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Whose relationships? Who is the author of the book Relationship? What is the subject and the main idea of ​​the relationship? What does the relationship book say? Relationships Have a PDF download link? Who is Rainbow Royal, the author of Relationships? Here is the book Summary of Relationships, Words, Comments and Review …


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Author: Rainbow Royal

Translator: Jizem Yesildal

Real Name: Attachment

Publisher: Pegasus Publications

ISBN: 9786052996041

Number of pages: 352

What the relationship says is the subject, the main idea, the essence

“Hi, I’m the one who reads your emails … and the one who loves you …”

Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder know that someone is checking their work email. (As everyone in the newsroom knows, that’s the company’s rule.) But they never take it seriously. They send endless and endless funny messages so that they discuss every aspect of their personal life.

Meanwhile, Lincoln O’Neill still can’t believe he’s doing something that people have to read emails for. When he applied as an “Internet Security Officer” he thought he would set up a firewall and bring down hackers, not reporting that a sports reporter was sending obscene jokes every time.

When Lincoln sees Beth and Jennifer’s messages, he knows he has to warn them. But she can’t help but be fascinated by their story.

When Lincoln realizes that he has fallen in love with Beth, it is too late to introduce himself.

What can he say now?

“If the relationship was an email, I’d send it to everyone on my list.”

– Jody Picolt –

“Royal’s literary work, the perfect blend of warm romance with wit, is absolutely impressive.”

– Chicago Tribune –

“An interesting, intelligent account of human resources and human relationships.”

– Entertainment Weekly –

In a book that stands out with everything. Must read. “

– Kirkus Review –

“Animated, fun and interestingly obsolete.”

– Claire Cook –

Relationship Quotes – Lyrics

  • There was a huge crowd at his funeral because they wanted to make sure he was dead.
  • Wouldn’t hitting the bottom of the rock bring you back a bit? If you hit the bottom, you can’t see which one is up?
  • Wouldn’t hitting the bottom of the rock bring you back a bit? If you hit the bottom, you can’t see which one is up?
  • Love. Purpose. These are not things you can plan for. These just happened somewhere.
  • Those who can’t work teach and those who can’t teach criticize.
  • “Okay, okay, what do you mean?” “Okay so I listened to you.” “Oh. Good. So that doesn’t make sense …”
  • Wouldn’t hitting the bottom of the rock bring you back a bit? If you hit the bottom, you can’t see which one is up?
  • “It’s like someone calling you” Madam “while you’re still” Medmoisel “…”
  • “… those who can’t work teach, and those who can’t teach criticize.”
  • “Critics are parasites. They live on other people’s creativity. They bring nothing into this world. They’re like barren women stealing other people’s babies in the supermarket parking lot ….”
  • “… Critics are parasites. They live on other people’s creativity. They bring nothing to this world. They steal other people’s babies in the supermarket parking lot like barren women. Those who can’t work teach and those who can’t teach. Criticism Please. “
  • “… I compare it to winter. In winter, the sun does not go anywhere. (Or it does not deceive you with other planets.) You can still see it in the sky. It is far away.”
  • “… Needless to say, I’m your best friend just to make me feel good.”
  • “… James Dean is a lot like a fatherless child.” Lincoln: “What’s so romantic about it?” He asked. “It makes you feel like an unexpected person. It’s as if a tragic rift suddenly appears in your personality.”
  • “I’m a bit … I’m coming out of a bad relationship.” “When did it end?” “Shortly before we started,” Lincoln said.

Relationship Review – Personal Comments

I started this book with high hopes. I overestimated it in my view that I did not get the skills I expected. The theme was good and could have been handled better. If our heroes had met before, maybe it would have gone ahead like a romantic comedy. Brought to an end. The author’s Eleanor & Park and Landline novels were even better. (Wonder monster)

I never liked it. I read Fangirl earlier from the author. I don’t rate it, but I remember I liked it. But this book was a huge disappointment. I was so annoyed that I avoided reading it all the time. Glad to read, what a meaningful message. It was a waste of perfect time. I do not recommend. (Ainur)

