept it afloat until we made money. Even my wife now says, ‘I was supporting you, but Ayesha was interested in something like this so that we would not discourage her, otherwise I do not believe that she would succeed at all.’

We grew up with TRT Child, we reached the top of YouTube and Google

The most important development that enabled Pepe to succeed was the opening of a ‘Children’s Channel’ by TRT. Aye shule biljik Continued: “When we were looking for a place to broadcast Pepi, TRT faxed to large manufacturing companies and They made an open call that ‘TRT Child is being established, if there are teams who can make cartoons, bring your project’. Tell me ‘If you still work on these things, go if you want’ They said. I made a project file to Pepi and sent an e-mail to TRT, they called immediately. Because 70% of the domestic content has targets, but no native cartoons. I watched the episodes, they watched like 15 people. ‘Why did you do that?’ They said. We will communicate with the children, we will provide equal education to the children, etc. I tell them, but the whole team is 3 people. Me and someone who does animation, Kirak also does music. We had the first project adopted. Through the introduction of TRT in our lives, we have reached 98 people. After 2012, children began to migrate to digital. Dusyeri YouTube I set up your channel and Pepe In 2001 1st and 2nd video in all sections viewed on youtube. I’m not talking about the kids category. From Turkey It was the third most searched word on Google. The first was ÖSYM, and the second was e-government. “

Ali Sabansi and Ali Kok became partners

Aaye Sule Biljik, “We had to be an educational technology company when my target audience was shifting to digital,” he said, adding that children could be at greater risk in a digital environment. Bilgic continued:There are pathologies like YouTube Trauma, Digital Content Trauma. You tell the child ‘don’t look’, but you give him the tool to see everything. We’ve created software that works like an operating system that allows a child to do whatever they want but is protected from anything harmful. Dachi It happened. When you download it as an app, you define the child. For example, I have two defined children. The phone that I will give to Çağrı opens the interface of Çağrı. I pressed the key three times, it was locked. You said that all the content comes out according to the age of my child 3 years, 3 years. We opened in January 2022 and we have about 400 thousand users. Ali Sabanchi, Ali Kok, Nevjat Aidin Investment We have prepared the product with the money received from the first round (2018). We closed the second round at the end of March. All investors in the first round participated in the second round. Halit Erjenk And Burgess Corel We have also become an investor. ”

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