Reunion Story – Errol Sunat

Long ago, there was a city in a country where intelligent and smart people like themselves lived, who for some reason did not back down, said what they said and tried to do to someone else. They wanted to. On the one hand they wanted their city to be developed, on the other hand those who went one step further from the city, they could not digest it.

Here is one of the young men who grew up in this city but did not grow up in that city, studied, worked, proved himself, meanwhile he was in the eyes of the Sultan, the Sultan called this man, who is now mature. , And you said, I decided to work for myself as a vizier. You are smart, alert, know what you are doing, what you are saying. You bleached our faces in every assignment we gave you. Your vizier has the qualifications and talents to fill the office.

The new Vizier, Holmesic, thought of moving to his hometown. He says he is a vizier since his good people have been with him for years, don’t think your city was happy after you became vizier! We know his semajielevel, who is he? His grandfather was the poorest of the city, his father being exiled by the lords of this city because of his own righteousness. Apparently, the Sultan’s eyes were painted. We do not want him to come to our town, nor do we want to benefit him. Don’t just touch this city.

The vizier was in disguise. The city had no way of recognizing him. He misses his city with a feeling he can’t describe how he went out of town when he was a few years old. He did not ask himself what attracted me to this city.

With the Sultan’s permission, they come to his town with a caravan with his most loyal people and enter the most beautiful and well-known hotel in the city. Before long, his men arrive at the hotel, talk to the enciper, and begin to wait for the vizier. When the innkeeper wondered who was coming, a wolf fell into him. This person said, “Could this be the vizier described?”

When he was in mixed and confused thoughts, Vizier, Handan entered. His people immediately said welcome sir. The innkeeper ran towards the door. They came into view with the vizier. “My people and I have come from far away places. The people in the caravan have spoken of this inn.

There’s no inn there, he said, and I liken you to someone who moved here forty years ago. He used to say that he knew what was right, that what he said was right and that he bothered everyone. It made many people restless, and it made many people sleepless. He was married to the sister of our most famous Bay. He didn’t even tell our guru what he said. Do you know what it did to our brains? Take your son from my sister, get out of our town, he said. He grabbed her by the hand and threw her away. The vizier said he was a kissable man! She did well. You don’t have people around you who are ignorant, obscene, empty throats, don’t know their place and home.

The innkeeper said sorry sir, for a moment I thought he was the one who entered the inn. The vizier said, I will be the first to come to this town. Let’s take a break. Stay a few days, I’ll be on the road anyway.

The innkeeper immediately sent word of his men to various places. Meanwhile, the door of the room where the vizier lived was stolen. Their men looked at a girl. They said what do you want. I said, I want to see your brain.

They took the girl inside. The girl said, “Mister, I will be the daughter of Inkipar.” My father used to make you look like someone he didn’t love who was an enemy. They have high insights. It is not easily mistaken. He thinks that you are the child of a man who does not leave this city and that you are the vizier that no one wants and cannot bear to see! Are you that VG? The vizier, who is the vizier, said who we are, I am a merchant. I am looking for a place to open a shop, settle down and stay in a dormitory.

The man your father knew must have died. They also say people are like people. The girl said, “You don’t know this town, sir.” My father also calls her Bay’s sister. That gentleman died a few years ago. His sister sits on the throne of the kingdom. He is the most talked about in this city.

A few hours later, a woman known as the Lady of the City entered the inn. He settled in a large room in the inn, the keeper of the inn said, calling the person who called him Bay.

The innkeeper said, “Sir, the mistress of our city, she wants to see you.”

When the vizier entered the house where the city woman was, she said stop. Show me your face. They made eye contact. The woman shouted at the innkeeper. You have accepted the sin of this brain. Who is this, who is that kidnapper, who has left me longing for my child? What does this look like? Tell me how old you are. “I’m in my forties,” Vigier said. No, our age, what is the crime of our business in this city? Why should I count? I made a mistake from this inn. The woman said stop. It’s a mistake. My brother died, but my younger brother never liked the vizier’s father whose story was told. Your vizier. His father drew a sword at my brother in the city square. She injured him so much that she left him in the square because he died. No one in town dared to stop him. Hugs my son. He left the city. The vizier said, “You are the mother of the vizier whom she does not know.” Well, what is the fault and negligence of the vizier? How will he know his uncle, how will he know his mother?