I listed all the adjectives ‘beautiful’ I knew in the introductory sentence, but then I said ‘julal, calm down man’ and wrote this introduction. I have wanted to read this book for a long time because I read about it in the Olympus Publications edition and I really liked it. Then when I saw the Pegasus print, my mouth watered and luckily I was able to get it right now. Honestly, I don’t think the things written in the book’s introductory bulletin, that is, the things we find interesting, meet expectations. So the book was far from entertaining in my opinion. When I read the back, I thought I was really going to read some funny emails and a sweet love story, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. It didn’t even happen. But I still like it. But it is certainly not a book that everyone will love. We have a calm, quiet, sweet, sweet man named Lincoln. He joined a newspaper company as an Internet worker, but his job is not to fight hackers, but to send warnings to those who e-mail each other outside the company’s work. Lincoln, on the other hand, doesn’t want to do this because he feels bad when people read his e-mails, and his work system is ruined by night work. But one day he sees Beth and Jennifer’s e-mail and it doesn’t happen, even though it should have alerted them. He decided that he would never give up. In that case, he doesn’t need to read, he should stop reading but he can’t stop because his emails are so funny and cute. And while Lincoln was reading e-mails, he fell in love with Beth. She fell in love with him by sending e-mails without even seeing his face. But how to meet him after this period? For a moment, I was so scared that the meeting would never happen… because for 300 pages, Lincoln just read the mail. They never met Beth, and it was a bit disappointing. The book is 350 pages… but I think Royal has expanded the book a bit. The book was moving so steadily that if you get bored and move fast, the book ends because there is the same stability everywhere. I didn’t bother reading this, because I like to read static things unless they are well written (especially if I like the narrator, Lincoln), but if I look objectively, I think this stasis is unnecessary. I also think the end of the book is ridiculous. I’m not sure the nonsense is the right word, but does it make sense to me that they only saw each other at work and kissed and sniffed on the last 40 pages or for all those pages? Realist? ‘ Does not come. Either he will try to write such a last one soon, or he will not end it like this. And all would be well if it weren’t for stupid Sam and Lincoln’s mom. They were so annoying! Sometimes I wish Lincoln would marry Sam so that he and his mother would eat each other and Lincoln would be released. Whatever. If you like Landline, you will probably like this book too, but if you don’t like it, I don’t think you will like it at all. So before you buy, consider the negative I wrote above. Footnote: # open-endedsonlaranano Footnote 2: My dear Ravel, I never want the Weird Year to be ‘End’ but please, please do not write Open-End if it is about to end. I’m requesting. Because my body can no longer take. Don’t do this to us. For example, I have a great idea. Marry them! (Summer)

Relationships Have a PDF download link?

Rainbow Royale – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Relationships is the Relationship PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Rainbow Royal?

Rainbow Royle is an American author who has written contemporary novels for young adults and adults. Adult novels Landline and Attachments, teen novels Eleanor & Park and Fangirl have attracted a lot of attention.

When he’s not writing, he reads comics, plans a trip to Disney World, and argues about things that aren’t really important from a broader perspective. He lives in Nebraska with his wife and two sons.

Rainbow Royal Book – Work

  • Eleanor and Park
  • fangirls
  • Never give up
  • Specific lines
  • Relationships
  • Rebel Hero
  • Pumpkinheads
  • Misguided son
  • About midnight
  • Fangirl, Vol. 1: Manga
  • Whatever the situation
  • Fugitive, Volume 1: Find Your Way Home
  • Runaways, Vol.2: Best Friends Forever
  • Fugitive, Volume 4: But you can’t hide
  • Fugitive, Volume 3: That was yesterday
  • Homosexuality

Quotes from Rainbow Royale – Lyrics

  • . What if you don’t think of solutions all your life, you just think of adding good things. One after another. Let your good things grow. … (Specific lines)
  • Simon Snow, it’s hard to look at you when I’m happy. I find it hard to look at you when I’m depressed. I have no right time to see you, no part of you that doesn’t take my heart out of my chest and out of my body so that it can break. (Rebel Hero)
  • “I’m serious. I won’t waste any more time discovering what makes me happy. I’ll hold on tight. I’ll let it happen now.” (Specific lines)
  • “Don’t say hello, Simon,” he said. “Because we have to say goodbye later and I can’t say goodbye.” (Never give up)
  • It feels good to think. Looks like I’m crying. It sounds terrible, but it feels clean. (Misguided son)
  • “I can touch you less gently, but I will not love you less kindly.” (Whatever the situation)
  • “Don’t say hello because then we have to say goodbye and I can’t say goodbye.” (Never give up)
  • He was sure that if Eleanor made it clear how much he needed her, he would run away without looking back from the park. (Eleanor and Park)
  • “… Critics are parasites. They live on other people’s creativity. They bring nothing to this world. They steal other people’s babies in the supermarket parking lot like barren women. Those who can’t work teach and those who can’t teach. Criticism Please. ” (Relationships)
  • “I’m not good at what I want,” Neil told Georgie. They were sitting on the beach, holding Neil Georgie’s hand. “I’m not good at things I like.” (Specific lines)
  • “Why don’t you accept that you’ll be happy here?” I raised my voice and said: “Why don’t you understand that I can’t be happy anywhere without you?” (Rebel Hero)
  • “I can’t believe that life will introduce us first and then separate us.” “I can believe it,” said Eleanor. “Life is cruel.” (Eleanor and Park)
  • I always get lost in the library whenever I go. In fact, I think the more I get lost there, the more I go. As it is recognizing me, and revealing new paragraphs. (Fangirl, Vol. 1: Manga)
  • “I wouldn’t be able to turn the world upside down if I thought he’d like it better.” (Whatever the situation)
  • “Don’t say hello, Simon, he said because then we have to say goodbye and I can’t say goodbye.” (Never give up)
  • ‘I talk to you every day.’ ‘It’s not enough,’ he said. (About midnight)
  • “Is it weird to be in Omaha?” Simi asked him. “Now that everyone is gone?” “It’s like walking through the mall after it’s closed.” (About midnight)
  • There was nothing to say. Bad things happen, then they stop, but they continue to storm inside people. (Rebel Hero)
  • “You’re so deep in me, I can’t figure out how to dig you out. I may be upset with you … but, Simon, I will never get tired of you. “Whatever the situation)
  • I didn’t hate him more than that. I want to break my nostrils on his chin, I want to open his tongue, I want him down thousands of stairs – and then I want to catch him. (Whatever the situation)

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