I made an album to free myself, there are songs in the first place of life

I have been composing songs for a long time. Understood, singing is my main reason. So I wanted to make an album of 10 songs. There is also a song I composed 15 years ago, an English and Persian song. 10 songs really hard. I forgot to make an album. I like the production process very much. I feel the same excitement when I first went out. It will be published in the first days of June. I miss performing concerts and singing with my eyes.
I like the set too, but my priority right now is music. Music is at the forefront of my life.
This is the first time I have made my hair so long, I really like it.
We shot the movie Love Come If You Call before the epidemic. But was released. This is a sweet, funny movie about 5 relationships. We shot it in the army. I’m excited. It’s like my second city.
■ If you do not turn love into something full of love and respect, then its lifespan is 3 years. It needs to be converted. You need to spend quality time together.
When the epidemic started, everyone was on social media all the time, a little crowd came to me and I got cold. So, 100,000 followers are gone, but that’s not something I’m sorry about at all.

Jeanne Ozayagsiller

I am very interested in the role of bad women
■ The game called My Most Beautiful Peace will be held in the future. I’m talking about a woman who has fallen in love with artificial intelligence. Clichগুলিs were always mentioned in male-female relationships. “What we have seen from the real, why not artificial?” I left saying. In the play, we see women being healed in love. It has been scientifically determined that artificial intelligence hurts. So the things that I’m talking about in the game can happen.
I’m not the only one who likes to watch single player games. I wanted people to forget while watching that it was a single player game. Home appliances talking between my dressing and dressing. My dad calls the flirtatious refrigerator and my mom calls the coffee maker. I took a big job. My dad watched the play at the premiere. He went out 4 times and cried a lot. He liked it a lot.

My parents have a beautiful marriage that lasts for more than 50 years. My father said, ‘I will not give you to anyone except a man who can write poetry better than me’. The bar is too high. My father was cowardly, he texted me, ‘It hurts me not to be able to kiss you on the neck’. Then he kissed me and made me covid. When my test was positive, he came to me and threw a tummy tuck.
I think that relationship where both parties are independent, production and work are lasting. I even think that if possible, they should have a separate home. I’m not saying it’s completely different, it needs to protect the flirting state.
Beauty is fleeting … It is difficult to hold on to acting by investing in beauty. What will they play when they grow old? Acting requires training and effort. I am not against adequate and balanced aesthetics. I don’t have any.
I am not taking movies from TV series. I want to do something that makes me happy. I’m very interested in bad female characters. I didn’t see the bad woman I dreamed of, I planned to.

Tariq Papukugalu

The role of youth Good model If they do not like They disappear
কখনও Never in my life have I finished a movie in a week.
I studied architecture at the academy, but I never did architecture. My father’s occupation is textile. I have been in the textile industry for 30 years. I go to the factory in the morning and go to play in the evening. The two have been together for many years. I never thought of theater as my livelihood. That’s why I didn’t pay attention to the financial side. You can’t work without love.
He has shown understanding towards my family and especially my wife and has supported my way of life. I did not neglect my children and my wife.
■ I took the role from Sihat Tamer in Devkusu Cabaret, then Kamal Sunal took the role.
■ Young people should choose their role model correctly, otherwise they will be ruined. Don’t worry about becoming famous. The late Altan Erbulak used to say that the first 32 years of acting were very difficult, the rest was easy. All this requires patience.

Didem Uzel

Yellow Display and Lots of acting I miss
There is a breaking point. When I was a university student, I competed and was selected Miss Turkey. I started acting and appeared on screen, mingling with the life he brought. Then a man will come into your life … Then I chose his path and the necessary conditions to live in America. Luckily I did that. I have a baby lion now. Returning to Turkey after 11 years and adjusting was really difficult. But everything was fine. My son is 6 years old. I plan to return to my work. I miss the screen and the acting too.
প্রয়োজন Need to stop thinking so that children can study in America or Europe. Children thrive where they are safe and comfortable with their families. I can’t find any part of the world safe right now. Secure your own land with your family. He goes when he is happy.
■ In Orlando last year, Aslan fell and hit his head on the coffee table. He had a wound on his forehead. We rushed to the hospital, but the hospital did not take us. We visited 3 hospitals, they didn’t take us because there was an epidemic. I was worried that he might bleed into his brain. I cried at the hospital door to get the movie shot. We did not share them. 10 years ago, my appendix was rupturing. I’m dying, I waited a few hours in the hospital again. America should not be ignored. Such condemnation cannot happen anywhere in the world. The health system works better here. I’m happy here.
■ I touch small without disturbing my nature. Everything has a soul with age. I don’t like to play with my face. No one is beautiful, no one is ugly. I like not going out in the sun

Irsin Korkut

We don’t know how the week goes
I played the role of a doorman named Cello in the movie. The power of Orkun captain and Murat Akkunlu was too much. We do not understand how a week passed.
We have a play called Good Bad Ugly. It’s a game we build on kindness. We will perform in Frankfurt and Berlin.
হিসাবে As a technician, I was doing backstage. Two days before the premiere of ‘Something Happening to Me’, an actor fell ill. When they were thinking about who would act, the role was left to me.

Seda Demir

Everything Discover I like
I have been involved with movies for the last 10 days. That’s why I was nervous. But I have accepted it very well. I would like to thank our producer Hakan Eren and our screenwriter and director Onur Aldogan. I had a good experience. I’ve seen a lot of sets, but the “We’re Burned Now” picture is special to me.
After that drama, I acted in romantic comedy and comedy. I love exploring everything. I have a swimming and volleyball background. I have the prize of running. I studied veterinary medicine, I studied political science and public administration in French. I am studying philosophy now.

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