Ahmet Noor Sebi – Response to TRT Spor Criticism

Beşiktaş club president Ahmet Nur Sebi said the loan was not properly reflected by the supervisory board.

“Loan 4 billion 300 million lira”

BJK addressed the 2021 General Administrative and Financial General Assembly held at the Aqtala Culture and Sports Complex, SEBI said. “We have not learned to read what is written in the report. The supervisory board has written off a debt of 4 billion 900 million lira, but it does not count 600 million lira in the cash register. The debt is 4 billion 300 million lira.” Says

Seb said he wanted to strike a balance between income and expenditure.I said, “My goal is to balance income and expenditure. In my time, the revenue was 1 billion 822 million lira, the expenditure was 1 billion 859 million lira. Arrived? Because of the epidemic. The money we lost is 1 billion in 2 years. ” IHe spoke.

“No players were dropped from our squad during our tenure.”

Sebi, who also responded to criticism about coach Abdullah Avisi, said: “When I was going to give 29 million TL to Abdullah Avcı, I gave 2 million TL more to other teachers. I have earned three crore Euros with those teachers. We are a large community. ‘What’s wrong with you, how can we help?’ We said. ‘You can’t help me, I don’t have the strength,’ he said. I said ‘let’s send you’, he said ‘no’. This is the presidency, shall I put a man who has no power in the head of Besiktas? During our tenure, the players who were dropped from the squad were not included in the team. 3 coaches said, these did not work for the team. They cost 60 million euros. These agreements were not made in our time. “ Evaluated her.

“I brought in the surgeon teacher and the Ismail teacher. Both were successful.”

Speaking about coach Wonder Caravelli, Sebi said, “We brought in a teacher from the infrastructure and they ruined the man. Leader Caravelli came, they ate the man, they finished. The man came to us and said, ‘I’m going to die, I can’t breathe.’ He is also very good. We have found, we have found a very good teacher. Next year you will see how the club is. He will be successful. I have brought the surgeon teacher and Ismail teacher since I came. You ask me to make an account here next year. We got 4 cups, these social media players were not suitable for us. There is a management that pays well for them. “ Used phrases.

Noting that the legal process is continuing after the KPMG report, Chairman SEBI continued as follows:

“We said we would make a KPMG report. They were surprised. They said, ‘You can’t take this to court.’ I say, ‘We’ve filed 20 cases,’ and the speaker says, ‘What have you done?’ Something went wrong with a friend here at the time of Fikret Orman. I apologized to the child, and when the responsibility came I withdrew the case against him. This is Beşiktaş support. We know who we will protect or not. “

“I have no problem with the fans, they love me, I love them.”

Sebi also said that he has no problem with the fans. “I have no problem with the fans, they love me, I love them. Despite the inflation, we have discounted as much as they can to watch the match in comfort. Before that there is a video taken by a fan. Trying to respond to his remarks, he portrayed it. Another community. You are trying to push me when I put your President’s crown on your head. ” He said.

Chebby says they will move back from infrastructure to football players to reduce costs. “You know the condition of the kids we’ve played with from the infrastructure since we came here. They’re all feeling very good. We’ve been teaming up for two years. It looks like a diamond. If there’s a kid who doesn’t like Beşiktaş and Will not sign the contract, let him go to his mother’s house. Evaluated her.

Sebi also said that Fuat Semen, the presidential candidate, would be with them if elected in the General Assembly to be held tomorrow.If you believe, vote for Mr. Fuat. I will be by their side if they are elected. There were thousands of execution files when we arrived. Safety was not 100 lira. Fuat, if you win, you have a safe of 100 million lira, enjoy it. ” Used phrases.

“If 90 percent of the law is true, not 10”

Speaking about sports law, Sebi said:

“The sports law is designed to discipline us. We will abide by it. Two days before the epidemic, I went to our president for a restructuring. He said, ‘How far is Ahmed?’ No. If you blame the newcomers, we can’t handle it. It is the largest institution that the state will take care of. We were indebted to Yıldırım Demirören. Deleted within 100 million. We accept grants, but we accept them differently. We sat down and talked to Yıldırım Demirören about a debt that could not be erased during my second presidency of 7 years. “And we erased it.”

Response to the “silence about the referee” criticism

Sebi said in response to his criticism of the referees for remaining silent, “I fought against the referees with my own way of eating yogurt. It may be missing. As they say, there was a coup. I felt they could harm us, even though it was with anger in public. I said. If one of these referees is here next year, as you said, it will take 10 minutes to punch the table from morning to evening. I will double.‘He said.

“(I will not let you go) If I open my hand, I open my hand to Beşiktaş fans”

Regarding the “I won’t let you go” campaign, SEBI, “If I open my hand, I open my hand to Beşiktaş fans. I’ll open it again. That campaign had great moral support. Some of our businessmen showed no interest. A monument to success in basketball has been written. Our strategy is going well. Stay tuned.‘He said.

Also, before his speech, Cheby congratulated the board members and met with his opponent Fuat Semen in tomorrow’s election and wished him success.

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