Dilan Çiçek Deniz: I try to be a good person without losing my roots

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It’s very intense … a new TV series on the one hand, a movie on the other … Dylan Sikek Deniz is coming back from the ear to see the dust on his feet. I have known him since he was 20 years old. As often as seen
It became beautiful. His tall figure, ‘perfect’ body and smiling eyes, it is impossible not to be fascinated by him. In addition to this beauty, there are many aspects that you can learn and be amazed to hear. She wants a cup of coffee and water. He starts to say …

We first interviewed you seven years ago. Then a lot changed in his career. You did very well. So, how did you change internally?

Many things change in a person’s life in a day or an hour. Think about what happened in seven years?

Explain a little …

We had an epidemic, we all wandered inside, we matured. In addition to these, I have entered an era where I have come to understand very well what I want and what I don’t want from life.

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What do you want out of life?

Happy! And now I am very happy and at peace.

How will you be happy

Every emotion and everything has a place inside me. Think of it like a puzzle. I’m happy when these things fit in the right place.

They say ‘it gets thicker’ …

The last time we met, you mentioned that you are a foreign language monster. In fact, you learned English at a young age by watching foreign TV series. Keep learning the language?

Of course, it even goes to very strange places.

Is there a language now?

Although I can’t say that I know it well, I can memorize and speak in different languages ​​with pronunciation.

Do you know what a strange language is?

I started learning sign language in quarantine. Then one day I got very bored at home, I tried to learn the Klingon used in ‘Star Trek’. I also got some words.

I know you can speak English very well. But a while ago, an interview you gave in English abroad became a hot topic on social media … What happened there?

In fact, the question I was asked was not appropriate for English grammar. They just said a few words, I don’t understand, I tried to make fun of myself. It was already a long interview, they put that part in it. What to do, it was also a memory (laughs).

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Do the comments you read or events like this still affect you after so many years?

When I first started working, I was very impressed. I’m reading now and it’s gone. They say ‘it gets thicker’ or something like that, I guess.

I underlined the phrase

At age 15, you published your first book of poetry, I Thought the Sun Was My Mother. Has fame, popularity taken away your love of reading and writing?

No, in fact I try to read every day. In the set, travel …

Can you and your fellow male friend Thor give each other some literary advice?

Yes, for example, he recommended me the Icelandic novel Snow Blindness (Ragnar Jonasan). I am currently reading ‘Goodbye’ to my favorite author John Burger. I also keep writing.

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Have a new book?

Yes, it’s ready. I am going to publish an examination book without using my name and without telling anyone.

Why another name?

I don’t want to advertise with my name. This is my passion, I want to express it in a special way.

They say, “I read a book and my life changed.” Is there such a book for you?

In fact, it is not a book, but a word or paragraph from that book changes your life. I like to read books by underlining my favorite sentences. When I take that book in my hand again, I look at my drawn sentences and rekindle those feelings.

Who is your favorite poet?

She was Sylvia Plath, then little by little she evolved into Nilgun Marmara.

Can you read a line from your favorite poem?

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“Oh, the two-foot globe, I’ve seen all your backyards!” (Nilgun Marmara)

You are interested in NFT and Metavers …

You heard wrong (laughs). I love playing games. Especially in quarantine, I wore VR glasses and played a lot. My favorite game is ‘Star Wars JD: Fruit Order’. I’m not too far from the world of NFT and Metavers, I’m following.

You are so beautiful … you will always be beautiful …

You’re so sweet! Thank you very much, Hakan.

Have you always been so beautiful

No, I wasn’t. In high school, I had glasses and braces on my teeth. My hair was braided. I was completely stupid. But I realized that I could be whatever I wanted in life. Humans have specific patterns. For example, ‘You can’t have an intellectual background if you’re behind it’. I’m tired of trying to break those stereotypes. He doesn’t do anything else, I just live my life.

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Dilan Çiçek Deniz: I try to be a good person without losing my roots

Dylan Seakek attended a party hosted by Kylie Minogue in Deniz Kane.

I do not censor myself

You were present as a guest of Turkey at a party in Cannes last week. How was the Ear Adventure?

We ran an ad with Magnum last year. Due to the epidemic, there was no program for two years. This year I was there as a guest at a party for the brand new product ‘Duet’. The two days were very busy, full and enjoyable. Singer Kylie Minogue and DJ-producer Peggy Gow were hosts; I met them. Both were very sweet.

So, do you have any other projects?

We shot a movie for the digital platform. I will have a series on a major channel in the new season. I’m playing a multi-layered, powerful female character that we’re not used to seeing on screen. That work excites me. I have also acted in independent films.

How does fame affect your life?

I try not to worry too much.


When you get into it too much, you start to change. I have seen people experience this and change. In my opinion, your feet should always be on the ground. I try to be a good person without losing my own essence.

You have 5 million followers on Instagram alone. What is it like to see everything you share with millions of eyes?

