Sowloo: ‘(Diyarbaki’s mother) A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency’

Home Minister Suleiman Soylu said, “Today, thanks to the AK Party, to the People’s Alliance, against all attacks in Turkey and around the world, despite the geography of terror around us, despite the brutal limitations of the West, to those who give hope to the world.” Give hope to geography. It has shown an understanding. ” Says

Soylu attended the “81 Provincial Institutional Visit Evaluation Meeting” organized by the Human Rights Presidency at the AK Party headquarters.

Although he had the opportunity to speak on many stages, he was always excited by the party stages, thanking those who contributed to the organization of the Saylu meeting.

Mentioning what they are talking about as the most fundamental problem of humanity from the time of Adam to the present day, Saylu continues:

“When we were born, our families prayed for us to be good people. There is the idea of ​​a benevolent person. When we die, the Musalla stone also has the right and halal idea for us. So in the process that humanity , The customs and the environment in which they live. The steps he took as a first person continue to this day. I have a personal assessment. I am one of them. No matter how much human behavior has evolved since the first man “God Almighty created him as a perfect being when he first created him, and he continues to be a perfect being even today. His mind and ideas are the same today as they were then. “

Noting that the 21st century has begun with proxy wars and mass immigration, despite the pressures of Western globalization, Saylu said: And has moved away from the idea of ​​a common citizenship within itself. “He entered a period. He started to get scared and scared. The West, which opened and removed its borders, dragged him away. A defensive stance against the migration wave that started in the world and closed its borders, “he said.

“Tayyip Erdogan is the great savior of this country and this nation.”

Noting that issues such as immigration and the energy crisis are international issues and will continue to be so, Soylu noted that Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Libya, Yemen and Lebanon will not improve in the next 25 years.

Saying that the proxy war will continue and that he will continue to implement all the policies that the West has implemented for decades to destroy the problems of the East, Saylu noted that crimes across the border will also continue.

“In fact, in the fourth quarter of the twentieth century, it has become clear that to us the decoration of the world by the West is a virtual beautification and the West is playing a great theater,” said Sowloo. The western bottom is poor. The world has been going through the same process for centuries. The experience of the same process continues, “he said

Noting that during the process, there is a painting in Turkey that has been tried to control terrorism, with 8,000 lira per night of interest, soylu delivered his speech as follows:

“There was a picture of Turkey waving its fingers from the outside. There was a picture of Turkey with confidence saying, ‘You can’t do this.’ These fault lines are trying to divide Turkey by fault lines. They are constantly trying to show an understanding that is not characteristic of this society, like Alevi-Sunni, Turkish-Kurdish, secular-secular opponents At the moment these guilt movements are trying to stand up for us. Tayyip Erdogan is not only the chairman of the AK Party, he is not only the President of Turkey. Today’s great development projects, but also trying to build this country and this nation ৷ he is a great healer. “

Underlining the point at which no one’s lifestyle is interfered with today and where everyone can express themselves, Soylu said that today there is a completely different Turkey against the environment of fear that wants to be created.

“Everyone expresses themselves very easily today.”

Noting that there are times when it is forbidden to say “Alevi” in this country, Soylu says:

“Today, everyone expresses themselves with great ease. They not only express themselves, they try to achieve this in the concept of equal citizenship. I was born in Istanbul and grew up in Istanbul, and then we hear the word ‘I am a Kurd,’ many times. “It’s like Kurdish is a troubling concept. We’ve repeatedly seen a picture where people are separated from the minibus by their identities. This is not the case today. Today, we are facing a picture. And the state doesn’t look at it that way, despite past injuries. How did these revolutions happen? Thanks to the cadres you see, these are not easy tasks.

Thanks to the AK Party, thanks to the People’s Alliance, Turkey has shown an understanding that gives hope to the world, hope to the world and hope to the geography around it, despite all the attacks on Turkey and the world, despite the geography of terror around us. “

“A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency”

Referring to the 1000th day of the Diyarbakir Mothers’ Clock tomorrow, Minister Soylu underlined that no such process works anywhere in the world.

Noting that the process has evolved completely naturally, Sowloo said that the process developed because one mother objected to those who wanted to join the terrorist organization because she knew she was in the HDP building and others joined the objection.

Recalling that dozens of mothers have been reunited with their children, Saylu cites the following from a recent study of a mother’s reunion with her child:

“A child of a family is in a terrorist organization within our borders. Letters are written from his mother tongue, thousands of letters are sent to the area by helicopter because it is known where he is. A letter reveals that his mother missed his son, She wants to see him on a show where there is no end to it. The mother is crying. Then, a small contact is made, then on TRT radio. , And the calls go on for days. The mother does not leave, the state does not leave, and as a result, 4 days ago, the son and mother were brought together to their home. Has done. “

Noting that they have visited 1585 DJMVs in 1.5 years, Soylu said, “We have reached an understanding, which they described as the first ‘opening of the Alevi’ in the history of the republic, but which was socialized and where no one was marginalized. Went, sat down, chatted. They tried to reach them by collecting their demand and still made 75-80%. ” Says

Referring to the opening of the novel and other initiatives, Sowloo said, “There has never been an agreement in the history of the republic to establish such a relationship with minorities. He said.

“Incoming requests, requests and evaluations were communicated to our Ministries”

Laila Shahin Usta, deputy chairman of AK Party, also gave information about their work.

As presidency, they formulate policies on a first-person basis, Usta said:

“We aim to strengthen our site through initiatives, policy studies, training programs, periodicals, consultation meetings, reports, social media studies, legal process follow-up and simultaneous activities in 81 provinces to promote development, protection and human rights.” We have done as much as we have done with the people, because we believe that a more just world is possible. “

As the 81 provincial human rights presidencies, they have visited units such as district governors, provincial gendarmery commanders and police departments, Uslu said, adding that “incoming requests, requests and evaluations have been communicated to our ministries. ” He said.

Sowloo: (Diyarbaki's mother) A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency

Sowloo: (Diyarbaki's mother) A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency

Sowloo: (Diyarbaki's mother) A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency

Sowloo: (Diyarbaki's mother) A mother calls her child on TRT radio frequency

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