Name and Character of 2022 Full Staff Gunul Mountain Series Player! Full list of Gönül Mountain series actors!

What are the actors and characters in the Gönül Mountain series aired on TRT 1? What are the actors in the Gönül Mountain series and their names? We have prepared for you the lives of the actors (Tara Kara, TV series and movies) of Gunul Mountain series one after another.

The Gönülağı series is a very popular and popular series. So, what are the actors of Gunul Mountain series and their names? The lives of the actors of Gunul Mountain series are one by one …

What about the mountains?

An Anatolian story

Gönül Mountain is the story of Anatolian children who dream big in their small world …

Gönül Mountain is the story of 3 cousins ​​who follow their dreams on the steps and try to achieve the impossible despite all obstacles …

Inspired by the unseen story of Mustafa Çiftçi, Gönül Mountain is a TV series that won the admiration of the viewers in the first episode, in all the stories he wrote in sincere language in his essay “The Pencil of the Steppe” which reflects the steppe and the people living in this geography.

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A visual feast that will satisfy the audience’s desire for their homeland …

Starring Bark Atan and Gulsum Ali Ilhan, the series tells the story of a warm, loving Anatolian man living in a beautiful town in the middle of the steps. Those who live their cities with their legends, traditions and values ​​forgotten by heart, conquer with the sweat of their foreheads, feel their love with their hearts and struggle their lives for their hopes and dreams. .

Dreaming of meeting his childhood sweetheart Dilek, Taner’s amazing discovery with his cousins ​​… Anatolian people with all their sincerity, wedding bands, mourners, tradition … Ilky horse, steppe landscaping, symbol of freedom …

Wherever the heart of a lover or an orphan is broken, they say that a piece of stone will be taken from the mountain of the heart, but big but small …

Mount Gönül, which supports lovers who cannot be reunited with their loved ones, with its thrown stones.

Gunul Mountain players and their names

Who are the actors in Gönüldağ series, their roles and their real names?

  • Bark Atan – Tanner,
  • Gulsim Ali Ilhan- Will
  • Ecem Ozkaya – Zahid,
  • Ferdi Sankar- Dolmasco Sefer,
  • Erdal Sindruk – Agatchi Hussein
  • Ali Dusenkalkar – Married Muammar
  • Yavuz sepetsi- Javelin Abdullah,
  • Gulhan Tekin- Gunsil
  • Faiza Alo- Turned
  • Nuri Gokasan- Moses, the dentist
  • Sihat Suvarioglu- Ramadan,
  • Semih Erturk- Vessel,
  • Nazli Pinar Kaya- Semily
  • Aegean Aidan- Mayor Selal Bay,
  • Eser Eyüboglu – Salami
  • Sigdam Aygun – Kerryman
  • Sebnem Dilligil- Halima
  • Hussein Cute – Rifat
  • Group Magreli – Nurse Elf
  • Hazel Kagler – Sky
  • Ulviye Karaka- Gulsum teacher,
  • Serkan Kuru – Dr. Kamal

Who is Bark Atan? Which TV series and movies did he play?

Atan was born on September 26, 1991, in Bornova, Izmir.

Bark Atan, whose mother is Bosnian, attended Sidika Rodop High School.

He graduated from the Department of Public Relations, Faculty of Open Education, Anadolu University.

He is studying acting at Beckett University, Faculty of Fine Arts.

He started playing football at the age of 11 and when he was 17-18, he worked as a goalkeeper for the Altai football team.

Then he started modeling. He was also modeling before the competition.

In 2011, the “Promising” model was voted the best model in Turkey, and in the competition held in 2012, she was voted the best model in Turkey in 2012.

On December 8, 2012, the 25th Best Model of the World competition, hosted by Erkan Ozarman, was held at the Cumbergজ Artemis Hotel and the 1st Bark Atan was selected.

He is taking acting lessons from Dalek Chelebi of the Maher-e Cambus theater group.

In 2013, she starred in the Limon Productions-produced TV series “Everything is on the way.”

