Yannick, Minister for Family and Social Services, spoke at the Children and New Media Symposium:

According to the Anadolu Agency;

ISTANBUL (AA) – Family and Social Services Minister Daria Yannick says an environment should be created for children to interact with real people, not digital platforms. “We can use digital platforms for a limited time for education, games, entertainment, etc. We should not allow them to be used for socialization. ” Says

Participating in the Children and New Media Symposium organized by the Bekoz Municipality and the International Rights Protection and Education Association (Hacker), Minister Yannick said in his speech here that due to the nature of things, each subject has its own terminology and structure, and the same digital media.

Explaining that digital channels have a unique language, shape and structure, Yannick says:

“When we look at the family level, family-child relations and community relations, especially fathers must be involved both as an ideal for children and as one of the two pillars of the family. As Muslims, we can only think within our walls where we live. No. We are responsible for humanity. Believe it or not, whether we are Muslims or not, we feel responsible for all humanity. We have an obligation to do so. The information that comes out of it will travel around the world, with the smartphone in our hands, we need to be aware of the possibility of reaching within 30 seconds. All people and the whole world travel. “

Indicating that the problem is highly sensitive and that much can be said about it, Yannick continued his remarks as follows:

“Our generation and above, we were born in an analog age. That is, we were born in a non-digital age. So, we are trying to understand and manage the process that has come to us today. Of course, our generation survived. There was no television and radio, not even electricity in some villages. Now so. We have come from a completely different world and we are experiencing that world. The use of the Internet began to spread among a section of the Turkish population 30 years ago, when it was entirely demand-driven, but now demand-driven is not enough to meet it. Demand, we are trying to present supply. We’re trying to build the infrastructure. “

– “We face a virtual world of adaptation”

Yannick says that with artificial intelligence and algorithms, the place of the Internet in people’s lives has changed significantly and new ideas have been learned, and one of these ideas is “digital immigrants”. “The immigrants we knew were completely different immigrants, but now we’re talking digital immigrants.” Burns said there is no need to move from one place to another to be a digital immigrant and that there can be a digital immigrant in the same house.

Noting that they are confronted with the reality of an unbalanced world, Minister Yannick said, “Today we are confronted with an Internet that prioritizes interaction. We are confronted with a virtual world whose goal is to guide. We know very well how social media platforms are for all of us in politics.” Build a deaf house ৷ “We are experiencing a major change in the field We can see the advantages and disadvantages of this experience We need to prioritize areas that make our lives easier and fight them, becoming aware of the risks and dangers. “

Mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of any instrument, Yannick went on to say:

“Here, a knife is something that fills our stomachs when you use it to cook, but when you want to hurt someone, it turns out to be a deadly thing. We need it. To give it to our kids. Digital media has an additional threat: another real threat. You may not know which media and where your child is roaming. So it is not easy to overcome that threat and follow that threat. “

– Examples of PKK’s use of social media 7

“This child is our Imam-Hatip student, he prays five times a day. The family is very religious, the child is very devoted to his religion and beliefs. But they joined the terrorist organization because they Very surprised. They say, ‘How could this be? Something? How did you do that? It’s clear what PKK is.’ See, in some Instagram videos and messages from some accounts, in those PKK sub-messages, “they don’t protect religion and Islam enough.”

Emphasizing that under normal circumstances, everyone knows about the PKK’s struggle and hostility, especially with the Islamic faith, Yannick said that the PKK knew how to execute teachers in the past, but the children did not know it.

Touching on the negative effects of digital platforms, Yannick says:

“Before the epidemic, ‘Should we ban children from accessing digital media or not, shouldn’t they be allowed at all?’ Parents were talking. Now that discussion is over. Now we have passed the children’s choice to use digital platform or not. Why? Because they used it for teaching. For 2 years the children saw a teacher from the screen. What’s going on? We need to make sure that these screens are not intimidating, confusing or misleading. ” Says

Drawing attention to the socialization of children in virtual environments, Yannick says that interacting with real people is something else. Yannick says:

“Therefore, in this sense, we also need to create an environment that meets the needs of socializing children with real people. We can use digital platforms for a limited time for education, games, entertainment, etc., but we must not allow them. We live in such a universe. ”

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