Schools should be places to stay

There are hundreds of problems in Turkish education that need to be solved. The managers of the ministries who are in need of solving the problem for one reason or another are creating new problems and leading our education system to stagnation. This is a general incompetence that needs to be underlined, those who need to solve problems create problems. In order to pave the way for our country and ensure its development in every field, the problem of education must be solved quickly.

The biggest problem in our school is structural. Especially in big cities, school buildings are stuck in narrow spaces in the vicinity due to lack of land. Most of them do not have the right garden! There is not enough space for students to run and play sports. Those inadequate areas are also covered with concrete. Children who have to play on concrete sometimes fall and get injured. In addition, children cannot feel the soil and the animals that live in it because of the concrete. Children often collide with each other while playing in tight spaces. It is very difficult for them to play in such a narrow space.

Many state buildings and lands have been sold through privatization. Most of these areas have become either residential areas or shopping malls. No one thinks of building schools in these areas. If the state administrators do not want to build a school on these lands, the situation is very sad. I am particularly in favor of the construction of historic buildings which have been disposed of as schools. Having a school in such a structure is a good education in itself. Unfortunately, some historic school structures could not save themselves from the dirty hands of privatization.

Many schools do not have laboratories, libraries, art workshops, playgrounds! However, these fields are not used for unknown reasons. For this reason, the lessons are taught in a monotonous manner without practice. The theory has not been put into practice thus hanging in the air. For this reason, students benefit from lower level lessons. The only advantage is the field of education. Education, unfortunately, cannot be done in such situations. It is impossible for a low educated and uneducated school to meet the needs of the society.

This is necessary to make the classes interesting

That lecture just annoys the lecture students. It is impossible for a bored student to devote himself to his lessons. The main task of the Ministry of National Education is to create an environment that will make the lessons interesting. The school environment requires students to respond to all educational needs. Since schools cannot respond to educational needs, many students rush out of class to pursue courses in various fields, such as artistic activities and sports. Therefore, students do not have time for themselves and to study. My heart aches when I see tired and bored students on the street.

Schools should be a place to stay, especially for students. In addition to classrooms, laboratories, industrial workshops, libraries and playgrounds will have to be built. Schools should be places where there can be a lot of sports, from swimming pools to tennis courts. Parents should also take advantage of school facilities.

Some areas of the school garden should be reserved for fruits and vegetables to be grown by the students. Students should run to school with joy. Both your school and your work should be enjoyed. As such, they have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned and to internalize it.

So, how about what we said above? In the same vicinity, several school areas can be combined for teaching as well, to create a larger space. On the same campus. All schools from kindergarten to high school can participate. School entertainment of different educational levels does not meet on a large campus. Possibilities are multiple. This leads to social benefits.

When schools are converted into residential areas, most students go to the school closest to them. Students are not being moved from one end of the city to the other. Millions of liras are wasted when students go to school in remote places. Whatever the money, what is there to spend time? In our age he seems to know the value of time well. Those who make good use of their time are happier and happier.

The country needs to promote education. We should engage in a study that will make schools more affordable. Education is the way to look to the future with confidence. Only a well-educated young generation can take our country to the top of the world. It would not be in the interest of our country to miss such an opportunity. Then why should we stop? Isn’t it time to roll up your sleeves?

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