7-year-old Asaf was found to have Asperger’s Syndrome

Umair Asaf, a 7-year-old from Kokley, stopped reading before he started school and started counting to trillions. Despite her superior intelligence, the difference in her behavior caught the attention of her family, said mother Elif Baker, ‘She is very smart, smart. He said it will get better with age. When he started kindergarten, his guidance teacher realized that Asaph, who does not eat, does not go out, is sensitive to odors and does not spend time with his father and older brother, is a special person. The family went to the doctors on the counselor’s warning. Asaf was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of 5 after an examination.

The family immediately began searching for special education. After her research, mother Elif Baker found the Atlantis Special Education and Rehabilitation Center in the Basicale district. The training process of Umair Asaf at the institution started quickly. After unique education, sensitive integration lessons, interactions with animals in nature, doctors removed them again at the end of almost two years after diagnosing Asaph’s ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’.

“We’ve been together in one room for 5 years”

Describing the process he went through, mother Elif Baker said, “Asaf will not go out and eat. He was very sensitive to smell. His only world is me and his sister. He would not go to his father or brother. We cannot accept guests at home, or take them outside. My social life was zero. We’ve been together in one room for 5 years. I haven’t slept in 5 years. Saying, ‘Why are you sleeping, sleep is so unnecessary, you are wasting my time’. I slept for 15 minutes. I was like that for 5 years. He used to come and go from one end to the other on the seat in a room. It was his whole world. I was locked in a house, it was very heavy, you have to get used to it, I got used to it, “he said.

“I cried a lot.”

“My whole world has changed since I met Atlantis,” said Elif Baker. I’m still crying. He will grow up, he has no contact with people, what will his life be like? I always thought of him. Now my son does everything. He could not survive his childhood, he did not know the ball, ‘he said.

“I think you were smart.”

Mother Elif Baker said the process began after she was admitted to kindergarten. We left thanks to him. In fact, when my daughter was 1.5 years old, she said, ‘there is a difference’. I just thought you were smart. I’m not so angry about being smart. He can count millions, millions, trillions before he goes to school. He could read and write. I described it as a ‘very smart’ child, “he said.

“I took a lot of doctors in my first year.”

Noting that he has learned a lot and gained experience while receiving special education, Baker said, “This place would not be possible without it. I wondered when he was the oldest, when he was a teenager. We started school with zero problems. I was saying, ‘I’ll get over it when you’re a year older.’ I have taken to many doctors in the first two years. I was told, ‘He sleeps for 6 months, he gets better as he gets older.’ He is old, still nothing. I see, it’s not like that, we have ordered the house ourselves. No matter what he did, I stayed with him. I was a very social person, my whole life was over. I even had a hard time going to the market. We would go to the market, I would buy him something, he would say ‘what I want is not here’ and left. I used to say, ‘You eat a baby, a chewing gum’ but there were strict rules. He wouldn’t play with the kids, he would say, ‘They can’t answer my question. He would not go to anyone. Not so now. She goes to school early to play with her friends. It’s an indescribable feeling for me, there is no description of it. “

“Diagnosis Increase”

“They said you could leave,” said Baker, who went for a checkup three months ago. I was both happy and sad. His diagnosis was withdrawn. I accepted that. I learned a lot here. Thanks to our teachers, they all took care of me and Asaph one by one. If there is any problem at home, I immediately inform the teachers. Those problems are gone. He liked animals and greens very much. Asaph really wanted this place. I went to another school first. As soon as he got out of the car, he said, ‘This place is like a hospital, I will not come here.’ Even then we went inside and asked. There they told me, ‘We will stop teaching Asaph.’ It seemed so unreasonable to me. How to stop a child from learning. They recommend this place. The first time we walked in the door, he said, ‘Mom, this is it.’ Here I asked the same question, ‘We can’t stop this child from learning. It’s out of our hands. They said, ‘We will teach him something extra and introduce him to the society.’ Now it has really been brought into the society, ”he said.

Elon Musk is also confused to be Asperger

On the other hand, last year, Elon Musk also announced on USA’s most popular show Saturday Night Live that he had Asperger’s Syndrome. Billionaire businessman Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, said in the program he presented, “It’s an honor to present Saturday Night Live, I mean. Sometimes I have to say after I say something that people understand what I mean. What I mean by that is because when I speak, I’m always told that I have a lot of vocal variations and it’s a great comedy. I’m making history tonight as the first Asperger to present SNL. Or at least be the first to admit it. “

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