Blood Donation Campaign for Osmansi 177 units of blood were donated in the campaign held at Kyunbaba Primary School.

Koyunbaba Primary School, which in 2017 organized the first blood donation campaign among schools in the Osmansik district of Koram, organized a second blood donation campaign to raise blood donation awareness. 16 units of blood were donated in the organized campaign.
Kyunbaba Primary School organized the first blood donation drive in 2017 with the aim of raising awareness of blood donation in the society. The school is organizing a second blood donation drive to draw attention to the declining blood supply during the month of Ramadan. The blood donation drive was organized by the administrator of Kyunbaba Primary School, President of the Parent-Teacher Association and a representative of the Turkish Red Crescent Osmansik in the school garden. Osmanic District Governor Ayhan Akpe, who visited the campaign area and spoke with students, paramedics and blood donors, presented Hassan Bitter, a blood donation school officer for the 14th time, with a bronze medal and a certificate of appreciation. During the picnic-like campaign, blood donors and about 300 students were served rice, fried meat, iron and tea for lunch.

“We are preparing future blood friends.”
Mehmet Naked, principal of Kyunbaba Primary School, said they are preparing future blood friends and said, “We have organized our second blood donation drive, the first of which was conducted in 2017. The purpose of this project is what we did. Together with the Red Crescent, our children and the future. To raise awareness for blood donors, to donate blood in the future and to raise blood friends. We have collected blood donations from our local people and our community. We are very happy, thank you to all of us who have contributed. We would like to thank the Parent-Teacher Association, our great driving force. We want to thank all the staff at Red Crescent who have worked hard here today. “I hope we plan to do the third one next year. We are already making our preparations. We will continue to prepare and reach out to future blood friends, “he said.

“Osmanic can’t get enough records”
Director of the Turkish Red Crescent Quorum Blood Donation Center. Senem Sergeant, on the other hand, reminded that the project was conducted in collaboration with the National Directorate of Education and said, “It is a project covering the quorum center and its districts. Osmancık has taken this project very seriously. They can’t get enough records, a very nice sweet race has started between the schools. Blood donation is very important because it is an endless need, not an emergency. The number of blood donations during Ramadan has decreased a lot, the stock was also low. We could not send blood to the hospital, but thanks to the people of Osmancık, our principals, teachers, and our young, kind children have worked hard to meet this need. We need this. It could happen to all of us one day, we might need it. We therefore urge all our citizens to be sensitive to this issue, to view it as a civic duty and to invite to blood collection points. Don’t let your donations stop, our blood collection points are open in quorum for 7 days. We try to come to Osmansi every month. We visit our big districts every month and our small districts every 3 months. We invite everyone to donate blood on time. Our children are the blood donors of our future. This project not only increases blood donation, but also raises the awareness of blood donation among our youth. These children will be blood donors for next year. They will be mothers and fathers and we will build a more conscious society. That’s why their sensitivity and their presence in this campaign is so important, “he said, together with the children.
Citizens who come to donate blood gather in the school garden, donate blood and have a good time with their children. Blood donors said, “May my blood be sacrificed for all, save a life, may all those who need blood be well, let’s be well”.
As part of the campaign, a drawing competition on ‘Red Crescent and Blood Donation’ was held among the students of the school. In the competition, the paintings of 4th grade Berak Birkan, 3A grade İdil Çiçek Başkaya, 2B grade Ibrahim Atmaka and 1C grade Zeynep Gümüş won first place. Pictures of the participating and winning students are displayed in the school garden.

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