Becoming Yazidis in Turkey: People of Melek Taus “Ezidis do not worship Satan”

The Yazidis are a nation that has fallen victim to their religious beliefs. Melek Taus, whom they believed was cursed beyond being expelled by their Muslim and Christian neighbors because they were equated with Satan. Yazidi journalist Eyüp Burç said: “They say we worship the devil. This is one of the biggest misconceptions we know about the Yazidis. They oppress, they do not worship the devil. Unfortunately, because of these two important mistakes, other believers stand by to massacre a people. This misinformation led us to genocide, “he said.

As for the Mediascope, we visited the villages of Batman, Mardin and Melek Taus in Sunliurfer, where the Yazidis are densely populated. We heard from them what it was like to be a Yazidi in Turkey.

“We are very comfortable in Germany, but our heart is in Turkey.”

Hatun Tuku, who was born in the village of Oguz in Batman, where the Yazidis live in large numbers, described how he longed for his homeland, where he had lived in good conditions in Germany for 35 years:

We have everything in Germany. No one there treats us unfairly. He does not question our beliefs, our language. As in Turkey, ‘Why are you Yazidi?’ He does not say. I am not different from the Germans, we are comfortable, but our heart is in Turkey. The beauty here, its language, its air, its culture, everything is beautiful. This is our original city. If we live in our country with our language and faith, we will be happy like other people. We will not be happy if there is no peace even if there is gold, we will always be sad. This is our place, we were born here, we are rooted in this soil, this is us, why are they taking it away from us?

Babe Tuku

“Our women are sold seven times in the market for one cigarette”

Tuku said he could not fully describe how painful and injured they were, even if he explained Yazidi’s angles and grief until the morning and expressed his feelings as follows:

“Today I am in so much pain and crying. Why everyone has the right to survive but we Yazidis do not? Aren’t we human too? We are intelligent people and we respect everyone. We want everyone to be well, to live the way everyone believes. Why aren’t we given this right? Why are our women sold seven times in the market for a cigarette? In 2014, the whole world saw how ISIS committed genocide in Iraq. Everyone has seen, they have sold women, they have killed children. Why? Because they are Yazidis. All these death warrants have been issued because of our belief. I am man, I am mother, I am woman. We also have children. How are women sold in the market? We fled from here to distant lands. Our wounds, which have been scarred for centuries, are bleeding again. ”

I could not go to school because I am a Yazidi girl

Tuku said he could not read because he was a Yazidi. “I only went to school for one year. I wanted to continue, but I could not go to school because I was a Yazidi girl. Going out of our village was dangerous. They have kidnapped us and committed all kinds of misdeeds. Even men were afraid. ” Says

“Oppressors do not worship Satan”

Yazidi journalist Yup Burak, whom we met in the village of Bursa in the Viranshehir district of Shanliurfa, noted that the widespread belief that Yazidis worship Satan is a description of the Sunni tradition, and summarizes misconceptions about Yazidis as follows:

“As a result of twenty-thirty years of struggle by Yazidi intellectuals, the language has improved somewhat. They called us Yazidis. This is the first and most important mistake. Yazidism was called this because it reminds us of Yazid-i Muawiyah, which we know in the influential perception of Islam. And so it was an incredible argument for our exclusion. The second important mistake is that the Yazidis do not mention their names, but my people forgive me, since we have made an assessment, I will name by name. They say we worship Satan. This is one of the biggest misconceptions we know about the Yazidis. They oppress, they do not worship the devil. Unfortunately, because of these two important mistakes, other believers stand by to massacre a people. This misinformation has caused us to die. And when they slaughtered us, they were infinitely ruthless. “

Eyup Zodiac | Journalist

“When our religion was ostracized, the ostracism increased.”

Burrs noted that Yazidis have been writing Yazidis for years in the religion section of the Turkish Republic’s identity card. “When I was young, Yazidi was written in the religion section of my birth certificate. They then removed it as well and placed a cross on the religion department. When our religion was ostracized, the ostracism increased. ” He said.

“They said, ‘Let’s get your dog’s passports and take them away.'”

Noting that in this way, discrimination has been legitimized by the state, Burr said. “As the pressure on us increased, so did our economic fears and the way to Germany was opened. When the Yazidis immigrated to Germany, the state helped almost all of their institutions, thanks to them. They said, ‘If you want, give me your dog’s passports and bring them too. You can go together, they have created an account. “ Says

Burak also explained another official level of discrimination against Yazidis by the state. “Those who came of age to call for military service in Germany were called for military service in their consulates. I was in university then, and they called me to Germany. I did not answer and did not go. Then I saw that they had expelled me from citizenship by the decision of the Council of Ministers. I had another Muslim friend with me then. We went at the same time. We went to university the same semester. They didn’t throw it away. Why? Because he is a Muslim. In a secular country, unfortunately, there is only one perception of religion. We’ve suffered a lot and are still doing it. ” He said.

“They settled in the land of the Yazidis, ‘This is the property of the infidels, this is halal.'”

Burrs says the Yazidis, who could not withstand the pressures and threats from the country where they were born and raised, immigrated to Germany in the 1970s. “When the oppressors left, they handed over their villages and property to their relatives and friends whom they trusted so much. Then they settled in that land and village and did not return them. They fell on the land of the Yazidis, ‘the property of the infidels, the property of the non-Muslims, I will buy it, it is halal’. A large part of the settlements on those lands were not returned to their owners by the villagers at gunpoint. ” Says

Yazidi Cemetery | Batman

“Agedism is the first monotheistic realization”

Burke noted that ezdenes is a religious concept that should be embraced in monotheistic religions. “In fact, our claim is that when we go through Ezda and Xûda, Ezidism is the first monotheistic understanding.” Says

The sign of the zodiac provides theological and ontological information about Izidism and Melek Taus, which are considered sacred by the Yazidis. “We are Yazidis. We are from Ezdailik. The word ezdai is a Kurdish word. It means those who follow the Creator. Ontologically, it is a word that contains an accurate description of God. Theologically, Judas himself is the only God. There is also a description of God through man, and that is Ezda. Ijda is the second name of Allah on man. We are Ijdai. In other words, we are people who follow God. Melek-i Tabus, on the other hand, is the angel of God, whom we sometimes substitute under the influence of cosmopolitanism. ” He said.

Funeral of Yazidi Sheikh Peshimam Koni

The day we saw a Yazidi funeral the day we agreed to interview Ali Kartal, a Yazidi disciple who was born in the village of Oguz in Batman and never left his land and everyone in the village respected him. Sheikh Peshiman Koni, one of the highest-ranking Yazidis who lived in Germany, has died and a janaza has been held.

Hundreds of Yazidis from all over the world gathered to bid farewell to the Sheikh on his last journey. We have seen that the dead have been buried in a coffin among the Yazidis. Although the prayers recited after death were different, lamentation was like many cultures.

Karsema Sore is a Yazidi woman

It is known that about 400 Yazidis live in Turkey.

Others are called Ajidis while living on their own land. It is known that about 400 Yazidis have been living in Turkey since the forced migration began in the 1970s. Despite the genocide and deportation, the Yazidis, against whom 73 orders were issued; When the bride of the year arrives in April, they begin to celebrate their holiday, arşema Sor, which symbolizes “rebirth”.

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