Bark Atan, who then starred in the TV series Altındağlı, starred in the 2015 TV series Güneşin Kızları.

Emre Kınay, Evrim Alasya, Tolga Sarıtaş, Burcu Özberk, Berk Atan, Hande Ercel, Miray Akay, Sarpcan Köroğlu, Kanat Heparı, Sarper Arda, Meltem Gülenç, Tete Under the direction of Sadullah Chelen. There are names like Kumbarasibasi, Fanda Ilhan, Irem Helvasioglu.

Ayegul will play Atik Turkan, the mother of Cancel Elsin, on the evening of February 24, 2017, in the evening of February 24, 2017, in the 4th episode of the TV series “Stay in My Heart” starring Ece Uslu, Cansel Elçin, Nilay Deniz and Berk Atan.

Actors like Edge Aidan, Bora Akkas, Didem Inselel, Bullet Alkis, Tunsar Salman, Mehmet Aslan, Ayegul Atiq also took part in this series.

Movies and series:

2017 – Tahin Pekmez (TV Movie)
2017 – Dayan Yüreğim (Atıf Şanal) (TV series)
2015 – Girls of the Sun (Savaş Mertoğlu) (TV series)
2013 – Altındağlı (Pamir) (TV series)
2013 – Everything is OK Marquez (TV series)

Who is Semih Erturk? Which TV series and movies did he play?

Semih Erturk was born in 1993 in Istanbul.

He graduated from the State Conservatory Theater Department at Istanbul University.

Movies and series:

Semih Erturk, who starred in the ad, took a role in the 2015 film Yok Now.

He appeared on television for the first time in a series of robberies aired on ATV and played the role of Tano.

Who is Cihat Suvarioglu? Which TV series and movies did he play?

The handsome name was born in Konya in September 1990.

He received training at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture A.8 Performing Arts Center.

In 2013, he graduated from Marmara University, Department of Business Administration.

He joined the school’s theater club while still in university.

She recently completed her postgraduate degree in Advanced Acting at the University of Bahচেehir in 2019.

Cihat Süvarioğlu Acting experience:

She gained her first TV acting experience in 2014 through the TV series The Other Half.

He gave his life as Ismet in the series.

Cihat Süvarioğlu later played the role of security guard in the movie Göremce, which was produced and scripted by Gups Ojai.

He also played a role in the TV series Gönül Mountain, which aired on the TRT1 screen and portrayed the character of Ramadan.

Successful players use his official Instagram account as Chihatsuvari.

To date, the number of followers on the Instagram account is about 142 thousand.

Cihat Süvarioğlu starred in movies and TV series:

  • Mountain of Heart Series (Ramadan) 2020
  • Unfinished Love – (Mehmet) 2020
  • Chronology – (Farooq) 2019
  • Conflict – 2019
  • Against the changing world 2019
  • Broken – 2019
  • Bertu Benn – 2018
  • The Protector (Yassin) 2018
  • Butterflies – 2018
  • Until I die (Osman) 2017
  • Gorums – 2016
  • The other half (Ismet) 2014

Who is Ecem Ozkaya? In which TV series and movies did he act?

Ecem Özkaya was born on June 25, 1988 in Istanbul.

Ozkaya, who studied radio and television at the University of Maltep, first appeared in the audience in 2007 as Uvsek Ukare Seval, a TV series cartel.

TV series and movies starring Ecem Özkaya

  • Broken Hearts / Isel Prison / 2018
  • 2016-2017 / Song of Life / Melek Çamoğlu Cevher
  • 2012-2015 / Rich Girl Poor Boy / Bircik Yılmaz Süleymanoğlu
  • 2011-2012 / chastity / zero
  • 2010 / Cümbür Community Family / Zeynep
  • 2009 / Farewell Rumeli / Little Zarif
  • 2008 / Airport / Good Flight / Idil
  • 2007 / Eagles Fly High / Seval
  • 2009 / I Love You / Ada
  • 2014 / Rich Bride Poor Groom / Biricik Yılmaz Kirişci
  • 2015 / Rich Bride, Poor Groom 2: A Family Adventure / Unique Yılmaz Kirişci
  • 2017 / Rich Bride Poor Groom 3: Nurhan / Only and Only
  • Happy 2019 / K

Who is Nazli Pinar Keya? Which TV series and movies did he play?

