If it rains, it will rain, we are already wet

While showing dates 2010, we also found a lyrical expression …
“It’s a street story! It’s like a poem that has been written and written and discarded for 26 years, which can’t be finished with rhyme … A street story that is always said ‘this time is over’ but always remains incomplete … time … “
These lines, written by Erdal Hoş and sung by Celal Eyinç, give an overview of Trabjanspar’s experience up to that date. The next 11 years were actually the last 26 years of ‘Deja Vu’ …
Well, it can’t rhyme at all, The story is always Will it be thrown away?
Was there an expected future or was there a future? Expected?

One more day.
The weather is cloudy again, the sea is rough again. Of the city That rain never tires of wetting his land again It was raining hard.

Someone came to town alone. Those who hope for ‘next time’ every time, those who get wet without caring about the rain, ‘What will happen this time?’ They approached him anxiously, they muttered in his ear …
“If it rains, it will rain, we are already wet …”

The next day, the sun was out. He summed up his arrival in one sentence under the deep blue sky … “Not the calm sea, but the rough sea I liked it. “ The ship sailed from the port with its chairman, management, community, teachers, technical team and football players saying ‘Bira Bismillah’.
The sound of the waves … the fog of the highlands … The secret of the forest … the keynote …
The story of the elders: the passion of the youth has brought Trabjanspar to the championship.
This time too the story did not last long. Vuslat has arrived.
But the real journey begins now.
Near ‘West’, more ‘West’ now!

Geography is not luck
The ancient city that hosted civilization; Trabzon দেশ The land of princes, where Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the world was born, where Yavuz Sultan Selim was governor and Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered. The land of the servants, whom the founder of our republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk, has visited three times and called him a ‘hero’. The open-air institute where Turkey has the largest number of cultural and artistic people is trained … the birthplace of the national athlete Suleiman Riza Swan, who wrote the first book on football in Anatolia. In 1967, a team was formed in the town where success stories were written with clubs such as mandmanyurdu, İdmanocağı, Martıspor, Karadenizgücü, İdmangücü, Necmiati and Yolspor, whose football began in the 1900s. Bedri Iupoglu from Trabzon In his poem “Pradeep Wisdom like a lamp On. He reversed the sentence “Geography is Destiny”. Sometimes it was Ali Kamal, it flew like a “storm”, sometimes it turned into a semila, it broke like a “dozer” and went away. Sometimes it was senol, he was born “like the sun”, sometimes he was Qadir, but he was “precious”! Jiabete, In a one-storey building Start organization, Before the revolution Has become a legend. It is a flat tree with roots in the trabzone and its branches spread all over the world after a while. Although he had numerous successes with trophy collector Ahmet Sut Ojiajisi and philosopher Ozkan Sumer, the ‘champion without trophy’ Senol Gunesh joined it many years later. Named after the legendary President Shamil Ekinci The museum was filled with trophies. He has won 6 Turkish Super League Championships, 9 Turkish Cup Championships, 2 Super Cups, 8 Presidential Cups, 5 Prime Cups, Second League Red Group Championship, Cyprus Peace Cup Championship, Earthquake Cup, Land Forces Cup and Trophy.

Send to the championship
So will the 8th championship come?
Year after year. When approached Removed from her while lying down, Broke down when he was optimistic. In the winter Like those who play crazy deer Didn’t stop trying! “Oh my darling What a pity! ” 15 doctors in his song They saw the price point. Then, 10 In November 2020 Similar breakdown No one is alive In the evening ‘quiet Wavy from the sea Towards the sea Came out; Alone As a human being. A After a while “Iron The day came from the port … “The President said, his administration, His coaches, his players and his community “Bira Bismillah” With Open to the rough sea. That ship went to the championship, They knew it would upset the situation again. Because for them the championship is no longer to be feared. It was incredible! He placed the team fourth in 17th place. At that time He got to know the city, the club, the community, and heard sad voices. The geography in which he grew up taught him patience and was known as the ‘football mind’. He planned the championship season. Minister Ahmet Agaolu and Vice President Ertugarul Dogan, technical team He completed the transfer he wanted before the camp started, He prepared the most ambitious team of the season. Europe When his adventure with Roma is over, he is fully back in the league. It has entered the season like an exceptional storm with its name. He defeated Yeni Malatyaspor differently at home, Shivas and With the victory of Giresun, the lamp of the lamp was revived. He illuminated his surroundings with his light …

He never sat back
He shuffled league settings like transistor radio. It was breaking all stereotypes, like the creeks of Makar, flowing day and night to reach the sea. In the past those who could not keep synchronous in Horon Northerners, now on the green grass He was playing ‘steep’! Orchestra chief Abdullah Avcı is not wasting inspiration on the play and the field by saying ‘keep it in the center, don’t leave it blank’. Before that you will come to Fenerbahce Time, the time to return to the state of emergency, in recent years They gave up those jobs, and they did their best. Trabzonspor, who also defeated Fenerbahçe, who was the leader of Trabzon, will not give his seat to anyone until the end of the season like “landlord”! Of course, it was normal, but it made someone very unusual. They didn’t pay attention, because the reunion was near.

