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He was my cousin, he was my teacher. These are my personal relationships with the beautiful man Majlum Hodja.

But he was the one who touched the lives of all Lefke residents.

For several years he worked as a teacher and later as a director at Lefke Istiklal Primary School. As an educator who has worked for the longest time, perhaps breaking the record at the school I attended for 5 years, he made significant contributions to the education of children.

On Friday, May 27, I woke up to the news of his death. Looking at the comments of those who heard the news years ago, it is clear that he has left our Lef and how much he was loved and respected.

It is a source of pride to us that our family does not understand torpedoes. My brother Erdinç always says with fair pride that our father, a policeman, punished him several times for breaking traffic rules.

The oppressed brother also used to push me and the children of other relatives more than other children when I was my class teacher in primary school 3. Will punish us first.

Majlum Bhai was very fond of songs. Whenever we went to their house, he would put the name of the popular 45 on his red record player and listen to us. He bought records mostly from Elvis and other ‘rock and roll’ musicians. Chubby Checker’s ‘Let’s Twist Again’ was one of his highest playing records.

I was pretty good at playing Twist. One day he called me in front of the class. “Come on, show your skills,” he said. I stared at him. Doesn’t it say “you’re going to play a twist”? I know I will be punished if I don’t play. I showed my skill in the middle of shy applause. I am very angry with him. I went and complained to Naziet aunt. My anger subsided a bit when I heard about Azar from my aunt.

Years later, when I visited him during my Cyprus vacation in 2014, I reminded him of the incident. We smiled a lot.

When we were in middle school, his friend beat our whole class from a teacher. One student went to the police and complained. Police on duty to my father! My older brother spoke to the oppressed teacher, who resented my father’s handling of the subject and who went against me and gave him a broken grade in the scouting class, and treated him in his own dignified manner. (I survived a gym class after receiving a report from Dr. Safet Taylan!) The oppressed brother and his mother, Aunt Naziet, give him a lesson when his racist math teacher, one of his neighbors, slapped him!

The oppressed teacher has always served our beautiful city. In all cases. Lefke as the legendary goalkeeper of Turkish Sports Club. In those difficult years of conflict, as a Mujahideen commander on the Apple Front. Lefke as a member and vice-president of the Municipal Council. As a member of the board of the European University of Lefebvre. Selfless service year after year in every branch of life. Education, sports, politics, social life.

Lefke was the team’s goalkeeper when the football team (LTSK) was evolving. He has successfully defended the net year after year. It is no coincidence that he is still referred to as “Lefebvre’s legendary goalkeeper”. With his sport, he has met with love and respect throughout Cyprus wherever he has gone. I think he was the goalkeeper of the national team for some time.

The oppressed teacher was quite successful in football as well as basketball and volleyball. I still remember the exciting volleyball and basketball matches at Lefke Art School. After leaving football, he did not leave Lefebvre’s Turkish Sports Club. He served as president of the club for some time and served on the board of directors.

The oppressed teacher was the real Lefke lover. He did not leave our beautiful city where he was born and raised. He always lived in Lef. He lived a happy life with his family in his humble home, not far from the Montenegrin football field, where he played until the day he died. He died in that house.

He came to London in the late 70’s. His purpose was to travel, not to see places, but to serve Lef again. Lefke and his uncle, another Lefke boyfriend Ismail Ins, who contributed a lot to Cyprus football, came to collect donations for the Lefke Turkish Sports Club from Lefke residents living in London.

“When I was writing my book, The White Russians Passing Through Cyprus, I was struck by the memory of an oppressed teacher about Russian doctors in a way I never expected.” Hodge Elnur Agayev wrote these words, which show the vast knowledge of Majlum Hodja, when he heard the news of the death of Majlum Hodja. She is a Lefebvre lover who settled in Lefebvre from Azerbaijan, and Lefebvre is a lecturer at a European university.

He loved his family and relatives very much. He loved his aunts (grandmother, mother and aunt) very much. I remember he bought an azure blue American car in the sixties. It was his only Stubbaker car in Lefke. He would move away, his voice barely audible. Whenever he saw us sitting in front of the door, he would blow his horn and say hello. When he was alone, he would occasionally stop and say, “Jump on the hood.” We would happily get in the car. He showed us around Karadağ, Aplıç, Tepe, Karşıyaka, Dam and Lefke.

Majlum Hodja has faced several setbacks in his personal life. Of course because of this he was very ruined, he had a very hard day. But the fire of love for humanity in him was never extinguished. He continued to serve the people around him, his Lef, whom he loved so much and could not bear to leave, with more determination and more zeal.

The oppressed teacher is no more. Lefak’s people will no longer see him chatting with his friends or playing backgammon at local cafes or market cafes at Lefak’s entrance.

Stay in peace, oppressed teacher, oppressed brother. You are no longer with us, but you will always live in our hearts.

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