Sometimes I forget, you know? I’m telling a story.
I feel like I’m sharing this with my friends …

Can’t you censor yourself? Can you share it as it is?

I do not censor myself. It feels healthy to share as I feel like it. You cannot control everything in life. The more you try to control it, the more chaotic it will become.

Has your arrogance increased since you became famous?

I was the opposite. As soon as I entered it I saw which was right and which was wrong.

Dilan Çiçek Deniz: I try to be a good person without losing my roots

Photo: Muhsin Akgun

I demand at least equal pay

Has reading and writing literature influenced your acting?

Isn’t it? I think I read the scripts with good eyes.

It pays to do what you do. The script is a key point here. What kind of story do you follow?

I read the stories in one breath, without naming them. My manager Ayça (Çinkitaş) helps me a lot. And we usually go after strong female characters.

Do you think a TV show or movie can change anything about women’s issues?

It has changed a lot. But I read somewhere that it takes 100 years for men and women to be equal. Yet I always hope.

Around the world, many female players state that they do not earn as much as men. You are on your own
Have you got that equality?

I am very adamant about it. I demand at least equal pay. After all, we work and sweat together doing the same thing.

Do you intervene in situations where you feel you are misrepresenting women?

I do. Even small words, up to the sentence … such as, ‘That boy will be man’, ‘To make man’, ‘Son of man’ …

Dilan Çiçek Deniz: I try to be a good person without losing my roots

Dylan Seekek Deniz and her Icelandic boyfriend Thor Severson.

Thor’s strength, talent and intelligence hit me

You and your girlfriend Thor have been together for over a year. Did you have love at first sight?

Yes. We met during the Magnum commercial shoot last year. I have never felt anything like this in my life. It was love at first sight.

What struck you so much at first sight in Thor?

His strength, his talent, his intelligence …

You shot the ad, it’s over. So who do you ‘manage’ first?

In fact, we haven’t seen each other in a long time. He had foreign affairs. I was here. But we were talking. After a while, when he came to Turkey for business, we talked again and we said we would never go again.

Is it true that you will get married?


How did you get the marriage proposal?

The time was December. “I have been in Europe all my life. You are in Asia. This is the place that unites us. My new place is Turkey, ”he said. We also got a residence permit. From now on it will always be here. We are very busy, we have not been able to arrange the wedding yet, but we will get it done.

Does the idea of ​​getting married at the height of your career make you hesitant?

No. These are very old. People think marriage is something else. I think when they get married they limit themselves a lot. But marriage is not like that to me. It’s not just joining two people’s lives; Turn life into a big party with which they like.

Thor shared a message for you called ‘The Fire of My Back’. There has been a lot of talk about it. You have words …

The quote he shared was the preface to a book by Vladimir Nabokov. But they did it very badly. It is actually an expression used for dating in the 18th century.

I had a notebook with my mother, we wrote her dreams as if they were … I couldn’t believe it when I got those old writings. Do it all one by one!

Your mother is from Nevehir and your father is from Sivas. You are growing up in Antalya. How has growing up there affected your life?

It was beautiful. Family environment, trust and long lasting friendship developed there for me. I met my best friend Marve there. It was my turn. Now in Germany.
But we never broke up.

Can you guess that she will become such a well known actress then?

I used to dream a lot. We had a notebook with mom. We used to write our dreams in those notes as if we got them. Looks like I’m here and now I’m doing it. I couldn’t believe it when I got those old posts. One by one everything became true. I really believe in strength.

Was acting one of those dreams?

When I was 7, my mother directed Neil Simon’s play ‘Dear Doctor’. I memorized the whole text. I help with the decor. I fell in love with this profession there. Then I started a drama club in high school. My teacher instructed me at the Ismail Baha Surelson Conservatory. I went to high school in the morning and to the Conservatory in the evening.

So why did you start studying tourism at Edge University instead of the Conservatory?

My parents are teachers. I have also contributed to the family budget.
I wanted to work. Allows you to act while studying at the Conservatory
Not given After going to Edge University for a while, he was already at Bilgi University.
I went to the comparative literature section. I froze it last year. Now I am studying philosophy at Istanbul University. I’ll try them all, I like it. On the other hand, I am still working with the acting coach. After ‘Bodram Tale’, I studied acting in America and always tried to put something in it.

He is on stage at the age of 13. At age 15, you get your first prize with your theatrical drama. You have been working tirelessly for 14 years. What was it like to live so hard?

When you said that, I realized that I had worked without breathing. Every job has advantages and disadvantages. My motivation was to work, so I was not forced. Ever since I was little, I have known how precious and small life is; Because of this, I wanted to fit a lot into my life, add experience and new people. It’s still there.

How does acting feel now?

In my life I know everything.

Is this work difficult?

Tough. I think you will be able to manage from the front of the camera to the back. Being a professional means managing the set environment, paying attention to my mental and physical health. For example, we see that people who disrespect people on or off the set are good actors but not good people in my eyes.

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