Books banned in children’s literature and reasons for banning

Books have always been an important part of the cultural and social landscape, and so they are always targeted at those who think “bad”. Throughout history, many books have been banned for political reasons. During the 20th and 21st centuries, some books were banned because they were considered dangerous for children. You will be surprised to know why even innocent books are banned. There are forbidden books here.

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1. Charlotte’s web is banned in Kansas for blasphemy

The animals spoken in many children’s books, from Winnie-the-Pooh to Charlotte’s Web, are a recurring motif. Charlotte Webb, one of the banned books, tells the touching and heroic story of a talking pig whose life has been saved by a talking spider. In 2006, a group of Kansas parents demanded that the book be banned because it contained talking animals. The group claims that this particular form of ethnography was reprehensible:

“Man is the best being created by God, and he is the only creature who can communicate with the voice. It is disgraceful and disgraceful for God to show the lowest form of human life.”

2. Spiders licking lips in James and Giant Peach were considered sexual and the book was banned.

Forbidden books

Many of the works of English writer Roald Dahl have become an integral part of children’s literature. However, his book James and the Giant Peach received a wide response. The book focuses on a boy who embarks on a great journey through a huge pitch with a bunch of insects and spiders.

Fascinating and sometimes annoying, these spooky reptile characters often become a source of resentment. Spiders, in particular, have won the wrath of a small town in Wisconsin. City residents rejected Dahl’s screenplay for licking the spider’s lips, arguing that the scene was sexual and therefore inappropriate for children.

3. Winnie-the-Pooh is banned in China

Winnie the Pooh

Among the banned books, Winnie-the-Pooh is probably the most famous bear in the history of fiction. The first appearance in a series of novels by British author AA Milne has become a global phenomenon for the adaptation of Christopher Robin’s plush bear and companion Walt Disney stories. In addition to the original book series, Pooh has been the subject of numerous movies and TV series.

But not everyone likes this cute bear as much as visitors to the United States and Europe. Winnie-the-Pooh is banned in China. The ban appears to stem from many people’s negative comparisons between fat bears and Chinese political leader Xi Jinping, both inside and outside China. According to experts, the Chinese government sees such comparisons as “a serious attempt to undermine the presidency and the dignity of the head.”

4. Talking in the book Alice in Wonderland is forbidden in China because of the animals

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, about the adventures of the protagonist of a strange world, has been the subject of much criticism and ban, despite its popularity and influence. Many prohibition attempts were made by some characters depicting drug use, but other prohibition attempts were driven by talking animals.

The novel was banned in 1931 in China’s Hunan province. The governor of the state said: “Animals should not use human language. It’s a disaster to keep animals and humans on the same level. “

5. Tarzan books are banned because Tarzan and Jane lived together before marriage


In many ways, Tarzan is an archeological wild man. Raising monkeys stuck in the forest. No matter how funny and popular the character was, it caused a huge backlash in Downey. Although the book series was sometimes violent, it did not offend people. Instead, they focused on the relationship between Tarzan and his girlfriend Jane. Since there is no scriptural evidence that Jane and Tarzan were married before they started living together in the jungle, many objected to the presentation of an illicit relationship!

6. Harriet The Spy was banned for being extremely rebellious

Forbidden books

The protagonist of Harriet the Spy, one of the banned books, seems to be an unexpected hero to the people. He is brutally honest in his attitude towards his classmates, which he has recorded in a notebook and is notorious for getting angry. In the novel, he actually has to go to a child psychiatrist. These behaviors of the characters lead to various attempts to ban the novel.

As literary historians have argued, these restrictions stemmed from Harriet’s rebellious nature. In 1983, for example, opponents of the book claimed that the book encouraged children to “lie, spy, retaliate, and swear.”

7. Captain’s underpants are prohibited for mentioning underwear and inciting rebellion against authority.

Forbidden books

Filled with the adventures of Captain George Beard and Harold Hutchins. The appeal of the series stems from its childish humor in fiction. Unfortunately, the book aroused the ire of several parties. According to Business Insider, parents have reported the book series to the Office of Intellectual Freedom, including offensive language, partial nudity and violence.

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