Empty frame and feeling championship in the room
Abdullah Awsi decorated his study room in March last year. The logos of the four founding clubs İdmanocağı, İdmangücü, Martıspor and Karadenizgücü were hung on one of the walls of his room, and on the wall were pictures of Ahmet Sut Oziasi, Ozkan Sumer and himself wearing hats. On the wall just behind his desk There were also 8 frames, one was empty. 7 of them had pictures of 7 champion squads. He showed the empty frame while meeting his teammates. “Next year This will pass ” “I’m sorry we didn’t win in March,” he said in a statement after the 1-0 Cup match with Kaysarispor. He believed so much that he would fill the frame he hung in March last year, but it didn’t happen in March this year! It was definitely a desire to experience the highest level of Tawafuk. So when did you believe this season! Of course, in Dolmabahçe … it’s not like that, grab his fist and say “God is great”! When the minute 90 + 7 shows, Naples legend Marek Hamsik, who appeared on stage as an ‘ice man’, gave the ball to Abdul Qadir, which he passed over his opponent and the result was clear. Cornelius’ winning goal was scored by Trabjanspar Greetings in Istanbul, with seven hills from 10 thousand feet, The flag that will be hung in the Bosphorus, while flying She longed for the day when she would hear his voice.

A fortune above fortune!
“Don’t tell fate, destiny is above destiny.” Amena … the biggest warning will come in the Antalya match. Trabjanspar will taste the first defeat. As well as Nuri Shahin, whom Avcı wants to be in his team By. This is Tawafuk! Freddie took a penalty in that match, Ugarkan could not save. The losing goal comes from Dorukhan’s own goal. Ugarkan defended Freddy’s penalty in the Chaki Championship match and Dorukhan scored the championship goal. The sun has set but the architect has to fix the week Was there. Reacting strongly against Hatay, the burgundy-blue men gave the message “Don’t vacate your seat” to their fans and those hoping to lose the sold-out match. “Until last dinner” Sending an invitation!

Stage Whiskey’s
Another half time engineering was signed. Visca was reunited. With his arrival the diversity of the players increased. There was no spolia right wing, the original Visca was with his offense and defense. The case was now comfortable… life was at the center. He was the star of the match at Galatasaray in Istanbul. He brought victory to the team with the ball thrown in the net at the last moment. He scored 3 points in his goal at Cassimpasa. And the season In important competitions Back on stage Will come out. Corner match, 41 thousand fans … What an intellect the eyes of the merchants of hope in this match! Trabjanspar tops the list with 60 points, followed by Konya with 48 points. Dominance, combination, organization, speed. They all gathered in Trabzonspore. Playing one of the best games of the season The natives opened the curtains with viscous and closed with viscous. Championship songs began to be sung at the stadium, and the following week, the Trabzonspor storm Alania continued unabated.

Irresistible power
As you can imagine, his best defender Edgar lost to experienced wing forward Garvinho, and Cornelius, Hamsik, Novakayem, Bacacetas, Abdulkadir Omar, Janini and Perez lost some of their key players during the season due to injuries to Trabzonspor. In that system Played a tie match on February 25 … Hamsik was injured, Kaisarispor was the guest. In the first half, Kayseri shut down the midfield completely, unable to attack from the Trabjanspar flank or center. Complete There was a wall! Kayseri was scoring two goals in the passing game. At half time, no one in the locker room was cutting his face. Hunter was calling Janini, whom he did not let go at the start of the season. “Organization You ” He was putting it into the game. Starring Denzel Washington “Irresistible” Like a movie train, right, left, in the middle, in the penalty area, no one can stop Janini, she is breaking down the wall. Trabjanspar won 3-2 Championship after the match He also ordered his mug. This is the story of British football legend Gary Lineker. “Football is a normal game; 22 people chase the ball for 90 minutes, in the end the Germans always win …” When we adapted this phrase to our country, it turned out: “In the end, 3 Istanbul teams always win … ” Trabzonspor It broke the game. Both history and football His fate changed.

Millions from lonely people
Trabzonspor’s championship was not the only ‘trophy’ to enter the museum. The Trabzonspor championship was important in showing again that change of game, effort and struggle can defeat the capital if organized and combined. The Trabjanspar Championship was important in inspiring those who felt inadequate and even learned helplessness against the ‘established power’! Trabzonspor has won championships in 81 provinces of Turkey, including Istanbul, Mardin, Izmir, Adana, Kayseri, Hatay, Berlin, Paris and New York. Celebrating his supporters together, it was important to set an example to the world. The Trabzonsper Championship was instrumental in inspiring dreaming children in southeastern, central Anatolia, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and all of Anatolia. Trabzonspor’s Championship For those who have lost their lives It was important for the rest of their family. Saying “we’re behind” was especially important for the fans, who this season filled the team’s driving force, the Atatুrk Olympic Stadium, with 85,000 people and what a great community they are! Coming to town today as a lonely man And coaches surrounded by millions This was important for Abdullah Avisi. Let’s finish our story ‘for now’ with the last line of the street story at the entrance …
“… Now is the time for Dastur for the rest of the road. As soon as it starts, it’s time to synchronize like Aqabat Horon and be as enthusiastic as Kolbasti. It’s time to be alert like Dursun Captain. And from all these years Then a championship will not cut us off … Time to go as far west as possible. Expedition from us, victory from Allah … Bira Bismillah!

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