Monthly Horoscope Comments: May 2022 Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and other horoscope comments

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Agenda of the month

• On Sunday, May 1, at 00.13, Jupiter and Venus meet in Pisces. This is a period when you are very lucky in a relationship. Of course, it would be wise to lower your expectations in order to feel lucky and happy. Get ready for a romantic encounter.

• On Monday, May 2, at 19.11, Venus moves to Aries. It’s time to start a quick relationship and a quick win. Don’t waste your love or money. The casual approach in the relationship will make you look very attractive.

• On Thursday, May 5, at 10:21 AM, the Sun and Uranus meet in Taurus. You can feel yourself in high excitement. Getting closer to what you want.

• On Tuesday, May 10, at 14:47, Mercury begins its retreat in Gemini. Your fear of loneliness may increase. You can use this period to remove those who do not give you peace in your life. This is the right time to plan ahead and run specific tests.

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• On Wednesday, May 11, at 02:22, Jupiter moves to Aries. You are entering a wonderful time where you have formed your ideology and succeeded in achieving what you want. Follow whatever you want with pleasure.

• Venus and Chiran meet in Aries, Sunday 15th May at 15.12. There may be times when you find that you are not worth anything. It can be a heartbreaking moment. It can show you where it broke. The opportunity to heal your heart is coming.

• A lunar eclipse in Scorpio occurred on Monday 16 May at 07.12. Your wounds become a gift. Wounds now give birth to power. Shyness turns into calm self-confidence, anger turns into emotion, lack of self-worth turns into knowledge. There is a reason for everything …

• On Wednesday, May 18, at 09.32, Mars and Neptune meet in Pisces. Instead of feeling the pain, we choose to occupy ourselves. We jump from one relationship to another. Sometimes we shop too much or overeat and drink, but instead of feeling the pain we do something. Some pain cannot be avoided. Love your pain!

• On Saturday, May 21, at 04:23, the Sun moves to Gemini. Your friendship, sociality and strength are changing. It would be great to spend this time getting to know new people.

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• On Saturday, May 21, at 22.17, Sun and Mercury meet in Gemini. When you acknowledge that negative emotions, sadness, and heartbreak are a part of life and a blessing in disguise, you can finally heal your heart.

• On Wednesday, May 23, at 04.15, Mercury enters Taurus and continues its reverse motion. Don’t let a broken heart discourage you.

• On Wednesday, May 25, at 02.18, Mars enters Aries. There was a reason you didn’t need to get rid of the scar you got. Now is the time to heal that wound! Route is recalculated.

• On Saturday, May 28, at 17.46, Venus moves to Taurus. Choose to be with people who make you happy. If you accept some truth, your life will become faster.

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• On Sunday, May 29, at 13.30, Jupiter and Mars meet in Aries. It is a time when those who fight for the good for a long time win. Don’t shy away from any struggle to move yourself forward. You can increase your financial income.

• On Monday, May 30, at 14.30, there is a new moon in Gemini. Make the most of this time when you can take important new steps in financial matters. This is a very lucky new moon! Why not offer the perfect match or the perfect job?


As Venus enters your zodiac sign, you are entering a time where you will feel mentally and physically healthy and your energy and light will shine. Your courage and enthusiasm will also have an effect on your relationship; Starting a new relationship and meeting new people will be the most important agenda items of this period. Your source of income and job opportunities can have a wonderful agenda. You can prepare yourself for a different job, and get rid of the hard work you are doing.


Dear Taurus and the rising zodiac Taurus, your ruling planet Venus, first Jupiter in Pisces and then Aries, this month begins with a very busy schedule. You may encounter opportunities and people that you will gain financially. Offer from your social circle, your efforts can be seen. With the connection of Sun and Uranus in Taurus, you can notice important turning point in your life. You are about to move to a new order, in this combination you can see how to combine it.


With the combination of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, you are entering a time in your business life where you will both make a profit and strengthen your position. You may have the opportunity to express yourself and what you do and thus gain new benefits. Paying attention to yourself can also create interactions on emotional issues. As Jupiter shifts to Aries, your goals and projects will encourage you to take action. There are many possibilities to listen to you, to declare your ideas and to embody them.


Dear Cancer and Cancer, you can get a very beneficial effect from the connection of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces and you can feel more flexible and more confident about including yourself in life. You can see how heavenly justice will affect your life. With a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, you can think about your perception of your attitude, love and happiness in your love life. It can answer the question of what kind of relationship you should have and what attitude you should have towards the person in front of you.


The combination of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces can bring you some financially rewarding improvement. You are getting rid of your financial worries. With the opportunity or support from your spouse or family, you can not only bring yourself together, but also take a new leap forward. Your ruling planet Uranus associates the Sun with Taurus. No matter what job you are in or what position you are in, you now realize that you have to assert yourself.


Dear Virgo and Virgo zodiac sign, you are entering a time where you will see that everything is in your favor. The combination of Jupiter and Venus in Pisces brings with it development which you will get better from the people around you and the relationship you will establish. You can meet people who will directly affect your marriage and career and who you think you will share your dreams with. The connection of the Sun with your ruling planet Mercury in Gemini will motivate you to leave all the problems of your career behind and open a new page.


With Venus moving first to Jupiter and then to Aries, you may find opportunities, work environment and responsibilities to meet your expectations in your business life. Your health should not be neglected while keeping everything in order with your business. Keeping your check-ups and controlling your eating habits will make you feel better.


Dear Scorpio and the growing sign of Scorpio, you are entering a month where your life is moving in a completely new direction and taking shape. The connection of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces can bring opportunities that will make you believe in love again. You can be in a partnership where you will feel lucky and happy and you can get rid of the feeling of being unhappy and doing nothing. The communication that your ruling planet Mars will establish with Uranus can in this sense speed up your efforts and get you back. You can have a very productive time if you dedicate it to yourself and your abilities, not just about the heart.


Get ready for a big change in your home life and places of residence with the combination of your ruling planet Jupiter with Venus. It could be a change that improves your relationship, or it could be made possible by the opportunities you get through the adults in your family. You’re at a favorable time, especially when it comes to owning a home and making a permanent investment option. The fact that Venus will enter Aries in the same week and the Moon will be in Gemini can create a positive development in your love life. You can free yourself and fulfill your desires, so that you can be more prepared for emotional interaction.


Venus and Jupiter meet in Pisces and open one of the most beautiful times that can be lived with sound. With the interviews you take, you can change the distance between yourself and your environment so far. It will bring you a new environment and new possibilities. You can find new sources of income, especially in business, and you can contribute. You will increase your motivation for harmony and improvement in your relationship and you will be able to inspire other people.


Favorite Aquarius and the combination of Venus in Aquarius, Jupiter and Pisces will bring you to the point you want and deserve financially. To move from your current location to a better location, new areas can be created and you can get related offers. In particular, getting high financial returns can increase your motivation and make it easier to plan for new investments. During this time, you can spend well and earn well.


Dear Pisces and Pisces born, the combination of Jupiter and Venus in your zodiac sign can set new directions for the flow of your life. You are in a very lucky time, especially in a relationship. You may encounter many job offers and emotional interactions that will make you feel better both emotionally and financially. The fact that your ruling planet Neptune will have an impact here too can make it easier for you to do something that will embody your dreams and reward your efforts.

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