Love and harmony are not one thing

Unfortunately, being overwhelmed by someone does not mean that you will have a happy ending. Just because you know someone doesn’t mean it will end romantically or that everything will be alright.

Most of us work on our feelings when we define our spouse and make decisions about him / her. And then we have failed relationships because we are unable to see many things like social expectations, insecurity, bad intentions because of our feelings. Click to read the article about the most immortal love of the century …

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Every woman who finds the man who breaks her heart has found the love of her life. What happens next is the intense pain of two couples who can’t get along in the end. Otherwise why so many divorces?

Moreover, it is not clear how this so-called harmony works. Having multiple common habits does not necessarily lead to agreement. In some undisputed situations, for example; Children, ethnicity, religion … very few factors determine whether two people enjoy each other’s company.

But there is one thing that can somehow reconcile: desire. Desire often begins with finding the other person attractive, as if we want to turn the relationship into something that lasts, we begin to find ways to be consistent.

“Personality is important, but no one knows how personality matches. Sometimes people find a trait attractive and sometimes they are completely attracted to other things. A little wealth in a relationship can always be improved and helps both parties. Their personality. Whatever it is, it helps. ” Robert Epstein

You have to fall in love with your partner, yes, but more importantly, you want that relationship. In fact, you definitely want any relationship. Indeed, the most important key to harmony and being willing to lead is to be sincere and have good intentions to continue that relationship. Click here to read the 17 lessons that love taught us …

Love is something you find: Attraction is a condition that is already thought to occur in different DNA. Harmony and choice is something you can do. In fact, if you want that relationship, you have to do it. Even though some people are the same, this does not mean that different people’s relationships will not work or that they will not have similarities. It needs to be worked on.

In fact, there is no such thing as a compatible couple. Most couples disagree on some issues. Money, gender, children, time management … how you manage and evaluate differences is important. If the chemistry is stable, all that’s left is to convince yourself and others that you are compatible. However, people can create harmony on their own. Maybe 25 years later you realize you are a soul mate, but you do.

Yes, your dating culture may not help you to understand how consistent you are. The limited time you spend, then the romantic endeavors, the escapes … you can only find similarities when you are with someone, traveling, spending sick days, going on vacation, having dinner together. And when you have time like this, you realize that you were created for each other or not just remotely related.

From time to time you can see how much you can tolerate each other from your repeated activities and you decide that. However, the more prepared and willing a person is, the more tolerant they are and thus the more adaptive the behavior can be. All the steps you take to find the right person for you can eventually lead to the wrong person. Because if your rights are not ready, if it is not willing, then it is not right.

Because true love is knowing no one’s face, flesh, bones. It is also known outside. It is known what is under the mask. Know the truth. According to Alain de Botan, we marry the wrong people because we are so attracted to each other that we do not look at personality at all. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. We do not know for sure whether we have mutual feelings, aspirations and desires to be truly complete.

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