Meaningful event from Cavaclik Rotary! SMA – will help treat a child struggling with Olay Media

Gaziantep Cavaclik Rotary Club Hyad Restaurant hosted a two-day ‘Shopping Festival’. The event was concluded with a Serkan Budak concert, enriched by various events and attended by a large number of people.

President Shahin: “I am proud”

Attending a shopping festival organized by Cavaclik Rotary, inspecting stands and shopping to support women entrepreneurs, Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Shahin said in her speech, “Cavaclik is already the history of this city. Cavaclik Rotary has a great vision, effort, horizon, faith and culture. When I look at their projects, they are all social responsibility projects. The girl is studying with their help, our sick child is being treated with their help. It is a very special club. My presidents have had great success. In each term, my president is different. Signing a beautiful project. There is great permanence here. These things are not easy, they need volunteering. You will have strength, you will have faith, you will have problems for a child you have never met. We are here for her. I have traveled and We see that our women have great strength and coordination. We have come out of the epidemic, they are in the spring. Along with offering their products and it turned out to be a blessing. He would be a cure for a sick child. It’s a great event, I’m proud of it. On my own behalf, I would like to thank the Cavaclik Rotary Club and all the participants, and greet all those who have contributed with respect. We have a lot to do for a better world, “he said.

Guzelbei: “Everyone has their hands full”

Atti is the interim president of the Gaziantep Cavaclik Rotary Club. Lebriz Keçeci Güzelbey said: “When we formed our committee 5 months ago to organize the festival, our first goal was to support women entrepreneurs. At the organization where we brought them together, we wanted to raise awareness about SMAs and contribute to the treatment of a child with SMAs where income would be donated while programming. When it comes to a child with SMA, everyone takes responsibility. And so our organization has made more money. As a private company, we try to keep our signature under the project as beautiful as possible. As the Cavaclik Rotary Club, we would like to thank all our participants and spectators for their support of our celebration. “

Various ceremonies are held

Various activities were held during the two-day festival. On the first day of the festival, Ezelik Makeup House’s make-up workshop, DS Design Selene Ishever’s design workshop, Gasmack’s glass bid show attracted a lot of interest; On the second day of the festival Altunaye Ojataye, Dame Mum-Bouquet Guslur Candle Workshop, Bogazko restaurant owner Kerem Ojataye Sushi Workshop, Gasmack Bead Glass Show and Marbleing Workshop, Toy Drawing and Sand Drawing Workshop for Children held by Altunaye Ojataye. The festivities ended with a spring party where Serkan Budak took the stage.

The company has shown high attention

Participants in the festival sponsored by Anka Hospital, Hayad Restaurant, Elite Prestige Organization, Bogazki Restaurant, Ezelik Makeup House, Dame Mum, D&S Atelier, DSM-Dermapharma, Altunaye Ojate are as follows:

Kavaklik Rotary Club, Anka Hospital, Asmer Life SYM, Atte Aksesuar, Blairbag, D&S Atelier, Dem Candle, DilekcheEvents, Transformation Workshop, DSM-Dermafirm, E26 Official, Esfit Slimmer Studio, Eskici Yenici, GASMEK, GASMP Gazipur Women’s Club Association, Ilkadim Memorial Photography, Ilk Handicrafts, Jumpfar Joy Boutique, Kavaklik Rotaract Club, Lal Gumush, Lilium, Lua Handcrafts, Makrami (from Makrami). मुचालबी),, Nadide Antik Home, Cheerful Shop, Nur Boutique, Ojyo Boutique, Öz-El Jewelry Design Workshop, Pep Silver, Pernotte By Betül, Pikare Design, Chest, Sermois Design, Siberian Wellness, Sunflowerart, Tarz Kids Boutique, TEGV, Tria Art, Turkish University Women’s Association, Utopia, Yesim Ishgujar Wellness Center, Genebu Atelier.

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