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As far as I can remember, I’m trying to think about the beauty of the game as well as the path to results.

Much of what I knew about football four years ago is now ridiculous in my mind. Today, I’m discussing the rules of football that I claim to be ‘undisputed’, above all. I’m trying to take advantage of every detail I think is instructive about football.

I have been writing basketball-football articles for over 8 years as an amateur or professional. I try to make each one better than before and I try to think in parallel with the best coaches in these sports.

I can confidently say that none of the examples I have studied in my life have been as instructive as 2022 Ancelotti.

Real Madrid have a staff who has a lot of problems with big players.

There is no right-back in the team that can be counted on the set, able to triple the defense or act as an additional midfielder if necessary. Carvajal, who has made good use of the corridor over the years, is far behind. Also, the ‘lack of wings’, which we will discuss soon, is being sued for the possibility of potential offensive support.

There is no other reliable high-ball defender in the team except Eder Militao. Almost no defender, especially Alabar, who has partnered with Militao, has the habit of contacting and breaking the striker. This situation makes the team fit to lose a goal from the middle of the edge.

The trio Casimiro-Modric-Cruz, who can dominate the ball in midfield and do not lose the intensity of midfield while doing so. This trio is less dynamic than 4 years ago, and its stiffness has decreased, especially due to the cross. To endure this, you can increase the midfield support by throwing Valvarde in the right wing, but this time you are weak in the set attack.

There is no definite right winger in the team. Valverde increases the center’s toughness which I mentioned and is very effective especially in target matches, but his presence on the right wing becomes a burden when Real Madrid are looking for goals. Due to the current situation the ballet is completely out of rotation. Asensio does not show explosives and writes a minus in every game where he does not shoot quality shots.

Rodrigo is the most skilled attacking player here, but as a right-footed player, neither he nor anyone in the back who plays in the right line can open a lane. Because of this, the game gets very tough in the first 11 starting matches. This is the main reason why Ancelotti brought it to an end.

In reality, Real Madrid have only one plan that works every week. Knocking Benzema, defeating the defender who came with him, and running Vinicius Jr. to the spot cleared by the French star.

Considering the saturation of the year, it is not easy to make this national team champion again. Because unlike teams like Manchester City and Liverpool, which have been built up over the years, Real Madrid cannot play a game that will establish dominance regardless of religion or rivalry. For this reason, they constantly need accurate opponent analysis and accurate in-match moves.

Here comes the part where we will remember the wonderful coaching class that gave the name of this article and fascinated me and many football fans around the world throughout the season: Carlo Masterclass.

Ancelotti used a similar pattern in the Champions League final in the first leg of the Paris Saint-Germain matchup, but Carvajal’s poor performance gave his opponents a clear deficit. From here a penalty and a goal gave the French team an advantage at the Bernabeu and a 1-0 lead into the locker room.

In the second half of the match, unlike in the first half, PSG, holding the ball, went on a killing spree of time and speed. Real Madrid needed to score at least two goals to equalize everything, so to attack the opponent’s goal. Carlo didn’t do that.

The biggest problem for the PSG throughout the season was when they had the ball, they could not speed up in the third zone. The ball was ruined in a short time due to the absence of the center forward with two players waiting for the ball in the comfort zone like Neymar and Messi. The situation is similar in Bernabeu. Ancelotti made a radical decision in the 57th minute of the match.

After leaving Cruz and Asensio and fielding Rodrigo and Camavinga, Don Carlo sees Pochettino’s dominant replay increase both his pressure strength and the threat of a counter-attack. Similarly, he started chasing the running area, waiting for his opponent in the middle block of the round where he was two goals behind.

As a result, Real Madrid pocketed three goals against their opponents, one from the press and two from counter-attacks.

Chelsea, who face off in the quarter-finals, have had side-stop problems since the start of the season.

Playing to the right of the trio, Christensen was too clumsy to match the opponent’s wings. Further to his right, Reese James had to come forward as the number one weapon to expand the charge. This means opportunity for Vinicius.

During the match, Benzema threw himself to the left and dragged the defender behind him into the corridor. Here he uses the ball behind Christensen and opens a running space for Vinicius. With Christensen trailing, two great offensive guns grabbed the 2v1 match and finally scored.

