Kanan karataya forbidden food during pregnancy! Important Precautions From Canan Karatay For Pregnant Women

Issued important warnings for pregnant and lactating women, Professor. Dr. Kanan Karate’s speech …

Eat eggs every day

Advising pregnant and lactating women to eat 10 eggs a day, he explained the reason with the following words: “Pregnant and lactating women can even eat 10 eggs a day, they will regain consciousness, their nervous system will recover, and they will lose weight.” Of course, 10 eggs is not at once. It needs to be eaten at different intervals.

Village eggs should be eaten

Emphasizing that 10 eggs a day should be a village egg, Karate said that breastfeeding and pregnant women in China also have a similar diet.

Important Precautions for Pregnant Women from Karate

Kanon Karate continues his advice for pregnant women: “Stay away from sugar strictly during pregnancy. My father was diabetic, my mother used to give us tea and coffee without sugar since childhood. That’s how I raised my child. Sugar is not a food. Food. Contrary to what is said, the brain uses sugar. “Excess sugar paves the way for many diseases. Today Alzheimer’s is called type 3 diabetes in the brain. ”

” You can’t choose pasta or pastry. If it is thirsty, it probably has sugar hidden in it. The main problem for pregnant women is getting pregnant without knowing if they have hidden diabetes or diabetes. The human body is 60 percent water, 20 percent protein, 19.9 percent fat, and less than 1 percent carbohydrate.

“Change your lifestyle at least 6 months before pregnancy. As a mother and father candidate, cleanse your body of toxins. As we believe, not only the mother but also the father has a serious effect on the formation of a healthy child. Immunity and parental toxicity. Load, vitamin and mineral deficiencies (especially vitamin D) are more effective than you think for the birth of your child. ”

Is it safe to eat bagel during pregnancy?

You can eat toast, crackers, cereals, bagels and feta cheese with them.

How should pregnant mothers eat?

Healthy eating advice during pregnancy

Eat less sugary, flour and fatty foods to prevent excess weight gain.

White meat (chicken, fish) should be preferred.

When eating red meat, it should be lean

Use of delicatessen products, such as sausage, salami, sausage, pastry.

Is it possible to diet and lose weight during pregnancy?

If you conceive above your ideal weight, don’t worry, you can safely lose weight through a 20-week gestational weight loss diet. লক্ষ্য The goal of nutrition during pregnancy is to ensure that the mother and baby are fed in the best way without causing excess weight.

What is a pregnancy diet?

Controlling the mother’s diet to prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy and health problems that may occur in the baby is called ‘pregnancy food’. The goal of a pregnancy diet is to gain weight in a healthy and balanced way, not to stop gaining weight during pregnancy.

Why is the first 3 months of pregnancy risky?

The first 3 months of pregnancy are the most risky month for miscarriage. In addition, during this period, the baby’s developing organs are most at risk for damage by drugs, alcohol and other toxic agents.

No fruit can be eaten during pregnancy?

However, there are some fruits that should not be eaten because they have a negative effect on the uterus during pregnancy.

Fruits should not be eaten during pregnancy

Although pineapple is a super healthy fruit, it should be kept away from pregnant women. A



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What do you eat the most during pregnancy?

Mom at least one meal per day; Sources of protein such as red meat, fish, lemon; 3 glasses of milk or yogurt per day; Supplements to eat 5-6 vegetables and fruits and carbohydrates per day; Vitamins and vitamin supplements such as whole wheat bread, whole grain bread, rye bread, not whole foods.

Vitamin D ensures healthy functioning of body cells. But unfortunately, in Turkey, where there is plenty of sunlight, 90 percent of my patients are missing. And it’s close to zero. The main reason is nutrition. Vitamin D is fat soluble. The oil could not enter the body after the ban. Vitamin D is found in meat and offal. It’s not actually a vitamin, it’s a hormone! When the sun’s ultraviolet rays touch our skin, the body produces vitamin D, which is a major component of cholesterol. However, using sunscreen while sunbathing hinders the production of vitamin D.

– You have also listed the diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency. These disorders include schizophrenia and varicose veins.

Because the cells are not working. The brain needs vitamin D and cholesterol for normal communication between cells and the nervous system. Lack of it is the cause of Alzheimer’s, according to the results of a recently published study. A rise in vitamin D100 in the International Unit (IU) showed that these people did not have Alzheimer’s.

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