Asthma attacks are greatly reduced with the right medicine!

Speaking at the 25th Annual Congress of the Turkish Thoracic Society, Professor of Chest Diseases, Immunology and Allergy Dr. Dr. Gulfem Elif Chelik emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis of asthma, medication under doctor’s control, patient awareness and regular control and says that Turkey is in a very good position to treat asthma.

Speaking specifically at a congress on asthma organized by the Turkish Thoracic Society, a disease that affects 5 to 6 out of every 100 adults in Turkey, Prof. Dr. Dr. Although Gülfem Celik emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and regular medication and control of asthma; He further emphasized that asthma patients can lead a normal life with proper treatment.

“Early diagnosis is very important in the treatment of asthma”

Although asthma is a hereditary disease, especially in childhood, it is caused by environmental stimuli such as cigarette smoke, air pollution, and respiratory infections. Dr. Golfem Elif Chelik said, “If patients see one or more complaints of shortness of breath, cough and shortness of breath; Stimuli such as cigarette smoke, dust, odor and pressure cause shortness of breath, cough and recurrence of these complaints but it can also cause asthma. Since early diagnosis is very important in the treatment of this disease, we recommend that people with these symptoms consult a specialist. ” He said.

“If patients have complaints, they must seek medical attention and continue their regular routine.”
According to research, 5 to 6 out of every 100 adults in our country have asthma, Calic said: A little-known aspect of asthma is that patients’ quality of life can be improved through appropriate treatment. With proper treatment, asthma patients can fully control their disease, engage in social activities like normal people, have children, travel and play sports. In contrast, the disease can progress to patients who have complaints but do not see a doctor or receive adequate treatment. However, this is an image that occurs in a small group of patients. Most of our patients who have received appropriate treatment recover well from their illness, with little effect on their lives. “

“Avoiding external factors that negatively affect asthma is just as important as drug treatment.”
Although the first thing that comes to mind when treating is drug therapy, Çelik stressed that patients should also stay away from some environmental factors: “For example, exposure to cigarettes is a very serious risk factor for asthma. Today, parents are more alert and aware. However, it should not be smoked near babies, infants and pregnant women. However, family members should never smoke in the home of people with asthma. Knowing and avoiding external factors that negatively affect patients’ asthma is just as important as drug therapy for patients. “

“It is important for patients to get information about asthma from the right source”
Chelik emphasized that it is important to inform patients about what asthma is, what it is treated for, and when to consult a physician: For this reason, we recommend that patients learn from healthy sources of information from doctors, “she said.

About 3 to 6 percent of adults in our country have asthma; 10 percent of the children can be seen, said Professor. Dr. Gülfem Elif Çelik “Although the disease is more prevalent among women than adults in Turkey; In the pediatric age group, it is more common in boys. “Asthma and allergic asthma are not the same thing,” he said. It is seen in 80-85% of children.

“When asthma is treated regularly, patients can do whatever they want.”
Noting that each patient’s asthma is unique, Calic emphasizes that patients should take certain doses of medication for them and do what their doctor tells them to do. “Since asthma is a chronic disease, long-term treatment can be difficult. In general, when our patients understand the rationale for the treatment, we find that they are more compliant with the treatment. That is why good communication is important in the medical process. Our patients need to know that it is a chronic but controllable disease. It is very important to check with a doctor regularly, use the right medicine, be aware of the disease and most importantly, stay in life. If it is treated and controlled regularly, asthma patients can do as they please in their daily lives. During one Olympics, for example, 30 percent of the U.S. team suffered from asthma. It shows us how effective the current treatments are. “

“With the right medication, asthma attacks can be significantly reduced.”
Speaking of asthma attacks, which are a terrifying situation in society, Chelik said: “Asthma attacks can exacerbate annoying symptoms, shortness of breath, which can be less, more clearly felt and disturbed at night. But there is a cure. For example, if there is shortness of breath. An abnormal growth is observed, but immediate contact with a physician can prevent the onset of seizures. Attacks are significantly reduced, especially in patients who use appropriate drug therapy. “

“Turkey is in the same position as the United States and Europe in treating asthma”

Emphasizing that asthma is treated in Turkey in line with global guidelines and scientific data, Kelick said that the situation is similar in Turkey where asthma patients are treated in the United States and Europe, and our country is in a very good position. Terms of treatment ..

“Asthma plays a part in climate problems and epidemics.”
Noting that some things about asthma have changed in the changing times, Chelik said, “Among the problems such as climate change and epidemics are part of the asthma that the world is facing. For example, factors such as air pollution and the greenhouse effect prolong the life of allergens and pollen in the atmosphere; It has been observed that by changing their structure, they reveal new allergenic structures. “

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