Vaccines can lead to epidemics, death and paralysis!

Scary scene of childhood vaccination!

Turkish Pediatric Association President Prof. Dr. Haluk Çokuğraş says that this year’s theme at the 57th Turkish Pediatrics Congress, held at TRNC, was ‘Becoming a Child in a Changing World’ and they discussed many issues related to child health.

Unsafe Covid-19 Vaccination Affects Childhood Vaccination

Dr. answered the questions of the journalists in the press conference held in the conference room Professor Dr. Haluk KokarasHe said distrust of the Kovid-19 vaccine was reflected in childhood vaccines, adding that three years ago the number of anti-vaccine families in Turkey was about 46,000 and had risen to about 60,000 since the epidemic.

Professor Dr. Mentioning that he is in the 41st year of his professional life, Çokuğraş says that they no longer see the pediatrics he saw when he was his assistant. “Before, we used to treat children with diseases like meningitis, pneumonia, typhoid fever, diphtheria and polio. These are no more. Because the world is changing and we have a very important vaccine weapon. I don’t get it, “said Kokuras.

The 57th Turkish Pediatrics Congress was held at TRNC

We have failed at the vaccination rate

Professor Dr. “When the epidemic broke out, our dream was ‘We can get rid of this message even if someone finds a vaccine,'” he said. The problem that we have failed the least is the vaccination rate 6 Turkey has not been vaccinated enough It is also in the case of children We did not reach the desired level of vaccination between the ages of 12-18, “he said.

Misconceptions Trigger anti-vaccine

Even before Kovid, there was opposition to the vaccine, said Professor. Dr. “This is a problem all over the world. For example, despite being a developed society, France is the country with the lowest number of hepatitis B vaccines. An earlier study found that there is a link between the hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis (MS).” “The dissemination of information has caused this and is still having an effect. Another example is the notion that there is a link between the measles vaccine and autism. Therefore, there may be opposition to the vaccine. Different events in different countries. There may be religious concerns or concerns that there may be a link between vaccines and certain diseases, “he said.

“Infant deaths from diphtheria, caused by polio, we hope it won’t happen again”

Professor Dr. Noting that growing opposition to vaccination has reached a critical stage with the epidemic, Çokuğraş said: “Turkey is a proud country to vaccinate children. If you say that ‘the best work has been done in health’ We have a vaccination schedule and a very good vaccination rate. However, the measles vaccination rate has dropped from 98 percent to 96 percent in the last two years. The problem here is when the measles vaccination rate falls below 95 percent “Yes, there is a risk of an epidemic. We hope that the measles outbreak we had 15-20 years ago will not recur in children dying from diphtheria or being crippled by polio, but the risk is not always there. There is time.”

Health Secretary Demet Demirkir (left) and Turkish Pediatrics Association President Prof.  Dr.  Haluk and Sisidil; OK (right)

Health Secretary Demet Demirkir (left) and Turkish Pediatrics Association President Prof. Dr. Haluk okuğraş (right)

“Measurements may increase this year.”

Professor Dr. Emphasizing that there is a lot of war and misery around us due to the geographical location of our country, Çokuğraş said, Trying to; however, the immigration movement in our country is a little difficult ৷ “it seems out of control So our risk increases because of the children coming from outside The number of measles cases is expected to increase this year, ”he said.

Children experience severe muscle loss due to inactivity

There are some different diseases imposed by modern life, said Professor. Dr. “The Hygiene Hypothesis has been tried to explain this. The safer a child is, the fresher the source of safe drinking water, the more properly vaccinated he is and the smaller the family living, the less likely he is to be infected. Deprived of the source if he is not adequately vaccinated, “said Çokuğraş. “If a child lives in a village and goes to a coop-stable all the time, the more patients there are in the crowd, the more sick the family, the sicker. With modern life, allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases are on the rise. The patient’s profile is changing, “he said.

“Movement does not increase rheumatism”

Lecturer in the Department of Pediatric Rheumatology, Professor Dr. Serahpasa of Istanbul University. Dr. Ozgur Kasapkopur“The world is changing. When we play the Steel Club, today’s children become unique and inward. Children have no friendships or partnerships, in a world where they are constantly confining themselves. We wanted to draw attention to this in Congress.” Children play games, spend time together and make a simple effort. It is very important. We want children to walk, run, stay on the street. We want all children to be healthy. We want to contribute to overcoming these problems. We want to contribute to the most painful children in the epidemic. We have faced inactivity. Inactivity has hurt children. With the rise of digital addiction, we are experiencing very serious joint problems and very serious movement problems among our children. Recommend an active life of children. Inactivity causes very severe muscle damage in children. “Children should act, they should spend their childhood, and they should be abused,” he said.

“We will try to research the things we lost during the Kovid process.”

Noting that during the epidemic process, children are constantly at home, they are traumatized both mentally and physically. Lecturer in the Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Department of Medicine, Seraphasa University, Istanbul. Dr. Fügen cullu Çokcaşşş“After Kovid, obesity exploded, unfortunately. The children were both inactive and ate incredible amounts of junk food. They were constantly in front of the screen, even their education was online, they ate chips-chocolate while listening to their teachers. It seriously affected children’s health.” It is up to us to fix their diet Under our leadership, we will strive to regain what we have lost in the Covid process, working hand in hand with mothers. Our kids will run, play and eat healthy, “she said.

“Authorities need to create safe areas”

Advise to help children overcome the inactivity they come in contact with. Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric Rheumatology, Lecturers Association. Dr. Canaan gunpowder “The authorities need to create safe areas, parks and green areas for children in the cities. We have an Instagram account called ‘Cerrahpaşa Children’s TV’. We try to tell mothers, fathers and children how to do physical activity, how to eat, diseases To prevent this, we share the answer to the question of what we need to pay attention to. The more people we can reach, the better we can raise the awareness of society and attract the attention of the authorities. We should work more quickly on such issues. Nowadays it is said that the temperature will rise by 2 degrees in 2030. With this “together, the earth can become an uninhabitable place. We must work before it is too late, “he said.

“47% of pediatric assistant staff have been evacuated”

At the Congress where they shared world developments in pediatrics with their colleagues, Prof. Dr. Dr. Haluk okuğraş says that attacks on physicians are one of the most important problems experienced by physicians.

Inadequate pay, problems such as forcing physicians to see the patient every 5-10 minutes, and problems such as incorrect practice keep many of his colleagues away from drug practice. Dr. Çokuğraş goes on to say: “We hope that these troubling issues will disappear with the enactment of the new law. According to the results of the TUS examination announced last month, 47 per cent of the open child assistant posts are vacant. The same is true of sub-branch posts. Pediatrics. We demand that the officials of the ministry, the medical chambers and the expert associations come together and work towards a common goal to solve all these problems. “

Proceeds from the book “Being a Physician in a Pandemic” will be used to provide scholarships to the children of doctors who lost their lives in the epidemic.

A book of stories of 42 physicians and health workers

All the stories participating in the story contest, which was open to physicians and healthcare professionals, were prepared as a book by the association and presented to the participants, with the theme “Becoming a Physician in an Epidemic”. Proceeds from the sale of 42 story books have been donated to the Women Physicians Education Support Foundation. With this income, education scholarships will be given to the children of the doctors who lost their lives in the epidemic.

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