At some point, Tuchel tried to push Reese James to the left to limit the threat here. Here, the reverse-footed Azpilicueta had a distance problem and Real Madrid’s second goal came from the opening on the left side of Chelsea’s defense. The advantage that turned the nightmare of the match into a round again came with a great game in London.

The Manchester City tour, which seemed too difficult on paper, began to turn into a realistic possibility with Kyle Walker injured.

Walker is the best transitional defender in the world, but a fullback who can triple the defense if his team is offensive. So, Rodri, the only center of the midfield, and the fake back cancello on the left are not needed to retreat in the attack. Walker’s absence created major problems for both Manchester City’s set and counter-attack defense.

Thus, the way back with a reasonable score from Etihad’s away game, where Real Madrid has given dozens of positions in the fort and conceded 4 goals, was thus opened. Especially after Stones’ injury and Fernandinho’s fullback, the match was the kind that Vinicius Jr. wanted.

Despite its epic scene, the return match is at the top of the coach’s touch which has impressed me the most to date.

With 70 minutes of lock and Mahrez’s goal, the tour originally came to Manchester City. Kyle Walker was also injured. In Walker’s absence, Manchester City, who could not hold the ball in the third zone at the time, could not destroy the game for the opposition, but they had the weapon of counter-attack on the field. Ancelotti made a bold decision to release Modric, Cruz and Casimiro.

Towards the end of the game, Real Madrid’s midfield and offensive line were divided by 2 in 4 ways. Valvarde and Camavinga, the most dynamic members of the midfield rotation, were tasked with avoiding potential passing threats and getting the second ball. Asensio will shoot before them, and joining the offensive line will cause a +1 threat to Rodrigo City’s defense, which is weakened by Walker’s departure.

The point at which Kamavinga caught the ball in Real Madrid’s first goal was usually the point where Walker could not fly for 70 minutes. When Benzema turned the ball around, Rodrigo was in the goal area, multiplying the offensive line. The same Rodrigo was the lead actor in the second and third goals.

And the final… I have a more formidable opponent than Manchester City for the target match; Liverpool.

Liverpool’s pressing power, level of athleticism and the speed with which the offensive line was moved were incredible. However, the situations in which the club has had problems over the last few seasons have two ideal points: the lack of a long forward against the tight-knit defense and the defensive weakness introduced by Alexander-Arnold.

The purpose of the first is already clear, let’s talk about the second.

Gareth Southgate chose to use the England squad somewhat conservatively and proved it by understanding his game with the squad selection at Euro 2020. According to him, his team could not show weakness in defense or physical fight, they can score in one way or another.

At Euro 2020, Southgate did not include Trent Alexander-Arnold. Arnold was again invited, but this time he was unable to participate in the tournament due to his injury. In fact, there is only one reason why Southgate did not consider it in the first place; Not an elite defender.

Despite his limitless productivity on the offensive side, Trent became a clear threat to his opponents, especially in transition attacks. Most of the time he takes the wrong position or does not follow the opponent. Trent is usually tolerated by midfielders and athletic right center-backs who play near the right line. In fact, there are many instances where club right-back Joe Gomez mounted in games where he rotated center or midfield.

In the final, Real Madrid will not be able to cover the midfield with the ball and the defenders will not be able to respond to what Liverpool can do on the wide field. Having a strong goalkeeper like Cortoia in hand was the only job; Clustering in the back despite problematic defenses, widening the field perfectly in line with Valvarde and Vinicius and capturing Trent’s weakness.

That’s exactly what happened in the 59th minute.

With confidence taking the first ball out and bringing Modric deeper, Real Madrid extended the game to the right and Valvarde was completely stuck in the touchline. At that moment, Vinicius Jr., who had moved away from the left line, hung himself behind Trent. A great pass, Trent’s watch and the championship goal …

We are talking about a championship full of stories from start to finish with unprecedented returns and outstanding personal performances. Of course, a moment’s change of fortune will end before this whole story begins.

However, it is impossible not to give the biggest share to a master like Ancelotti who makes the difference in the coach’s touch every second on the way to victory.

Pochettino, Tuchel, Guardiola and Klopp … if we can declare the Premier League the ‘best league in the world’ today, they must be the top four coaches for today’s football.

From start to finish, they all took master classes in Italian legends.

All we have to do is multiply our appreciation for Don Carlo.

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