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Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which has received a five-year planned investment in the Turkish Basketball League after a great struggle and has been named as the champion in the Basketball Super League, has set its initial goal of permanence. In the league, however, most importantly, Turkish basketball has been served. Exits purpose.

General Manager Nihat Mala said, “Basketball does not need Manisa to go to the European Cup and end the league in the top-4. Manisa needs to be sustainable for the spread of basketball in Anatolia. ” “We want to serve Turkish basketball. One of Manisa’s goals this year is to win a position with only one local player and bring a young player to the national team. However, coach Ceyhun Çabadak said support for the project was needed and expressed a very important view. In such cases, the support of the management is very important, because in a potentially bad situation, the bill will be immediately charged to the coach … Branch President Bora Kaylan has clarified whether they will stand behind the coaches who take this risk. Kylan has made it clear that they will definitely stand behind the project, and that the technical team they have been with for 5 years and will support Nihat Mala, who has added tremendous strength to their experience since joining them last year.

Here are three names that were in charge of the business before the first Super League experience, which is a historic achievement for Manisa Basketball and highly anticipated:

Bora Callan (Monisa Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club Secretary-Basketball Branch Chairman)

Everything started at the end of last season, but at that time Nihat Mala joined us as General Manager. In fact, while we waited to see if we would take a step into the playoffs at the time, we quickly dropped the towel for reasons such as the Covid lawsuit and the injury to our tall Americans. But as the season drew to a close, we wasted no time in meeting with our metropolitan mayor to set this year’s target season. Thank you, he paved the way for us and he accepted all our demands positively

· We meet Nihat Mala and our coach Sehun Kabadak and enter the team structure. We have been together for 5 years with our technical team, who are already very experienced. We have formed a squad with the best players in the league. We started the season early, we created a semi-camp environment to our advantage, and we were very prepared for the Federation Cup and won the first championship of the season in an impressive way. Everyone there started trying to win the league easily for us, perhaps it also created some complacency within the team. The rest, one of our most important names, got injured and broke his arm. He shook us at the start of the season, we lost 3 away, but we knew everything would be fine.

We recovered quickly, and the rest came back after the 7th week. After that, we ended the season with just 3 defeats. We are proud to keep our promise, to make the people of Manisa feel the excitement of the Super League for the first time and to see how much it makes people happy. It’s an indescribable feeling to see people’s excitement and joy when we become champions.

Our mayor is a person who loves sports, is very fond of sports, wants to win and before that he was the president of football team. He is also very enthusiastic about being established in sports. In this case, we are very lucky. As long as we continue like this, we have no doubt that it will open new avenues for us. At the championship celebration we were just above what we could do and how we could plan. She immediately began to feel his excitement and thought one step further. As long as we have a president, we never think we will have problems like the other parties, we will say we are shutting down. Together with our President, we are looking forward to taking this club step by step, making the most of our decision-making opportunities.

We will expedite infrastructure work. Be it BGL or other age group, we will go for a better structure. For our position in the Super League we have to be realistic, first of all we will try to hold on. We are aware that it is difficult to hold on. If we can do that, we will start planning more goals in the years ahead.

There is a response from that city; Everyone started asking for a combination, maybe it won’t save us, but I think we will make an income from there. We haven’t had a sponsor meeting yet, but I’m from Manisa, born and raised, and I know the area well. We all know how strong the Manisa Organized Industry is and I sincerely believe that a direction will come from there as soon as our basketball team is on the agenda. Staying in our mayoral organization will definitely be interesting at OIZ. Because it is not possible to experience unhealthy structures in some other clubs here. Everything will run smoothly here. I think it will become a sponsor over time, but we know that with the help of our municipality and local organizations in Manisa we can easily meet the budget of the average club in the Super League.

Nihat Mala (General Manager)

Honestly, everything was ready when I came here. We have already worked with Sehun in Karşıyaka and Trabzon, he knew very well what to do and how and a good order was established. This place has been prepared for this success by sewing with knots for 4 years. In other words, these results are not just the result of a few reinforcements and work done this season. The organization, the hall, the facilities, everything was prepared. The only thing left this year was to form the right squad with the right budget and go to the league.

