Who is Barna Durmaz? Berna Durmaz Books and Words

The life of Turkish writer Berna Durmaz has been explored. So who is Barna Durmaz? Where did Barna Durmaz come from? When and where was Barna Durmaz born? Is Berna Durmaz alive? Here is the life of Barna Durmaj …

Turkish writer Berna Durmaz’s literary personality, life story and work are intriguing. Book lovers are trying to find out about Barna Durmaj in search engines. We have prepared for you the life, books, words and quotes of Barna Durmaj. Here is the life, work, words and quotes of Barna Durmaj …

Date of birth: 1972

Place of birth: Istanbul

Who is Barna Durmaz?

Berna Durmaz was born in 1972 in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Public Administration. His short stories were published in magazines like Adam Oiku, Notes, Sozler.

He also participated in the study of short stories by Sema Kayagusuz for one term and in the Notes Literary Workshop of Semih Gumus for two terms.

Berna Durmaz Books – Work

  • Black Wind Chill
  • There is something about you
  • Metal Lives
  • A facsimile apartment
  • Women in the mountains
  • Panja story
  • Tree roses and dreams
  • Women in the mountains

Berna Durmaz Quotes – Lyrics

  • The pain of the bed went away with the bed. Now was the day when the rest would suffer. (There is something about you)
  • Not every dream is beautiful, I knew it. (There is something about you)
  • We were like frozen movie frames. Or like a pose without looking at the lens. (There is something about you)
  • “My mother would sit in her corner and spin a spider’s web. My mother would weave a web which I would catch and hunt, made of lace. (A facsimile apartment)
  • They say that you should wait till the morning of Heidarelage night for Khidr Alehissalam. Spring in one hand, abundance in one hand. Wait. You place a basin of sand on the threshold. You look for Khidr’s footprints in the morning. If you look, peace is yours all year round. Good luck, your glory … (Metal Lives)
  • This is the inevitable fate of cat lovers: if a meow has no end, you must go for it. And immediately! (Claw story)
  • Mouth or man does not come, but cruelty remains on earth. Violence is a vicious circle, the snake swallowing its tail. It is repeated over and over again.A facsimile apartment)
  • “Life becomes easier as it ends.” (Black Wind Chill)
  • If he had known that a handful of silk handkerchiefs were sitting in my heart like a big stone, he would not have been able to say: “Do what you want. Cover for the inside of the cabinet, exactly seventy pieces. Empty the chest, remove the meter by meter marble, stains, starch, iron, folds like a knife. “(A facsimile apartment)
  • Fragmentation happened. He turned around like a bat, blind. The devil dragon had a long tail and it curled up. (Black Wind Chill)
  • Women in glittering long dresses, men in fluffy shirts. The children were like fountains in the playground. The boys were sweating as they ran, the buns made by the girls’ hairdressers were quickly removed. The music was endless. An additional minister rolled his eyes. The orchestral melody was not enough to add to the fun. (A facsimile apartment)
  • Wow, I said, holding my own circle. Circles are like this, they have no beginning or end, no entry or exit. This in itself became a rolling point. I shrunk, became dotted, sat in the middle. (A facsimile apartment)
  • My mother had a statue, the birds were landing on her. (Metal Lives)
  • “The factory was built in the middle of the plane. For example, it was surrounded by houses, roads, schools, shops, entangled in spider webs.” (Metal Lives)
  • Just as a river consumes everything, so does a person get out of it. The man’s clothes are torn, his condition is deplorable. I extend my hand, I help him out of the water. It’s good you’re here, he told me, ‘I’ve been in this water for thousands of years, without you I would have dragged on for another millennium. (A facsimile apartment)
  • People needed to be buried alive. Those who do not open their hands, do not kiss their hands, do not turn their backs and do not stand, their lack will be much heavier than others (Black Wind Chill)
  • “Everyone has something to say, but I like listening to him the most.” (There is something about you)
  • “One should have a heart that has words,” he said. (Black Wind Chill)
  • One morning I left home and realized that I would never return. (Metal Lives)
  • My mother would sit in his corner and spin the web like a spider. The nets on which I stumble and bait are made of lace. Bed, table, coffee table covered with seventy threads, with dense holes, with rose motif. (A facsimile apartment)

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