We need to be told to stop other incidents Orkun fame

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* Melek Moso defiles the morality of society.
* Ece Seçkin very revealing dresses.
* Handy Yana is very embarrassing etc.
What are we doing?
Many of us say ‘yes he is’ …
We should do it anyway. Well, you know who we shouldn’t say ‘yes’ to?
“I am just looking for a friend to come to Dubai with me. Between the ages of 18-23, he is 1.70 meters tall. To a social media celebrity named Bahar Kandan, who shared a message saying “300 euros per day and accommodation in a 7 star hotel”!
Now get up …
* She’s being stupid …
* He is advertising and you are serving him …
* Don’t say he’s too smart, he’s joking with us.
If anyone is trying to destroy the morality of society, in my opinion, this girl!
He says “18-23 years old” …
He doesn’t know what he encourages young people of that age.
It says “stay in a 7-star hotel” …
He does not know what to think of those who see the luxurious life on social media.
“You will receive a salary of 300 euros per day,” he said.
And in this situation we will be silent, right?
I say again, if anyone tries to destroy morality, it is this girl!

Always the same chorus

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Looks like I’ve been listening to the same song for a while.
The music is the same, the structure is the same, the arrangement is the same …
It’s actually the couple Curtulus Kus and Burak Bulut who made me think about this.
And a few more names that they pioneered and followed their example.
They have just released a new song.
I heard … the same thing again …
When they say they’re going to improve it, they’re going to listen to our different songs, but they’re doing the opposite. Very interesting …

Alarm bells; What will they do now?

Instagram is said to have removed the filter feature. I say that because the filters on my Instagram are still active.
But all 3 of my friends sitting at the same table removed the filter.
* Of course, I don’t know if they’ve been banned by Instagram because they use it too much. Anyway …
* Let’s talk about what will happen next …
* I know those who can’t live without filters
* There are some people who will be severely disturbed by life
* There are many who say that my real face will be revealed now
The alarm bell is ringing for them.
Think about it, people will get to know each other along the way and the rate of encountering scandals on the first date will be drastically reduced.
We will witness some very strange events.

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Unnecessary annoyance

In recent times, there have been frequent statements about men who can ‘cheat’. I do not understand who is preparing.
I will continue to paralyze myself because ‘he can’t cheat’.
Safiye Soyman, one of those who made this statement, was heartbroken for Irem Derek. The reason is that Irem, in response to these explanations, said, “I want to cut your hair.” Even though I was twenty outside the front door, I understood the truth of the matter.
Erem doesn’t really tell you anything, Safiye Honey. Moreover, why cut the hair? In the face of such an explanation, sometimes the head is covered, sometimes the hair of the head comes up.
Here’s a word …
Is it something that contains a mild rebuke, ‘Don’t be silly, please, sister’ and ‘How did we end up like this’?

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Is it great love when you are unhappy and at peace?

I heard from a friend.
Reunion of Ibrahim Kutluye and Edwina SpongeBob. Like a joke.
It’s really incredible.
I didn’t want to know too many details, but hearing the phrase “their great love can never be separated” was enough for me.
Boiling water poured over my head. Don’t mind, friend!
But it is not great love.
So I don’t define how. When you have a big crush, you don’t break 19 times a year.
You don’t explain your fight by saying, ‘This is how we love each other’.
You don’t share bad messages, for example, about your great love.
God forbid, at the end of the day you might end up with Amber Hard and Johnny Depp.
They also had such a relationship. They always call it great love … have we finally seen great love?
So my beautiful friend!
I’m sure it’s not big love or the burden of your big love is not like mine.

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Please don’t let Hande dance

That was two. I came across Hande Ercel’s dance video for the second time.
* I am very sincere, I have seen many innocent dances, but I have never seen one like it.
* I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t like dancing, but I haven’t seen many.
They compared it to a video of Serena Sarkier dancing. Don’t do it, don’t do it, there’s a gap …
So please, I beg you, do not force Handel to dance.
Let the girl dance when she comes to her senses, then maybe a different picture will emerge.

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