Minister Ozar has opened a Fine Arts High School in Beyoglu

Minister Ozar has opened a Fine Arts High School in Beyoglu

National Education Minister Mahmut Ozar attended the inauguration of Beyoglu Mustafa Kandirali Fine Arts High School in Istanbul.

National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar began his speech by indirectly congratulating Mustafa Kandirali on his contribution to Turkish music.

Minister Ozar said that they want to develop not only young people who can stand out with their academic skills, but also artists who are in constant touch with culture, art, civilization, science, wisdom and who are fed by deep veins of past and present. . This is up to the people with new interpretations, and continues: and our Ministry of Tourism, and as we continue these studies with 95 fine arts high schools in 75 provinces, we find that there are no fine arts high schools in 6 provinces. We have established Fine 6 Arts High School in these 6 provinces in as little as a few weeks. “We have a fine arts high school in our province that we can’t beat a Mustafa Kandirali. We don’t know from which province he will emerge.” Evaluated her.

Noting that the most important thing is to facilitate access as a social state, Minister Ozar said, “The main focus of the great changes that have taken place in education in the last 19 years is to remove barriers to education. ‘Why don’t girls go to school?’ He has used the expression to ensure educational opportunities for girls by establishing schools in such an environment.

“Why don’t girls go to school, why don’t they send them to school?” The enrollment rate of girls is higher than that of educated boys. Another problem has been solved. These are very valuable things. ”

Noting that they are trying to incorporate an education system that brings children to the forefront with their educational skills as well as art, culture and music, Ozar said: “We are trying to do relevant activities in our other high schools, in our other schools, On the one hand, we increase access and on the other, we match those schools with our other schools. These students will perform in schools in the region, and for the first time, Turkish music will be included in the Fine Arts High School curriculum. ” We include that. “

Recalling that he had investigated when he was deputy minister, Ozar added: “Here, it is not just a performance of art, in fact, let art first express itself to the people and then spread it to the outside world by means of a device. To him, it is very valuable. The place. It’s a very valuable place for him. The instrument is combined with Mevlevihan and all the possibilities of the ministry. From the studio to the sound recording center, it will really be one of the most important centers of Istanbul Fine Arts High School. I hope good people will grow up here. “

Referring to the goal of education as mass education, Ozar said, “Actually, the goal is mass education, but it is a school, a teacher and a student. You search all the schools, all the teachers and all the students to find that school, one teacher and one student; A world can change. “We are looking for that person. We’re investing in that person. ”

Ozar said that our education system has come up with better success stories in the coming days; He thanked everyone who contributed and said that it would be a great time where young people who hope for a future with culture, art, science and technofest would grow up.

At the end of the speech, Minister Ozar and Assistant Protocol members cut the opening ribbon of the school.

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