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Assoc. Dr. Mostafa Seker

In the West, where the order, based solely on material welfare, precedes human dignity, children are condemned to be crushed under the wheels of capitalism at birth. 62% of European women find it unnecessary for others to disturb their comfort, even if they have children.

According to a survey conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); In Belgium and Denmark, enrollment rates for kindergartens and similar institutions are around 60 percent.

In Western society, children are seen as a commodity.

Motherhood is an endless work. This responsibility is valuable for every living thing and is essential for the continuity of generations. However, with the difficulties brought by the modern world and the various satisfaction methods imposed, this work has failed. Therefore, in Western society, children are seen as a product, as everything is implemented. The measures taken by the West, especially against the declining young population, are not enough, and even the financial support they provide for just one population is not enough to save family institutions. The Netherlands, for example, has taken the initiative to provide adequate financial support to young people to start a business in exchange for marriage. Germany, on the other hand, sees childbearing, legal or illegal, as a recipe for salvation for their future. For this reason, there is no problem in the West to build a spiritually satisfied generation. Therefore, the Western way of life, which has fallen into this situation in the race of worthlessness, will in no way be a recipe for liberation for our society.

They are immediately on the wheel of capitalism

In the West, where measures based entirely on material well-being have taken precedence over human dignity, children are condemned to be crushed under the wheels of capitalism as soon as they are born, children aspiring for the scent of mothers are completely hired. Mothers, for whose money they are immediately recruited, and an understanding based on “truth in every case” has been adopted as a motto. According to recent academic research on European women; Surprisingly, the rate of those who argue that it is unnecessary to ruin the comfort and peace of others even with one’s own birth is about 72 percent. This ratio is something that should be taken seriously. Western societies, which find childbearing unnecessary and burdensome, are dying fast. Unfortunately, this negative situation also threatens us because of the geographical proximity.

Virtual of the West

The way of life in Western society, which we have been following for the last 200 years on social and cultural issues, is now penetrating us and our perceptions. Today, the reflection of working life and liberation brings unpleasant consequences to the birth rate, and this negative tendency is dragging our Westerners into a whirlpool. According to estimates; It has been said that by 2050, Turkey’s aging population will be ahead of that of Europe. According to data from the European Union’s Office for Statistics (EU) Eurostat and the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK); The total fertility rate in Turkey in 2001 was 2.38 children, this number has increased to 1.70 children in 2021. According to it; Total fertility rates in Turkey have dropped in recent years কে in light of this information, you can imagine what the future holds!

How did they come about in the population?

So, how did the West, which affects Turkey, come to its present state in terms of population? The story is really sad … As we mentioned above, financial worries have always been a priority for the West, it has been acknowledged that happiness and peace come from material resources, and they have always shown that there is nothing they cannot give up. For this reason. Therefore, puppies hungry for attention and love in childhood are passed on to people they have never met with a reflection of a more comfortable life, and even three- to five-month-old babies do not see their mother for long. Business travel is encountered. Thus children deprived of love; Growing up without empathy can be great, and even the best education system (not education system) can be a spice for a wounded conscience. The generation deprived of mercy can also bring the biggest problem in the society in the name of future. A look at the lives of those who have shed blood on earth shows that almost all of them are victims of domestic violence, abandoned or neglected by their parents and deprived of their environment. For this reason, when blood and tears have reached an incredible proportion on earth, should we reconsider our human sensitivities, social position and position? Believe me, the whole world needs it.

So, why is education projecting a picture of a failed world society, which should be based on human love, when countries are making so much effort and spending so much for their generation? Even Finland, which is considered to be the ‘best’ in the world, has an incredible place in terms of success in learning, why can’t it create a remedy for its unhappy and restless generation? It is known that they think deeply about this, but on the other hand, the fact that they cannot give up their joy and freedom endures a soulless life with them.

Protecting the mother at an early age

Modern educators and psychologists; “Motherless children” who are deprived of love, care and affection in their childhood. (Children raised without mother), They say that they either show a very sensitive position to the people around them with an object-centered mood, or they are in the background sharing pain and love and happiness and they feel the problem of socialization and they poison both themselves and their environment. .

