Mehtap and the library are open – at the last minute

Gezbe District Governor Mustafa Guler, Gebze Mayor Jinnur Buukgaj, Gebze Municipality Deputy Mayor Selmet Gunar, Soz R, son of the late artist Mehtap R, CHP former Culture Minister Erkan Karakas. Member Khani Inal, Principal of Bilgi Primary School Dursun Dogan and teachers and students were present at the inaugural function.

SÖZ AR “Reading was very important to my mother”

Söz Ar, a donor to the library; “After I was born, my mother devoted the last 15 years of her life to children. She reached out to thousands of children with her play, not snow and cold. She did it without expecting any financial gain. My mother loved children very much. With this idea in mind, we have collaborated with the All Children and Our Association. We have provided the necessary assistance. From now on, my mother will be in the library with the children she loves very much. We opened our first library. Reading was very important to my mother. She raised me with books, we realized such a project for her. The children are happy to see it happy … We will live up to its name. ” Says

Erkan Caracas “All children are ours …”

Former CHP Culture Minister Erkan Caracas said, “We have received information that All Children has set up libraries in our association schools. We liked the project very much. Was a theater actor. He performed in children’s theaters throughout Anatolia. He performed children’s plays in 230 districts. He also loved children. His life was theater and children. We will do the same in other schools. We were very happy. It was a beautiful library. ” Says

MÜJDE AR ​​”Mom always came home with a book, even when we didn’t have money to eat”

Mujde and Olke made a statement to Unal Sart; When Mehtap (R) saw how responsible motherhood was when the word was born, she went on an Anatolian tour with the Children’s Theater without expecting anything in return and played plays for children. My mother (Aisel Gurel) forced us to read a lot. When we didn’t have money for food at home, he always brought books. Eve. Says

Who else is Mehtap?

Mehtap AR (1956-2021)

Mehtap was born in 1956 in Istanbul. She graduated from Fatih Girls High School.
Mehtap R. started the theater on April 6, 1956 with the plays “Bad Tohum” and “Through the Darkness” at the Lale Oralloglu Theater in 1962-63.
He continued his theatrical life at the Nejat Uyghur and Tevfik Gelenbe Theater and 3 Maymun Cabaret. In addition to theater, he has acted in many television series and movies.
She founded the Mehtap R Children’s Theater in 2000 because of her love for children, her desire to be with them more, and her son Soz’s influence. Along with his theater, he performed his plays in primary schools in all districts of Istanbul between 2000-2006.
Mehtap R, who wants to take the children’s games in Istanbul to the whole of Turkey, covered 75,000 kilometers between 2006 and 2014 under the auspices of the Sabansi Foundation and performed about 3,500 plays in 81 provinces and 231 districts. Performing all the plays for free, it has reached more than 1 million children who have not had the opportunity to visit the theater, especially in district and boarding district primary schools. The purpose of the play is to introduce children to the theater and to instill in them a love for theater; Teaching life, art and human relations has opened new windows in their lives.
Mehtap R, a productive Republican woman who worked for children from an early age, died in 2021. She will always be remembered for her accomplishments and contributions to theater and children.
Mehtap and the library are open

Mehtap and the library are open

Mehtap and the library are open

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