From the Super League Championship to the 2nd League: How did Bursaspor fall?

We describe in detail how the green-and-white team went through such a fall after becoming champions.

Bursaspor, which became the fifth largest in football in the country after winning the Super League championship in 2010, suffered an ‘incredible’ collapse in the middle 12 years.

First, the green-and-white, who were relegated to the Spore Toto 1st League in the 2018-2019 season, were then relegated to the 14th May 2nd League due to the effects of the economic crisis.

The club will be in the third league of the Turkish league for the first time in its history and now, despite this huge debt, a way is being found.

So how did Bursaspar sink into the abyss in 12 years?

The goal Turkey has received feedback from prominent journalists at the Bursa Press, who have been following Bursaspor for many years.

Serkan Yetişmişoğlu (Author of Bursa

Bursaspor, the 5th champions of the Super League, fell into the 2nd league for the first time with a loan of 1 billion lira.

The Green-White, the 5th most indebted club in all leagues, began to lose blood in 2013 after the death of champion President Ibrahim Yazisi due to mismanagement and mismanagement.

“Especially in 2015, although they sold many of their stars for a total of 21.5 million euros. Didn’t come.

Bursaspor, who spent 3 years in the 1st league of 2019 with 4 different managements, transferred 17 expensive and troublesome players to the management of Hayrettin Gülgüler, which was formed by Emin Adanur at the beginning of the season, and the fuse of fatigue was ignited!

“With the addition of 5 coaching changes to the 5 inequalities brought in by a few managers, away from staff engineering, the turbulent season ended in disaster.

“The 4 players taken at halftime were not enough to save the team from the line of fire. Crocodile, whose board is closed and his staff weakened, is now looking for a way out of the situation with Vakıfköy equity.”

Suha Gursoy (Sonmej Media Sports Manager)

“May 16, 2010 is the day Barসaspar won the Super League Championship. The then President Ibrahim Yazisi, Coach Ertugrul Saglam. No one expected the squad to be the champion, so it happened. So the club became unprepared for the championship.

“The following season was third in the league. During this time, the Super Cup and Turkish Cup finals were played. Played Champions League, UEFA Europa League matches. So things were going well. However, the team did well on the field but could not move in the same direction in terms of management and professionals. Ibrahim Yazisi died and then the real fall began. In short, with the death of Ibrahim Yazisi, the club lost not its president, but its guiding leader, who was able to manage the crisis.

“The balance of income and expenditure could not be adjusted in the transfer. Rosters are mainly presented by players and managed by managers. When players transferred from Vakıfköy to Team A were settled for a fee, their places were either filled with high-priced players or they went on the streets with names with limited talent.

“The club earned 60 million euros from player sales between 2010 and 2020. But despite this income, as a result of poor management, at one stage the business got stuck and the financial crisis started knocking on the door. The club, which does not use credit and does not have a checkbook, has met with banks and loans to the state. The factory documents that were in the club were sold for free. The petrol station has gone due to the bank loan.

“Managers have put their hands in their pockets in every financial crisis, they owe the club to them. During this time, the managers’ relationship with the club reached its peak and the managers were able to talk and make decisions between the facilities.

“And the inevitable result is that the club, which has not performed well, has been abandoned twice in 12 years, due to post-championship earnings transfers that were proportional to costs / benefits. It bid farewell to the Super League in 2019 and the TFF 1st League in 2022. Now, Bursaspor, which has a debt of more than 1 billion lira, transfer bans, assignments, executive files, no fixed assets that can be converted into cash, will try to fight for survival in the TFF 2nd league with its infrastructure players. What will come out of this vortex? This is the mystery … “

Tarık Capçı (Bursa.Com Sports Coordinator)

“The fall of Barাসaspor actually started when the 2010 championship was not well-evaluated. That success could not be sustained. With the championship, especially in sports, the cost tripled to five-fold. However, the success did not continue and the cost increased. Far from

“The death of Ibrahim Yazaki was also a turning point. The president and managers who took office after his defeat could not manage the sports field or the club’s economy. Corrupt managers, who surrounded incompetent presidents, recruited collaborators from within the administration and professionals, inflated football players’ contracts, snatched Bursaspor and hated them. This was done in a systematic way.

“Meanwhile, there were presidents who came to office just to take advantage. Although transfers were made under high-value and long-term contracts, most assets were sold below their actual value. The more exchanges or sales of football players, the more ‘commission’ means!

“In short, the post-championship economy has increased the appetite of the vultures in the football community and we can say that crocodiles have become the food of those vultures. As confidence in the city club declines due to corruption, so does support. Politics and pedestrians played whatever they wanted in the club while the upper class people of the city moved away from the club.

“As a result, Super League champions Bursaspor fall into the 2nd league with a debt of 1 billion. After Ibrahim Yazici, Barsaspora always lacked a strong, honest president. If anyone who agrees with these descriptions can rebuild the system and restore the city’s old confidence, the champion will return as soon as possible.

Baris Yalim (Sports Coordinator in Barsaspor today)

“The biggest reason Bar বারaspor came to this state was that incompetent managers entered the club and put their own interests ahead of the club’s success. After the late President Ibrahim Yazisi, unfortunately, money was wasted and wasted. Managers did not leave the club. The incident dragged Bursaspor into the abyss.

“All that needs to be done is to present the projects under the direction of the current or future presidents and to formulate long-term plans and programs. Bursaspor, which owes more than 1 billion TL, will take at least 10 years to recover. If there is someone who is ready to do everything in one year, this period will increase to 20-30 years, even the club will be closed.

“But I believe Bursaspor will never come to a close, especially when there are big fans in Bursaspor. I hope it will rise from the ashes as soon as possible and bring back the old glorious times to the community.”


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