“Martyr or my mother …” Furkan Dogan 19 years

Furkan Dogan was born on October 20, 1991 in New York, where his father, Ahmed Dogan, who was working at the University of Ercin, went to graduate. He was the third and youngest child in the family, but Ahmet Bay described him as “the youngest in age and the oldest in heart”. When Furkan was 2 years old, he returned with his family to his hometown of Caesarea. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in this town. After finishing 9th grade at Anatolian High School in 2006, he moved to a private science high school with a full scholarship.

Furkan, a U.S. citizen because he was born in the United States, took the YÖS exam on May 9, 2010 and scored high enough to win at the Faculty of Medicine. She would love to study medicine, want to be an ophthalmologist, and voluntarily participate in cataract surgery in Africa. This was the goal of his career, which he shared with his family and friends.

He passed the test but still couldn’t make a choice, his world changed with an announcement. His biggest dream was to join the Mavi Marmara ship, which would provide humanitarian assistance in breaking the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Although his family initially thought, “There are a lot of people, Furkan is too young, they will not choose him”, but due to last minute problems of those whose application was accepted, he entered the final list of 9 people. The people of Caesarea join the fleet. After receiving confirmation of his acceptance, he ran home and shared the good news with his family.

When his father, Ahmed Dogan, tried to quell his fears, he said, “He never made an inappropriate request that would cause us problems. We would be meaningless if Furqan wanted to go,” said his brother, Mustafa Dogan. “We thought that Israel would detain or reject ships and passengers. But we did not expect it to do such an inhumane thing.”

Collected by grants from six international non-governmental organizations, the Mavi Marmaras were carrying 6,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza, surrounded by land, air and sea, with 750 workers from 36 different countries. The passengers included 15 deputies, more than 60 members of the international media, representatives of various religions and Nobel Peace Prize-winning activists. And Furkan Dogan … As the ship’s smallest humanitarian aid volunteer, he was trying to record this exciting voyage with his notebook and pen and a small camera.

Mavi Marmara ship

Furkan kept a record when Israeli harassment began in international waters. Shortly afterwards, when the physical intervention began and everyone began to think that the Israeli army could harm the entire civilian aid volunteers on board who had no other product but humanitarian aid, Furkan wrote the following lines in his notebook. The passenger was as if he felt what was going to happen: “The last hour of martyrdom. Is there anything more beautiful than this? If there is, it is only my mother. But I’m not sure about that. It is very difficult to compare the two. Shahadat or my mother? The hall is empty. The seriousness that didn’t exist until now has suddenly overwhelmed everyone … “

Furkan was trying to shoot with his camera when Israeli soldiers began boarding the ship armed. According to the forensic report, he fired 5 shots from 1.5 meters. A bullet pierced his face from too close. Furqan, the possessor of the mouth of heaven, left his pain for all of us, and flew to his lord, leaving his beautiful soul, whose blood he carried on the shores of Gaza all his life.

Furkan Dogan, who was martyred on May 31, 2010 at the age of 19, was buried in the Talas district of Kayseri with soil brought from Gaza after Janazah prayers at the Hunat Mosque on June 4. The cemetery was renamed “Shaheed Furkan Dogan Cemetery”. At the entrance to the Alparslan Mosque was written “Furkan Dogan Mosque was our Jamaat”, where he regularly offered morning prayers with the congregation for Furqan, whose names have been given in various places in many cities, especially in Kaisari.

Mustafa Dogan, the grandfather of the young martyr, suffered two strokes out of grief after his grandson was martyred. On the other hand, Father Ahmed Dogan always tried to maintain his resolve and said, “We have no regrets or regrets. Our child was martyred on a beautiful road. We have also become the father of martyrs, ”he said. The tomb of Furkan, which is always full of visitors, has been martyred for many beauties. Irish activist Quiva Butlerlee, who was influenced by Furkan’s story and took to the streets, converted to Islam by using the word Furkan’s grave-e-shahada during his visit. Laura Halverson, who lives in Texas, USA, was also impressed by Furkan’s martyrdom and informed him via e-mail that she had converted to Islam.

Ahmed Dogan continues to publish a message for Furqan every birthday. The lines written by his father on Furqan’s 30th birthday are as follows: “My Furqan, you were born 30 years ago today, but you are not always 19 or 30 years old … you are always fresh and alive … happy that you were born .. Your name is Shehit, your authority is heaven, InshaAllah … ”

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