Last minute The first case description of the monkeypox virus! Monkeypox virus found in Turkey?

President of the Turkish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK) and a member of the Coronavirus Science Board of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Dr. Dr. Serap Şimşek Yavuz Covid-19 made a statement about the latest situation and the monkeypox epidemic, which is met with concern around the world.

The number of coronavirus infections and deaths around the world is declining, said Professor. Dr. Yavuz noted that there are concerns about the new variants “it will create new waves in summer or autumn” and the process is closely followed. Professor Dr. “Besides, the World Health Organization (WHO) now has a body similar to the flu vaccine to determine the content of vaccines that have been developed. Variants are also declining now. Other variants, BA. 4, 5, BA.12 variants, which were released in the USA, have become dominant because of their high infectious properties. We are looking for answers, “he said.

“There is an epidemic, but we don’t expect it to turn into an epidemic.”

Monkeypox provides important information about the epidemic, Professor. Dr. Noting that new cases have been reported in 21 countries in the 20 days since the first detection in England on May 7, Yavuz said: , ”He said.

Professor Dr. “Cases have been identified in 21 countries in 20 days. This shows us that there is an epidemic. We do not know the exact extent of it. It has only been detected. It has been detected by the countries with a good surveillance (follow-up) system,” Yavuz said. In fact, there are more cases than are known. According to the available data, it is thought that the potential for epidemics is not very high because it cannot be transmitted very effectively through respiratory infections, or it is assumed that it is not contagious in asymptomatic times. Not much will change because it is a DNA virus. But of course, close follow-up of microorganisms “because coronaviruses have never been known to be so contagious. There was no SARS. Spreading at all, for example, “he said.

“If the first contact is vaccine and 21 days quarantine”

Professor Dr. Yavuz explains that no case has been identified in Turkey yet, but what should be done if the first case occurs, with the words: “Imagine, this is a disease that has never been seen in Turkey. The first patient must have it. Because it is a disease that has never been seen in the community, the first is a disease that has not spread before, so maybe we can prevent it from spreading. Contamination can occur, which takes 2 to 4 weeks. After the symptoms appear, the rash starts. In contact, it is possible to get vaccinated and isolated for up to 21 days before symptoms appear. “

“10% of households have been shown to be infected”

Through close contact with the rash indicates the path of transmission of the disease, Professor. Dr. “The rash contains a large amount of the virus. It is transmitted through close contact with the rash or the patient’s interest (body fluids). It has been determined that it is transmitted through close contact,” Yavuz said.

Noting that although the disease is more difficult to spread than covid, it is a virus that can be almost more deadly than covid. Dr. “Another problem is that although it is a smallpox-related virus, it can be found in animal ponds. We don’t even know which is the real animal’s reservoir. It takes a long time to become contagious after a person becomes infected. Later, it can be contagious until all the crusts and rashes on the body have disappeared. It can be brought under control, as we say, “he said.

“Physicians must also be informed”

“As Turkey, we need to identify cases quickly and increase follow-up,” he said. Dr. Yavuz continued his remarks with the following warnings: “We need to raise public awareness. We need to train doctors who will see the case because it is a disease that has not been seen for a long time. Today, as the KLİMİK Association, we are holding a training meeting for our doctors. For example, Turkey was vaccinated until 1980, no one was vaccinated after 80. So, even the last vaccinated group has been vaccinated for 42 years. Those who have been there have been vaccinated and got sick. There will still be partial protection, but it is not expected to be at 80-90 percent. “

“Turkey has received a lot of flower vaccines”

He noted that after the anthrax outbreak in the United States in 2001, countries became alarmed about the smallpox virus and were vaccinated against the smallpox vaccine against the threat of biological attack. Dr. Yavuz concludes by saying that Turkey also received a certain amount of smallpox vaccine in those years: “Some countries have stockpiled smallpox vaccines. I think Turkey also got a certain amount of vaccine in 2011. In fact, the monkeypox epidemic was predicted. It was 2012.” Emerged from somewhere in. A current model had already been tested there. There was such a preparation. So, in 2019, EMA and FDA approved MVA (non-replicated attenuated live vaccine) vaccine, which has fewer side effects, but that vaccine is a mass vaccine. It is also used to give. Since it is not yet widely used, it is thought to be effective in protecting it. The risk groups for monkeypox are mostly babies and pregnant women. Therefore, extra attention should be paid to this group. “

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