Desert dust increases death due to lung diseases like asthma, COPD

Turkish Thoracic Society 1st Vice President Prof. Hassan Beram said they had a successful congress and noted that the panels and symposiums were held on Covid 19, the environment, air pollution, sleep disorders, intensive care procedures and world development.

Referring to the 30-year-old Turkish Thoracic Society, Bayram said: “Our association is an association that, perhaps unlike its peers, prioritizes public health, has some basic principles, sees the improvement of lung health as its primary goal and always works. On this side, however, always works with scientific truth which takes science as a reference. It has always preserved these policies and will continue to do so. Of course, the lungs are an organ that communicates a lot with the external environment, if you think about it, we breathe 15-20 times per minute. We drink water 8-10 times a day, eat 2-3 times a day, but we breathe 15-20 times a minute. Therefore, the lungs can communicate with everything in the air in the external environment. Sometimes it can be a mineral, depending on where you are, for example. A dusty environment can lead to lung cancer, pleural cancer, “he said.

Bayram, the association’s first founding president, Izetin Baris, revealed for the first time that Nevehir Urgup, a mineral found in the soil of Gorem, causes lung cancer and reminded that it was helpful to take some precautions.

“Air pollution is high in our country”

While this is not a new problem, the impact of climate change and environmental conditions on lung health, Bayram said, is “pollution in the first place. Air pollution has decreased significantly in developed countries, but as we see it today, it is a serious problem in developing African countries, South America and especially in Asian countries. When we look at the data on air pollution in our country, unfortunately, it is seen that the recommended standard of the European Union is many times higher. Climate change is a very important issue for our country. Climate change affects the whole world. When we look at the recent global warming standards, the global average warming is about 1 degree compared to the pre-industrial period. In our country, it is 2 degrees above this standard. We see wildfires in sensitive areas of our country, such as the Mediterranean and the Middle East. “We see a lot of extreme weather events,” he said.

“Desert dust increases disease”

“There is no desert in our country, but we see it coming from the Sahara Desert or Africa,” Bairam said. Desert storms are now appearing in most of our regions. During this time we conducted a study in Gaziantep. Of course, desert dust transport is much higher there, we have tested death due to lung disease, hospitalization and hospital services over a period of 5 years. During severe desert dust storms, deaths from lung diseases such as asthma and COPD increase significantly. Again, these diseases can cause vascular coagulation and similar diseases. And our results were presented to the European Allergy Society and Academy and published in the most important journals on the subject. “

“We need to move towards clean energy.”

Bayram stressed that Turkey should be more sensitive to environmental issues.

Noting that thermal power plants under construction in Turkey should be abandoned, Bayram said: “We need to move towards renewable energy sources like solar energy. And research has shown that solar energy can be used more efficiently, meaning you get permits from sources like coal. You can get energy efficiently. It can provide high employment. And it has no effect on the environment. As an association, we are in favor of a shift towards clean energy.

“Strict measures must be taken to limit tobacco products”

Noting that Turkey has initially set a precedent in the world in terms of tobacco control policy, Hassan Bayram said, “Smoking was banned in our country and strict controls were imposed on smoking precautions. The ads have been removed here, some of them are still running today, but unfortunately we can see that the old intentions in this issue are not as serious. Of course, price actor is one of the most important factors to reduce cigarette sales, but it will be ineffective if you do not support it along with other measures. No one is more harmful than cigarettes, hookah, no less harmful than hot tobacco smoke, no more harmful than electronic cigarettes. Extensive research has shown that smoking is harmful. In addition, we find that the smoke emitted during forest fires greatly affects patients. Therefore, we need to limit tobacco products and we need to take serious action in this regard, “he said.

Bayram said Turkey should move away from fuels such as wood and coal, now called fossil fuels, and lean towards solar and wind energy.

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