Military evolution from 29 May to 27 May

Like all previous coups in the Republic of Turkey, the May 27, 1960 coup, which took place on a Friday; As the ancestor of military intervention, it is one of the most serious events in Turkish history, having passed with wars, victories, power struggles and then regional losses.

May 29; Just as Istanbul is remembered as a prime example that changed history since the conquest by the Mehmet Conqueror in 1453, ending an era and ushering in a new era, as this article was written on May 27 (this year, too). ) A Friday, by a meaningful coincidence) is also remembered. Since it is a sabotage for the freedom of the nation, it has settled in the mind as a bad pattern.

First, May 27 is an event that strengthens US military and intelligence dominance over Turkey. I explained that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the American MIT, supported the coup, in two separate articles on May 27 and May 30, 2021, entitled The Role of the CIA May 27. (For details, see:

It is reported that on the night of May 27, US Ambassador to Ankara Cemal Gürsel, who was appointed head of the junta at the time of his retirement, replied, “This was the most subtle, most effective and fastest military coup I have ever seen.”

I know that Behet Turkmen, the head of the National Security Services Presidency (MEH), who was MIT’s ancestor before the 1960 coup, said that the workers’ salaries were paid by the United States. Former Foreign Minister Ilter Turkmen, son of Behet Turkmen, confirmed this offensive fact in an interview with him in December 2007. Ilter Turkmen says:

“Of course, my father was paid by the Turkish state. But he also received technical assistance from the CIA. Today, there is a connection between MIT and the CIA. My father used to go to the United States to join the intelligence service. Meetings.”
Even then, to say that our intelligence agency was ‘independent’ before 1980 distorted the historical truth. However, through the May 27 coup, intelligence agencies tried to bring the United States under control through the junta.

Meher is a mason, but the ‘national’ president

On May 27, Ahmet Salih Korur was the head of MEH. Korur, Menderes’ favorite bureaucrat, is a 33rd degree Freemason, but a ‘national’ name, just like MEH President Karaspan before him.

Celalettin Tevfik Karasapan, a member of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, was head of the MEH for eight months between 1959 and 1960, just before May 27. In fact, the arrest of Adnan Menderes in Kutahya shortly after the coup was presented as evidence against the thesis that “MIT does not inform the prime ministers even though they know about the coup”. However, Karaspan was not a name that the soldiers brought to the MEH headquarters. The Under-Secretary of the 27 Mayists was Maj. Gen. Nasi Askun. Askun, who led the MIT between January 1961 and August 1962, was also a member of the Sami Kusu junta, which carried out the first coup attempt against Menderes. Of course, this election was not a coincidence, on May 27 the people rewarded him for leading the MEH.

They say TMT the Gestapo of Menderes

On 27 May, the junta halted the paramilitary activities of the Turkish Defense Forces (TMT) in Cyprus to save our compatriots, one of the most important intelligence policies of the Menderes period. The late Ismail Tansu, a senior TMT officer I spoke to in 2005, told me:

“As you know, it is completely fabricated that TMT was established after May 27. TMT was established in 1958 with the permission of Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. On the contrary, May 27 was not conducive for us to TMT.”

Ismail Tansu was right, the junta was so annoyed by the TMT that it would disrupt relations with the United States that they called in special warfare officers assigned to the job, with a reckless twist, ‘Menderes’ Gestapo’.

Hakan Fidan’s 28 May

May 27 means the opposite of what May 29 historically means. Although it adapts to the recent history, what happened on 15th July is the opposite of 26th May. July 15 is the first example of the failure of the Friday coup (May 27, 1960, March 12, 1971, September 12, 1980, February 28, 1997, Friday, April 27, 2007), which became a bad practice.

Once on July 15, the NATO / US bracket, which began on May 27, 1960, closed. It is a meaningful coincidence that Hakan Fidan, who made great efforts in the fight against the parallel state, the culprit of July 15, was the longest serving Under Secretary / Presidency in the history of MIT. It was not a coincidence that Fidan was appointed undersecretary on 27 May 2010. It was a conscious choice of the state mind. However, this was not something he had planned to serve for so long. Fidan is the longest-serving undersecretary / chairman of MIT, with the exception of Shakru Ali Ogel, who patronized MEH from 1926 to 1941.

In short … the symbol of May 26; Images featuring torches, scales, flags, bayonets, eagles and anchors, and a bouquet of laurel and oak leaves below, had a crescent and bright light beams of stars. All of these essays were haloed with the inscription “Sovereignty for the Nation”. Taking away the will of the nation and “sovereignty for the nation” is not a manifestation of a very strange state of mind. Because evil often speaks for itself through its opposite.

May 27 is one of the lowest points of military evolution that can be identified with May 29, 1453. Because it has taken us back not only in terms of democracy, but also in terms of military and intelligence, which is not talked about much.

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