Love is the attraction of the opposite character … which makes the relationship more emotional

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They are excited about their new job. In a short time, they became friends for 40 years. They get together by looking into each other’s eyes. They joke at every opportunity. Ilaida Alison is both beautiful and very beautiful with her colorful eyes and her flattering body. It is not in vain that Burak Yaruk is one of the men we will call ‘blonde and tall’, and women love him. The two of us start a conversation … (Photo: Muhsin AKGÜN)

* ‘Seversin’ starts on Canal D on Wednesday. What series is waiting for us?
Burak Yörük: This is a beautiful, colorful summer work. After the epidemic, it will save people from loneliness and have a lot of fun. This time, you will see Ilaida and me differently from all the characters we have played before.
Ileda Allison: Yes, it will make the audience laugh and spread joy. For the story, Tolga is an actor. Come on, the girl I play with has no diapers in that comb. And they are partners in a drama.

* Summer cereals are coming one after another. How ambitious are you?
Ilaida Alison: Of course, we are ambitious. Everyone’s work is unique to them, and our work is for us … we have a difference; We actually have some fun with romantic comedy. Since we’re shooting a drama in a series, we’re dealing with those classic romantic comedy girls and boys in irrational language.

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Ilaida Alison: Since we shoot a series within a series, we deal with romantic comedy girls and boys in an irrational language.

* Burak, you have a lot of romantic comedy work. So you are criticizing your own work?
Burak Yörük: Of course, I’m not at a stage where I see it as a critique, every work has a certain color and algorithm. You are the sweetest when you can make fun of yourself and be at peace with yourself. We’re currently doing a job where we sweeten ourselves up and have a lot of fun, and it has a different flavor.

* The character Asya finds herself on the set of a TV drama when she doesn’t remember him. How did you find yourself on set?
Ilaida Alison: My father is a journalist. He took me to his close friend’s agency, they took pictures of me and recorded. Then came the small ad. At age 15, I received several offers. I went to the interview, they gave me a piece of paper, I memorized, went in and played. Three days later they called and said the director wanted to see you. That’s how it started.

* Burak, you also started at the age of 6 …
Burak Yaruk: My parents didn’t want that. My mother in particular was afraid that I would get a bad look. I started with a few small things because I wanted so much. Then I stopped. When I was in high school, I watched a series on the Disney Channel. The Turks did. I searched by looking at the name of the agency in the credit. Two months later
I have acted in the TV series ’20 minutes’.

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The system just changes

* ‘Seversin’ is about the TV series industry you are in. How would you describe it?
Ileda Allison: Looks very colorful from the outside, I meet a lot of people on the street saying “I want to be an actress too”. But we work really hard. Our social life is incredibly limited. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
Burak Yaruk: I think this job is not a job for everyone psychologically.

* Is it the hardest part of the job?
Burak Yaruk: I have also worked in physically demanding jobs in the past. There are many difficult jobs. God help everyone, that’s a different matter. But acting is a profession that is psychologically very difficult to understand first and then find it. Because millions of people have to be recognized on the streets and people have to live. We are physically handicapped
There are moments. For example, in the heat of summer with a coat, in the cold of winter with a T-shirt set for hours.
You can

* The Tolga character played by Burak is an actor known for his romantic comedy. Trying to act in a play doesn’t work. It is back in romantic comedy. Do actors really play specific roles?
Ilaida Alison: I think the system is changing a bit now, but of course there is a selectivity in perception. For example, if you act badly, bad role always comes, if you act well, it always comes. But it has to do with the perception of the industry and the reluctance of producers to take risks.
Burak Yaruk: I agree, of course, there are some roles that stick with us. And when we have the opportunity to prove ourselves, we use it.

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– We’re human!
– You have to be human first

* In the trailer, Burak’s character manager says “you are a star and you will act like a star”. So are you a star?
Burak Yaruk: We are human beings. You can say whatever you want, but I’m not like that at all.
Ilaida Alison: You have to be human first. Star or not, actress or not, celebrity or not …

* What do you think a star should look like, what is it like to act like a star?
Burak Yaruk: A star is a person who does his job very well. A good grocery store and Greengrosa is the star of the neighborhood … so you have to love your work and do it very well.

* Tell me a little about the world of managers. Did we see in this play that they are so hard and light insane?
Ilaida Alison: I don’t know because I didn’t work with her crazy. Tuncay (Altunoğlu) is my first manager and we still work together, so I don’t know much about others, so I can’t tell the difference.
Burak Yaruk: I have a little more experience in this regard. While what we reflect on in the series may not be exactly felt in life, there is a part of reality. I have experienced similar things in the past. I also hear stories around me. Fortunately, we have a very different relationship with my current manager Ahmed (Koralturk).

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I don’t like people who have forgotten the essence of our profession.