The innkeeper said she compared you to my child’s father. This is the end. You can go out. Outside the vizier. To the man closest to her. Everyone says your mother is dead. The man who will be my uncle is the head of the real quarrel.

I really want to see him. After a while, Uziar’s uncle entered the bay. He started looking for the vizier and immediately found it. You said you were his child. You are the vizier. It doesn’t matter if you are a vizier or a sultan, no one can take you away from me. The vizier said stop, I don’t know who you are, what you are. Today, everyone calls me Vizier. I thought I would be a vizier, he laughed. Uncle, you were right, the driver said, he! I heard he looks a lot like his father. Entering this city means signing a death warrant. He drew his sword. VG said, I am not a swordsman. I don’t have a sword, so I go around with a lot of people.

Uncle, I can kill you because he said you look a lot like him. He was sniffing greedily. He drew his sword again, and in the midst of them came the daughter of the incipher. Said, stop sir. This gentleman is a humble man, he wanted to stay here for a few nights while passing by our town. This is the end. Are you going to kill everyone who looks like him just because he’s jealous of someone, Mister? Then no one will come to this city, the caravan will not stop. Uncle lowered his sword. He said he would not stay long in this city. When I see you, I give that loser and think of the man. Will not meet again.

The vizier said, “Excuse my curiosity, sir.” What will you do when you find those people? See, the man was a vizier in Paitah. If he wanted to, he would throw you into the dungeon, it didn’t work, he would take your head. Isn’t this city associated with this country? Doesn’t the Sultan rule in this city? We knew it would pass, so we came to this town safely! Uncle said, we have nothing to do with that vizier, we heard he will come to town soon. We will not let him stay in this city. My brother hung the man’s father in the yard. He left me because he was dead. We have heard that his son has become a vizier. It’s a stubbornness that you can understand year after year. Don’t talk to me anymore, never see you again, you’re leaving town tomorrow morning. You understand the innkeeper, don’t you? This last night this brain will be in this town, tonight.

His uncle took it away. The vizier said, “Thanks to the innkeeper, you are very brave.” Without blinking, you entered the search with a sharp sword. The innkeeper said, “Sir, you are the desired boy.” Or should I say nephew? Your mother recognized you. However, no one in this city can bear this hardship, brother. A Vizier from Paitahat is his close friend. He knows everything. Don’t believe my father either, my father is also a man of this brain. My dad found this gentleman in the square, took him to the hospital and waited until he recovered. The city is deeply saddened by the death of your grandfather. He’s a good man, dead. However, your big mama was cruel, and the little one will pity him!

After the girl left, the vizier told his personal man, “I found what I was looking for in this town.” I would like an inn girl. He did as he was told. He flooded the innkeeper with money and gifts. He also married the girl. He said sir. Is your marriage with me a lie? What time do you have to buy to stay a little longer in this city? Let me know I do not dream of living with you forever. The vizier said that I liked you the day I first saw you. You said bring me with my mother, be the crown of my head.

They say that the innkeeper’s daughter reunited the vizier with her mother. The uncle was arrested, deported from the city and deported to another country. The city on the other hand has proved its commitment that it will not give up its good-naturedness! They did not stop gossiping, arguing, snooping on everything, slandering people and then talking!

The city is like a city, with Vizier Vigier, Honey Honey, with the army, with the staff, with the uncle, with the uncle’s daughter, with the cousin’s daughter, with the people, with the people …

It is called a story. It is said that one part is taken from each analogy. If there is any similarity with what is said in this story, it is a coincidence. No one will set their heart or show any annoyance …

Forgive us if we speak Syrian …

I hope we can tell a better story next time …

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