When we consider these; It has also been proven by various studies that children growing up without a mother in the West will face serious traumatic consequences in later life. In this regard, they allocate billions of dollars to R&D units and various projects just to remedy their eroded impact. Because the fear train is moving towards them at full speed …

The attitude of American mothers is changing

Of course, the results of their research on these issues also reveal the truth. For example, the results of a study conducted in the United States are as follows: “Most American mothers work outside the home. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2015, approx 70 percent Was at work. In 2007 Pew Research Center By a surveyReportedly, 41 percent of adults say that the growth of working mothers is bad for society, and that only one in five pre-school age children prefers to work full-time.

In other words, mothers also realize that everything is not going well and they prefer to take less part in the career for their children. According to it; It is noteworthy that mothers in the USA follow a different approach than in Europe.

Mostafa Kulungu“Working Mothers, Their Contributions and Impact on the Fall of Traditional Family-Analysis” In the article “Because of the fundamental and growing mother-child separation, it is clear that neglected children will cause irreparable damage to the American family structure as a ‘family collapse.'” He said. Therefore, U.S. researchers; He is aware that the breakdown of family structures will accelerate the downfall of the United States.

S. In a study by Mousavi (2015), “Working mothers have lower mental health of daughters and sons, so the results confirm that mother’s presence at home is essential.” The expression is used.

According to another study published by the British Social and Economic Research Institute; Babies of mothers who go to work full-time in the years before school starts show slower mental development and give lower marks in reading and math exams.

Made in India in 2020 by Samanta et al. “Testing the Impact of Working Mothers on Child Development” “The fact that working mothers need to reduce the amount of time they spend with their children can have long-term consequences for their children’s development,” said one study. Also, mothers’ exposure to work-related stress negatively affects their children’s development. Cognitive and behavioral developmental problems can also occur, leading to mental retardation in their overall growth.

Early kindergarten results

Therefore, women, who are more active in working life, naturally have to hand over their children to foreigners, putting nursery and pre-school classes on a higher agenda. According to a survey conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), enrollment in kindergartens and similar institutions for the 0-2 age group in Belgium and Denmark is about 60 percent. This rate is increasing rapidly in our country. However, the negative effects it has are going to be the subject of research. Former member of the board of the Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and a member of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ankara (AU), Department of Child Psychiatry. Dr. In an interview with Runa Idil Uslu in 2009; “Children are strongly attached to the person who provides them with primary care at the age of 3 and it is not appropriate to provide a nursery before this age because they build a strong relationship,” he said. As a reason, it has been shown that separation anxiety begins to develop in children from 6 months and it has been emphasized that this condition can lead to various traumatic negatives in older children.

Professor Dr. G গবেষণাlay Akgül Yılmaz has edited a research book published by Marmara University BAPKO on the occasion of “Eskar 2nd Women and Gender Symposium (2017)” with the theme “Women in Working Life”. Professor Dr. Najan Aydin, Association Dr. Esra Yajisi, Dr. Dilruba Dulgeroglu, r. See. Melik Donmez, Subordinate Dr. By Hazal Yavuzlar Cıvan and Family Physician Esra Nayan “Attitudes towards working mothers – a preliminary study” Their study of 49.8 percent women and 50.2 percent men found interesting results. According to it; “Working mothers spend quality time with their children even though they spend little time.” The “I disagree” rate was 56.5 percent, the “I agree” rate was 21.7 percent and the “undecided” rate was 21.9 percent. In the same study “Children of working mothers have more confidence” Where 47.8 percent of respondents said “I do not agree”, 24.8 percent said “I agree” and 27.4 percent said “indefinite”. In research, “Working women should be able to plan their career after becoming a mother” The “I don’t agree” rate was 76 percent, the “I agree” rate was 14.9 percent, and the “I don’t agree” rate was 9.1 percent.

“Working mothers have good relationships with their wives” 38.7 percent said “I disagree” with the opinion, whereas 25.3 percent said “I agree” and 36.1 percent said “indefinite” …

According to all this; For years “Let my children live in peace” Studies by US and European researchers have also shown that the benefits of reflexes can lead to a variety of negatives. According to it “Everything for our kids” Should we reconsider our life plan without forgetting that motherhood is the most important part of working life?

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