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Abdullah Avsi, who became the leader of Trabzonspor and went down in history, visited the Turkuvaz Media Center yesterday. In the morning The gameIts guest, experienced coach talks about his post-championship feeling and plans for the new season. Now champion in the first goal The 58-year-old insists he is in the league Technician, also about Turkish football He gave a very important message from the interview. The salient features are:
Impossible to forget the championship celebration. But both happiness and illness last 3 days. What’s next for us It will be more difficult now. Now you wake up in the morning and start calculating immediately, what will be this transfer, what will be the friendly match …
There will be a deadly trend in the team. Those who go will stay. We will go for change. Not complete, but with touches. There will be 7-8 transfers. Foreign The situation will happen according to the number of cases. Foreign We still don’t know the numbers. Will it continue to 8 + 3 or return to 7 + 4? The conversion of 8 + 3 and 7 + 4 should not be so fast. The deal has been done Here. This in the medium and long term Must have a plan.
I want to invest in infrastructure for the purpose of education. Without it, everything else remains empty love. I was the coach of the national team. Study to standardize infrastructure I did. I have taken Germany as an example. If you want, if you want to free the stranger Nothing will change. If you don’t do something educational for Turkish football, if you don’t standardize the infrastructure, you can never improve.
Start with 18 clubs. Their infrastructure The standard has touched Turkish football. You will. Can you get Abdülkadir Ömür’s 3? Can you remove it from Emre Belözoglu? If you subtract Thomas, will you get Johnson? You do it Without it, everything you do is in vain!
Now I will work on the infrastructure of Trabzonspor. Supervision, value Fetching, in competition

Trabzone to my soul It was very good Never Istanbul I did not miss
Trabzon has been incredibly good to me. For 18 months, I have had plenty of time to rest and work. Istanbul actually made me very tired and worn out. I go after my sweatpants, I work till evening. In the evening, I have my dinner at a fishermen’s restaurant. I was always hungry in Istanbul! 3 types of fish in Trajan I’m eating. Salad, pickles, fish, that’s it. Perfect …
My wife and children come to me from time to time. My friends are coming, we go to the highlands together. I never called Istanbul. I just went to watch the match. Other than that, I would never have been. I never bothered in the trabzone. The dynamics of the city Here. Cities like you won A lot to you Feels good. I am coming to Istanbul now, I am having a hard time in traffic.

We also look at Halil on our Masouras list
The city had energy drains, but our load also increased. Such are the pains of growing up. The important thing is to maintain balance. Better now We will try to do it. I’m the name I am a growing man. A I’ll do better.
Transfer Our work for this has started long ago. We wanted Masuras to play for Olympiacos last year. It is still on our list at this time. We will look at the economic situation. With Halil Akbuna We also got information about that. Him too We are evaluating.

This success is not enough!
This year, we wanted to tell people, ‘I’m glad there’s Trabzonsper’, and we succeeded. Everyone respected this team. Presidents Fenerbahce and Galatasaray have praised our game and the transfer we have made. But not enough! I said before, Trabzonspor, a singles championship Not enough We want to compete again, we want to do better and we have already started our work for that.

There are fundamentally good organizations
No coach, just one He cannot make any team champion by himself. This includes my management, my team, the staff Thanks everyone. The hero of this work is in the field Players I believe that On this basis Good organization, good There are players. But communication If you don’t keep it It is not possible. We Friendly with players Similarly, very clear, Without any gray We shared everything.

Camping will be done in Riva
I will take a little rest with my family before the new season. We will then meet in the Trabzon on 27 June. Preliminary preparation, testing and measurement will be done. We are 3-4 days, then Riva will come. I also made a project of facilities there, then someone else did it (laughs) … After River, we are planning a match organization with quality teams in Istanbul, the second phase of which is open-ended. There could be teams from Italy, Germany or France. If not, we want to play with 3-4 serious teams in a central place in Europe.

I have been in Trabzon for many years
My contract expires in a year, but that’s not a problem for me. We will sit down and talk to the President and extend my contract. If both parties are satisfied, there is no need to worry. 3-5 years is not important … this is not our primary consideration at the moment. I’m planning to stay in Trabzonspore for many years. Now is the time to enjoy and enjoy the championship we have won.

Now I will play easily
I will do what I could not do as a game this year. The first achievable reality and the biggest goal that will contribute to the country and city with its economy and score is the Champions League right now … we will do what we can to stay on that platform.

NWAKAEME even come to my house
Didn’t know last year wanted to go, I negotiated and persuaded him. I have talked to Nwakaeme many times. He even came to my house and we talked for a long time. The management process continues. We want to have it, but the situation will be assessed. Satisfaction on both sides is important.

Erturul Dogan gave me relief
Special thanks to Ertugrul Dogan. He showed his sincerity, his sincerity and what he can do from Trabzon. He stood behind me and opened the door for me. He has comforted me in what he has done. She really is a Trabzonspore lover.

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