TVF National Team has held the Hello Night of the Season-TRT Spore

The season of Hello Night of the Turkish National Volleyball Federation national team has been held at a hotel in Istanbul.

President of the Turkish Volleyball Federation Mehmet Akif Ustundag and its manager, a national women’s and men’s volleyball team players took part in the night.

Stündağ: “How can we do better, we are trying to do it”

In his first statement on the night, TVF President Mehmet Akif Ustundag noted that Turkish volleyball has reached a good level and they will work to make it better and said:

“We’ve seen a lot of good things on the field. Let’s think about the president’s position on the stand apart from those on the field. What we’ve seen and what we’ve experienced. Our team of supporters, sponsors, referees and coaches, especially my TVF management team In this country of beauties, our clubs have contributed to survival. We have taken the flag in hand. The national team. ” Activities begin. Those who have brought the formation of the national team to this stage, of course, the efforts of the clubs cannot be denied. The volleyball community is a large and decent community. I am proud to be the head of such a community. Together we saw where Turkish volleyball came from in the world and what it did in Europe. More beautiful how we do it, we are trying for it. We will continue it. We want to be on stage in every tournament. We are strong enough to achieve this. We started a tough marathon. We are the only team that represents our country in team games at the Olympics. We are performing for the first time in the World Championship, Jatis League. We are playing the National League final in our own home. We did not play this final on July 13 -17. We will host the Ankara Sports Hall in Turkey. We did another one first. It has never hosted a club world championship. We have represented two teams. We are the world and European champions based on the European clubs in the world rankings. Eczacıbaşı won the European Cup Championship. Hulkbank played in the final. Our goal in our volleyball clubs, federations and national teams is always to be on stage. Thank you, we will be on this stage because we are the country of volleyball. Be a country of sports. Why shouldn’t we be the country of sports in every branch?

Nedim Ozbe: We want to play in the World League like our girls

Nedim Ozbe, head coach of a national men’s volleyball team, says they want to be successful in the tournament they will be taking part in this summer and compete in the World League as a women’s team. “I congratulate our boys and girls who, despite the fatigue and the play-offs, went on the field and tried to play again with great fatigue. People used to run away from here. Now those who could not get a place in the national team are crying. This love did not go in vain. Volleyball was a favorite. We have an incredible speed. In the summer, we will play the Golden League, then the Challenger Cup, then the European Championship qualifiers, then the World Championships, the Islamic Games and the Mediterranean Games program. We want to succeed here and play in the World League like our girls do. “ Used phrases.

Giovanni Guidetti: We will do everything we can to respond to the emotions of our fans

Giovanni Guidetti, head coach of a national women’s volleyball team, says they will soon start training with the Crescent-Stars:

“We have a fight on Tuesday. The busy season is waiting for us. Many thanks to the President, we will play the VNL final at home for the first time. This is very important to us. First of all, I can’t. We will try to go to the best level. We will feel their passion because we will play with the spectators in Ankara. “I think we will be very strong in the final. Everyone in Turkey knows us and our team. We have a responsibility to them. We want to repay that. We will do everything we can to respond to the emotions of our fans. “

Eda Erdem Dündar: The sultans of the net have become a symbol of women’s success

“The national team is a big family,” said Ada Erdem Dunder, captain of the national women’s volleyball team. “We are happy to be here as a team. A very busy season is waiting for us. We are very excited. We are organizing a great opening. It shows how big a family we are. This summer will be tiring. We are ready. We realize our strength in uniting the country with our fondest memories over the years. ” “Since we’ve felt this love within the team, I think the Sultans of the Net have become its symbol. The love of country and sport, and the success of women beyond being a team. I hope it will be a successful summer.” He said.

Arslan Ekşi: When it comes to the national team, the flowing water stops

Arsenal Axio, captain of a national men’s volleyball team, says they have entered a busy season, “Important tournaments will be played. As men’s volleyball we will go down to the world championship after a long time. We are waiting for August. It will be very intense. The CEV Gold League, the Challenger Cup, the European Championship qualifiers, the World Championships. We’ve had a busy season, we’re really tired, but everyone knows when it comes to the national team, the tide is flowing. “ Used phrases.

After the speech, the national women’s and men’s volleyball teams posed for a souvenir together.

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