If I have a daughter, I will name my mother

Merih Demiral, one of the most popular players in our national team, has spoken for the first time about his personal life. The successful name said, “I lost my mother at the age of 12. If I had a daughter, I would name her.”

Marih Demiral, who has spent most of his career at the Fenerbahce infrastructure in Turkey and is currently at Juventus, will be part of the 2021-2022 season. For rent From the Italian League team He wore the Atlanta jersey.

Demirel had a good season with his team and Atlanta finished the league in 8th place with 59 points.

On the other hand Marih Demiral is a national football player He spoke to Fanatic.

“Ahmet Chalak was a man who was loved by all.”

Expressing his thoughts on the Ahmed driver who lost his life in a tragic traffic accident last month, Demirel said: Ahmet Chalak was a man who was loved by all. Although I did not get to know him very closely. He spoke very nicely about the person I spoke to. I wore a T-shirt to remember him. I felt this responsibility inside me. I wanted to score a goal, but I didn’t score in that match, but after the match, we shared it with my friends in the stadium and in the dressing room. We met with the national team and his family. He also has a very special family. God bless you again. When such beautiful people are in football, we are all happy. Says

“Hakan Chalhanaoglu deserves the captaincy

Speaking about the promotion of Hakan Chalhanaolu to captaincy in the national team, the defender said, We are close to Hakan Çalhanoğlu. The distance between Bergamo and Milan is 50 km. We often try to meet as a family. We drink tea together. Thanks, Hakan’s wife Cinema makes good tea. He also became the captain of the national team. He deserves the captaincy. It will perform much better over time.Used phrases.

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“Ronaldo is shocked

The 24-year-old footballer, who shared Ronaldo’s memories, “Ronaldo is a very special person. We’ve met a lot this season. I’ve fought against both United and Portugal. He has a very important role to play in my life. What he did at Juventus is very important to me. We are still there. Touch him.” I have a memory with him. “I took pictures of him winning the Ballon d’Or while playing on the infrastructure in Fenerbahce and was crying in my room. I think it was 2014. I showed it to him when we were teammates and he was shocked too. At that time, of course, I dreamed of playing with great football players. When I felt it, I was paired with her. “When you’re friends, you’re very happy.He spoke.

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“My mother would be proud of me if she saw these days.”

The successful footballer said that his mother has a great place in his heart. “My mom had a lot of work for me. I lost her when I was 12. Experiencing something like that at a very young age must have affected me. It added me to football. My mom would be proud of it. With that in mind, I begin to train more and respect my work. I care. I can say there is not a day that I don’t think about it. I always have a cover photo on my phone no matter what my mother does. ” She shared her feelings.

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“If I have a daughter, I’ll name it after my mother.”

The actor said that he will never forget his family.In the early years when I entered the Fenerbahce infrastructure, my mom and dad were coming from Kokayeli Karamarcell to watch my match. Remember a winter game. It was snowing then. They were at the stand and my mom wanted to give me her coat so I wouldn’t get cold. It is maternal love. I will never forget those days. If I have a daughter, I will name her Fatma. Says

Merih Demiral: If I had a daughter, I would name my mother # 5

“God will not call us today”

Successful footballer who also talks about his family members, “My brother Fatih lives in Alania. He came to me for the last time. We spent time together. I have a sister, Duigu, and he will be coming to Italy soon. His place is always special to me. My father is already enjoying his leisure. In Karamürsel.” She has lost some weight these days. She does not neglect her sport. Thank God, everything is fine. God keep us busy today. ” Used phrases.

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“My personal life I don’t like sharing “

Finally, the Juventus player, who also made a statement about his newborn baby, I like to be out of sight already. We already had a long relationship with Heidi. Many did not know. I don’t like to share too much. We decided to be a family. Also, Om Kayes was born a short time ago. Having children is an indescribable happiness. Doing this at a young age is a very good thing for me. Omar was my favorite name. Heido put Kayis. ” He finished his speech.

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