Since the infrastructure here is very well established, we are planning to stay in the Super League. Otherwise, we would panic, we feared we would spend a lot of money to stay in the Super League, get more players, but the company is already ready here. There are opportunities that many clubs do not have. Many of our clubs do not have the facilities in terms of logistics, facilities, financial strength and supporters. Only as Manisha, as a club we are inexperienced for the Super League. We need to develop this area and create a basketball culture here. If we think of some populist aspects and say, let’s go to the league this year, play the play-offs now, we will go to the European Cup next year, we will be wrong. There are examples of this in the past as well. We will gradually grow into the organization we have planned within our own set of rules.

Basketball needs it too. You don’t need basketball to play in the European Cup or stay in the top 4 of the league. Basketball needs such a beautiful organization, people dedicated to the sport should stay in this business for a long time. If names like Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Genghis Ergun, Club President Mehmet Guzgulu, Bora Kailan continue to be the same, Manisa and both

Basketball win. Such a structure is needed to spread to Anatolia. We started on August 9 last year, until the end of the league we would come to the hall every day, ‘I will go to the league’, we did not think the opposite for a day. This year too we will come every day saying ‘we will stay here’. We will continue to think about how we can benefit from basketball, how we can spread basketball to Anatolia, and how we can return what we have taken from basketball.

থেকে Infrastructurally we are both lucky and unlucky. After the epidemic, everything turned into personalities, everyone started individual coaching. With a serious organization, we can recruit serious players. The hall we are in now will only serve infrastructure. If people help us, if they don’t try to snatch a player out of your hands right away, why not if there is respect here. This place is very strong logistically. We have everything, we have dormitories for infrastructure, we have training halls, but we also need parents and players who will just trust us. Now that we’re in the Super League, I think his outlook will change. Our steps will also increase with infrastructure.

Sehun Kabadak (Instructor)

When everything is going well, everything goes away like water. At the start of the season, one of our most critical players was injured in the Cup semifinals. Thus, the role in the team has changed, we have given different tasks to the players. We had to make two additions and part ways with two players. When we said we had a full squad, another player’s arm was broken and we were always missing out on the number of players in his long rotation, but we were able to stop it somehow in the squad. Subsequently, we achieved the goal by reaching a very difficult number of wins in this league. The budgets are very close to each other here. There is no gap like in Super League. So good organization is essential to hold this series in such a league, we took advantage of this advantage.

I have been here for 5 years. In the first year, we formed the latest team. We had to form a team on August 25, I was in the Lower League, but with the rest of the names in the pool we formed a good team and we were promoted to TBL. The following year, our first goal was to stay here. The following year there was a severe economic crisis, our budget fell further, but we proceeded from a different perspective and established the youngest team in the league. We were the best defensive team.

Last year, we formed a team with the goal of play-offs for the first time. We defended ourselves very well there all year, but with 3 games left, 17 were cowardly. If we win 2 out of 3 matches we will be 2nd, but we have finished 9th in the league. We matched up with Samsung and although we fought well, we lost both games and finished the season. We thought the time had come this season, and a very experienced name I’ve worked with before, like Nihat Bhai, and we set the Super League goal. Last year, we recruited local players who played well in this league, two experienced foreign players and most importantly the right players for our system.

· I also have the idea of ​​extending our legs in line with our quilt on my goal. After all, there are teams that will play in the Super League for 30-40-50 years. If we say that we, as Manisha, will play in our first year play-off, it will not be realistic. On the contrary, it creates a negative pressure on everyone. But we will try to be permanent. We think there is a different model. Maybe we will pass a position with full Turkish players and try to prepare the players for the national team. Of course, for this we need the support of other circles. In the case of the players, we have a project in mind. Taking a young player and preparing him for the national team can also be a goal for Manisa. We will move forward as a sympathetic and young team and try to stay in the league.

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