Nazli Pinar Kaya, who played Figen in the “Sea in My Heart” series, was born in 1992 in Istanbul.

Beautiful actress Nazlı Pınar Kaya, 24, is studying theater at Yeditepe University.

The beautiful actress is also registered in the blacklist agency.

The successful actress, who has appeared in many TV series, has starred in the TV series Beyond the Clouds, Little Doomsday, Little Bride and Orphan Hearts.

This beautiful actress has also acted in films like Salam Bahara Journey and Endless Love.

The actress is now successful on screen through the series ‘Sea in My Heart’.

Produced by Nazli Pinar Kaya:

  • Young bride
  • Beyond the clouds
  • Orphan volunteer
  • Little Resurrection

Who is Ahmed Yabhuj Sepetsi? What are the TV series and movies he has acted in?

Actors in theater, movies and TV series.

The full name is Ahmet Yavuz Sepetsi.

He was born on July 29, 1958, in Caesarea.

He graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Department of Theater.

In addition to performing in the theater, Yavuz Sepetsi has acted in many TV series since 2001, such as Hatsiz Kool Olmaz and Mehmed Bir Sihan Fatihi.

He continues to take part in new projects.

Some theater plays:

  • Guest / Actor / Director – 2018
  • Moby Dick – White Whale / Actor – 2017
  • A Thin Pain April 1915 / Actress – 2015
  • From War to Peace to Love to Fight / Actor – 1998

She has starred in movies and TV shows:

  • Mountain of Heart (Javelin player Abdullah, TV series 2020)
  • Vuslat (TV series 2019-2020)
  • Mehmed: The Winner of Sihan (Notaras, TV Series (2018)
  • Filinta (Motion Picture 2015)
  • There is no servant without mistakes (Summit, TV series 2014)
  • Crossing the Road (Atatুrk, TV series 2012)
  • Farahfeza (Eder Baba, Cinema 2012)
  • Lightning strikes at home (TV series Rahmi, 2012)
  • Kesanli Ali Epic (Mad Ihsan, TV Series 2011)
  • I can’t sleep when the moon is rising (Muallim Fethi, Movie 2011)
  • My Favorite Family (TV series Yasar, 2008)
  • Wounded Heart (Irfan Aga, TV Series 2007)
  • Fine Rose of My Mind (Cüneyt, TV series 2007)
  • From the lips to the heart (TV series Kamal, 2007-2008)
  • Chinese and Coming (Yasar, Movie 2006)
  • Code Name Chaos (Aziz Nalka, TV Series 2006)
  • Gulf fires (oil smugglers (Mafia, TV series 2005)
  • Blood Wedding (Governor, TV series 2005)
  • Under Lindens (Tariq, TV series 2005)
  • Fall Fire (Guest Star TV Series 2005)
  • Bullet Wound (Ibrahim Sergeant, TV series 2003)
  • Trust (TV series 2002)
  • What Happened to Miss Fidan (Becker, TV Movie 2001)

Who is Gulsim Ali Ilhan? Which TV series and movies did he play?

Gulsim Ali Ilhan was born on September 24, 1993, in Russia, Bulgaria.

After spending her childhood in Bulgaria, the actress won the ‘Super Model Ford Models Bulgaria’ beauty pageant in 2009 and represented Bulgaria in the ‘Ford Models of the World’ beauty pageant held in Brazil the same year.

She has been modeling for a while.

After studying acting and speaking at the Başkent Communication Academy, he first appeared on camera in 2012 through the ‘Last Summer Balkan’ series.

The actress, who can speak Bulgarian, Turkish, English and Japanese, is now dying to play Dilek in the Gunul Mountain series.

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