Incredible details of the school murder in Texas … He survived for the blood of a friend!

The school that was attacked on May 24 in the US state of Texas has continued to be the number one agenda item in the world for several days. The story of the students who survived the horrific genocide, in which 19 students and 2 teachers were killed, is almost as cold as blood.

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The whole world was crying when 19 children were killed in a horrific shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uvalade, Texas. Trying to protect the young children and their teachers who were with them, the 18-year-old was horribly shot dead by the assailants.

As the details of the incident unfolded after the tragedy, stories of surviving friends as well as dead children began to be told.

An 11-year-old schoolgirl in Texas has survived a school shooting by pretending to be dead and soaking herself in her friend’s blood.

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“Everything happened so fast,” Mia Cerillo told CNN International’s Nora News. Mia recounts the moments when Hitman broke into her classroom and killed her teachers.

They die watching cartoons …

Mia Serillo said her class was watching the “Lilo and Stitch” cartoon when one of her teachers received an email that there was a hitman in the building. When his teacher came to the door of the classroom, the gunman was already there.

The boy said he made eye contact with his teacher, then the killer shot through the door window.

Mia said the killer took her teacher back to their classroom, looked her in the eye, said “good night” and then shot her.

He later recalled that he started shooting everyone in the classroom, his other teachers and most of his classmates. It was announced that Mia Cerillo had been hit by a bullet and had injuries to her arms and head.

Incredible Texas School Massacre… She Survived Thanks to Her Friend's Blood

19 children lost their lives … leaving their grieving families behind

Cerillo said the assailant then went to the next classroom. He added that he heard more shouts and more shots.

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Mia said she was sure a friend next to her had already died. The unfortunate boy said he put his hand in his friend’s blood and scars all over his body to make it look like he was already dead, fearing that the gunman would come back and target him.

Mia’s father, Miguel Cerillo, told the Washington Post that his daughter had snatched his cell phone from one of his murderous teachers and called 911.

Incredible Texas School Massacre… She Survived Thanks to Her Friend's Blood

Thus the bereaved families waited to hear from their children

“Dad, take your weapon.”

Miguel Cerillo later described that his daughter told him to take her gun because she said he was “coming to pick us up”, referring to the gunman who attacked her classroom that day.

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After the massacre, the assailants killed 19 students and two teachers and injured 17 others.

Great response to the police

Law enforcement is facing a backlash for wasting a lot of time confronting a barricaded killer in a classroom.

Police officers still have conflicting statements about the timeline of the massacre, and state law enforcement agencies’ initial allegations that a police officer was confronted by a gunman were later denied.

Uvalade police initially said the gunman was in custody. The police department later revealed that the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Team shot and killed the gunman at Rob Elementary School.

Incredible Texas School Massacre… She Survived Thanks to Her Friend's Blood

19 innocent children who unknowingly lost their lives in a horrific attackclass = “medianet-inline-adv”>

However, no one was confronted by the gunman before entering.

In fact, according to the allegations, the armed assailant was able to enter the school without getting stuck in security.

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