* The name of your series is ‘You Love’; What do you like in life
Ilaida Alison: I like life in general. But to put it simply, my job, my family, my dog ​​and a few close friends …

* Then there is no love …
Ilaida Alisan: Nothing (laughs).
Burak Yaruk: I have a girlfriend whom I love and our situation remains, my dear Hakan. But I also love life and realize that I don’t need much to be happy. It is very beautiful and enough to stay healthy and keep your loved one healthy.

* So what do you dislike?
Burak Yaruk: I don’t like people pretending to be people who aren’t and don’t live their own reality.
Ilaida Alisan: I don’t like anything in life where there is no kindness. And I don’t particularly like people who have forgotten the essence of our profession.

* In the series, Burak has played the role of an actor whom everyone admires. Who have you admired in life?
Ilaida Alison: I have never really been a fan of anyone.
Burak Yaruk: Neither do I. But Brad Pitt, for example, fascinated me a lot when I saw it. The same is true of Leonardo DiCaprio.

* You must have walked with some blonde resemblance.
Burak Yörük: There is no similarity except the match of colors. If I was like this …

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Love is the attraction of the opposite character ... which makes the relationship more emotional

I saw Ilaida and said ‘Oh’

* What kind of couple did you get?
Ileda Alison: I’ve worked very well with Burak, I think we’ve been sweet.

* We really want the players we like as couples on screen to be couples. Okay, don’t actually feel anything for each other.
Is it difficult or easy to act in romantic acts?
Ilaida Alison: It’s normal for viewers to really want to see what they like on screen. But above all we are actors and when you see it we have to make you think it’s real. But if I play bad, I’m really bad, or if I play killer, I’m not a killer.
Burak Yörük: We do our job professionally. If the set is peaceful, if you get along well with your co-star and respect him, there are already beautiful scenes.

* Is your girlfriend jealous?
Burak Yaruk: He was never jealous. She trusts me so much that she feels very comfortable.

* You are working together for the first time, how was it when you first met?
Ilaida Alison: We had a mutual friendship with Burak. It’s good to be comfortable playing with someone you know.
Burak Yörük: Everything happened very quickly. I did not know my partner. Then we met in the office and when I saw Ilaida in front of me, I sighed. Ileda is very peaceful, very sweet, her energy is reflected in the whole set.

Acting instinct business

* One job after another is published every season, many new players come into our lives. Why should we follow you?
Burak Yörük: We were newcomers for a while. The arrival of new names is something that feeds this sector and allows us to hold on to our work. I feel like this; There are billions of people in the world, all of us have different fingerprints.
Enough to even leave it. It’s not that I’m like anyone, I’m better or worse than anyone. For this reason, the thing that sets me apart the most is my fingerprints.
Ileda Allison: Acting is instinct and we all have our own feelings. If we act in the same scene and scene with another actor, different things will definitely come out.

* Has your physique affected your career?
Ileda Allison: We can’t say that beauty is unimportant, the audience also wants what they see to be eye-catching. Our only concern should be ‘If I look good, that’s fine, but the important thing is I don’t play well’. For example, when I play I forget what it looks like. There is also a thing to be good with the game. There are a lot of times when I find actors whose acting I didn’t say ‘incredibly beautiful’ to be incredibly beautiful. The screen can be beautiful with its play, color and strength.

* Even if you were not beautiful, would you be in the lead role today?
Ilaida Alisan: Of course I will.

* Do you think good looks are important?
Burak Yörük: What we call beauty and good looks is relative. There are some people who think I’m handsome, and there are people who say, “I don’t like them at all.” I think a little good looks and beauty is related to a person’s strength. It is much more important that you fit the silhouette formed on the head of the director.

* You were not handsome, but you played the main character?
Burak Yaruk: I used to play.

Love is the attraction of the opposite character ... which makes the relationship more emotional

‘Seversin’, starring Ileda Allison and Burak Yaruk, will air on Canal D on Wednesday, June 1 at 20.00.

We do not select fruit from Greengrosa …

* This series is also a love story of the opposite character. Do you think opposite characters attract each other?
Burak Yörük: Love is the attraction of the opposite character. We see the toxic and powerful side of love in songs, TV shows and movies. The thing that expresses those feelings is finding something that you don’t normally have. This is why different characters feel so intense emotions …
Ilaida Alison: Someone of the opposite character sometimes confronts you with a lot of things that you don’t face. This makes the relationship more intense and emotional.

* Are you in love with passion?
Burak Yaruk: I’m one of those people who lives like this.
Ileda Allison: I agree, I think there is no love without emotion.

* Do you fall in love? Do you have any expectations to be muscular, blonde or brunette?
Ilaida Alison: We don’t like fruit from Greengrosa.
Burak Yörük: I don’t have anything like that. My current style is already clear (laughs).

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