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Emre Yıldız, who was the coordinator of the football branch at Ankaragücü, who returned to the Super League after a one-year hiatus, made a special statement to Fanatic. Noting that they have started the season with the goal of the championship, Yıldız said, “If Ankaraguku wins the championship this year, then the biggest architect of this championship is Farouk Koka and the board of directors.”

“We started with the goal of 100 percent championship”

After Farooq Koka became president at the start of the season, he set out again with the goal of 100% Super League. It is difficult to play for the championship in the 1st league. You need players who can handle that stress in your losing weeks. We have decided to continue with experienced players who know the league. It was important for our teacher to agree with us on this point. Mostafa Dalchi said at the start of the season, “If we work properly, we will not have any problems.” In fact, it happened just like our teacher said. The harmony of the management, the technical team and the football players brought this championship.

“Mustafa Dalsi has done a great job”

There was an unfinished story of Mustafa Dalsi in Ankaraguku. President Farooq Kokao was the manager then. Mostafa Teacher has left a good impression that our President has brought him to the head of the party. Despite criticism from the opposition, our president, Mostafa Hodge, decided. Good thing he made this decision. After all, we are champions.

We have to thank Mostafa Dalsi. He maintained balance in the team. When the time comes for a player, the coach gives him a chance. All players now understand this. He realized that ready could play that. Our teachers have done a great job.

“We never panicked.”

We never panicked during the league. We were able to stay cold even after a few weeks of our bad results. I say as someone who survives every moment with the team. Every point gained or lost has a tremendous positive effect on us. When we look at the general, we say that what has happened is good. It has been positively reflected in the team. Your psychology needs to be strong on the way to the championship. Despite everything, we can say that we have kept our psychology strong and alive.

“Great Fan Support”

When the Ankaragücü supporters come together, a completely different force emerges. There is no party that he cannot manage when the community is united. In the last few weeks, especially our fans have received great support. I thank them here. I hope their support in the Super League continues.

“Championship architect Farooq Koka”

The difficulty level of League 1 is abnormal. Because every season 8-9 teams start the season by forming a championship squad. You team up with the goals of each team in the game. The managerial and psychological reasons come into play here. Although there are very high quality teams, there are teams that have difficulties due to managerial and psychological reasons. If Ankaragücü wins the championship, then the greatest architect of this championship is Farooq Koka, our board of directors and our technical director, Mustafa Dalsi.

“Players never give up”

The success of the off-field president, management and coaches as well as the struggles of the players on the field should be mentioned. From start to finish of the league, we had a team of players who believed in this championship and never gave up. Of course, there were times when we lost and our morale deteriorated, but the reaction and struggle of the players was a big reason for us to win this championship.

“They disrespect coaches”

The decision to coach in Turkey was made very quickly. This order needs a little change. Even in our league, although they have a very good squad, there are clubs who have failed because they could not bear with the coaches. There is a really strange attitude towards coaches in this country. Our coaches are very disrespectful. As a community mind, the coach issue needs to be taken elsewhere.

“New generation of coaches should be supported”

We have very important new generation coaches like Mustafa Dalsi, Ilhan Palut and Omer Erdogan. Such new coaches need to be supported. At a time when our team was going bad, if our president had decided on a coach with a little panic, we would have had a problem. The idea of ​​Farooq Kokar’s just position and stability has led us to success.

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